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Chapter 64 – Ant (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1683 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Obviously, the Bell Theocracy, which was extremely far away from the vampires, wouldn’t spend so much effort on specially coming to a vampire city and using this method to rescue a helpless elf.

Indeed, the Bell Theocracy had come here several times before. However, Heather had personally defeated them and caused them to retreat every time. Thus, Heather eliminated the possibility of the Bell Theocracy having come here.

In that case, the only other possibility was…

Heather turned to look at the stairs leading downward. She slowly walked in that direction while remaining carefully on guard. Keeping up her vigilance, she swiftly went downstairs as she wanted to confirm if the female elf in the cage was still there or not.

When Heather arrived in front of the cage, it was already completely empty. Heather angrily gritted her teeth as she looked at the empty dungeon. She punched the metal cage with her fist. Due to Heather’s monstrous strength, she smashed the cage to pieces. The solid metal seemed to be as weak as paper in front of her. Dust kicked up everywhere, gradually obscuring Heather’s figure.


Heather began to consider if she had made a mistake by bringing Mirabelle here two days ago. This was merely the third day after she brought Mirabelle here, and someone had already rescued the hostage. There was definitely something suspicious here-

Could Mira have used some method to contact her companions? Was Mira the one behind everything? If Mira wasn’t the one, then how did these damned rats find this place?

-Could Mira really be plotting on escaping?


Heather never expected that Mira would be like the others in betraying her? No, she had to go back and get a clear answer.

However… She had a plan which seemed better than an interrogation.

When the other guards all rushed over, they saw that Heather was covered all over in dust, which made them realize just how angry she was. Heather’s blood-red eyes glowed as she glared at the guards.

“So sorry, Lady Heather, we’ve already done our best, but those sly enemies kept their distance and rendered our abilities useless, so there wasn’t anything we could do…”
“It’s fine. Even if this ace card is gone, I still have other ideas. However, none of you are allowed to let anyone else know that this elf has escaped. It’s fine if only the people here know about it. Leave everything else to me…”

-That was right, Heather intended on hiding the truth from Mirabelle. From the part that Mirabelle had heard earlier, she only knew that the underground dungeon had been attacked, not that her mother was rescued. This meant that Heather could lie to her about her mother not having been rescued.

At any rate, Mirabelle wouldn’t be learning the truth, since Heather would constantly stay by her side. It wasn’t like Mirabelle had other channels for obtaining information.

Basically, if Heather lied to Mirabelle for the latter’s entire life, Mirabelle wouldn’t be able to know. And even if Mirabelle wanted to escape, Heather’s strongest shield would also constantly keep watch by Mirabelle’s side.

‘No matter what efforts you try, don’t even dream about stealing Mira away from me.’

Heather took out the silver needle that she previously removed from her guard’s body. This needle was coated with paralyzing poison-

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Yet, Heather unhesitatingly stabbed it into her own arm. Paralyzing poison was completely ineffective against her. Such a child’s play would be useless in front of her. Heather wanted to see what the ants could do in order to steal Mirabelle away from her.

“All of you, listen up. Immediately go to all four city gates and notify everyone that Blood Prison City is now on a state of high alert. Every individual who enters or leaves must undergo a proper inspection. Immediately capture any ‘wild’ elves that you find.”

Heather then tossed four tokens of authority to four different guards.

“This is!?”

The tokens were engraved with the same symbol that the two bodyguards had seen when Heather was at the pet shop. Heather’s personal symbol was a bat upon a black-and-white checkered background.

This was the symbol engraved on the vampire queen’s tokens of authority. These tokens were like “master keys” which could let a holder go anywhere in this city.

“Hurry to the four city gates, and then return to the castle and report to me…”
“Yes, Your Majesty…”

The vampire guards rushed onto the surface at an incredibly swift speed after receiving the tokens and Heather’s command. The guards ran off in all directions.

Heather intended to first seal off the elven squadron’s movements and trap them inside the city. After that, she was going to teach these ants who didn’t know their own place what the consequences would be for trying to steal away “her pet”.

Heather’s blood-red eyes were filled with killing intent.

At the same time, dark clouds gathered in the sky. Heather’s killing intent actually caused thunder to start rumbling as it gradually began to rain.


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