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Chapter 63 – Ant (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1416 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 833 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

This happened one day after Mirabelle sent her map message.

A guard from the underground dungeon where Mirabelle’s mother was imprisoned arrived in Heather’s guest room.

“What did you say? Someone actually attacked the underground dungeon!?”

Mirabelle immediately straightened her pointy ears and started to eavesdrop when she heard this topic that she was really interested in.

The vampire guard reported on what happened. Heather and Mirabelle were both incredibly astonished.

Mirabelle was thinking, ‘I never expected that they would try to rescue my mother so quickly? I guess the message that I tossed down yesterday was effective. Once the elven royal guards learned where mother was, they must have taken action immediately.’

Heather balled up her fists, an indication of the anger that she was having difficulty suppressing. She glanced over at Mirabelle for a moment before pulling the guard outside.

“You stay right here!” Heather warned Mirabelle in a vicious tone before slamming the door behind her.

“Honestly, it’s fine even if I’m not allowed to listen. It’s not like the result will change,” Mirabelle commented as Heather shut the door.

“Is what you said true?” Heather asked the guard.

“Yes. It happened not long ago. The dungeon entrance has already been captured. When I woke up, the woman in the dungeon had already disappeared…”
“Disappeared? She’s already been rescued!?”
“P… Probably so. The rescue squadron that they sent seemed to [know] from the very start about our vampires’ weakness. Many guards were knocked unconscious by their arrows which were coated with a paralyzing poison. They’re still recovering even now.”
“In that case, I’ll go over there to check out the situation. Lucy, watch Mirabelle really closely for me…”
“I understand…”

Lucy suddenly appeared, as if she was a phantom, from behind a wall as she responded affirmatively to Heather.

Heather then opened the door behind her and issued another warning to Mirabelle.

“Mira, stay right here for the time being. You’re forbidden from going anywhere until I return, do you understand?”
“I understand…”

Heather then immediately went over to the veranda and jumped down.

‘-This… this is the sixth floor!’

Mirabelle hurriedly looked down from the veranda to see that Heather was standing on the ground with no injuries at all. Heather then jumped up onto the roof and started jumping between the buildings.

Although Mirabelle already knew that Heather had incredible physical abilities, she still hadn’t expected that Heather was still even stronger than she had imagined.

At any rate, Mirabelle’s plan had taken quite a long time to be put into action. This finally counted as the first step of her plan being enacted. If she received a message that her mother had been rescued successfully, that would be the end of the first step in her plan.

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In that case, it was about time for her to proceed with the second step. The key here was how she was going to remove the collar from her neck. How was she supposed to convince Heather? As long as Heather removed the collar even once, Mirabelle would then be able to freely put on and remove the collar whenever she wanted. That would make it much easier for her to escape. However, with the underground dungeon being attacked, it likely wouldn’t be easy to convince Heather to remove the collar. In that case, was there any other method to open the collar?

Mirabelle kept thinking about other ideas. She recalled that the first time her collar was opened was when she had fainted in the small dark room and Heather had sucked blood from her neck.

Honestly, she didn’t want to experience the small dark room ever again. In that case, how about simply luring Heather into drinking from her neck again?

“I’ll just do that then…”

After coming up with that idea, she then considered other possibilities… Mirabelle became quite anxious as she paced around in the room. She was really worried about what had happened to her mother. Mirabelle was no longer able to sit still.

Heather traveled swiftly on the rooftops and soon arrived at the underground dungeon. She closely inspected the vampires who were still collapsed on the ground. They appeared to have no physical injuries, but they all had silver needles embedded in their necks. Heather carefully pulled out the silver needles and wiped them with her white handkerchief. She instantly widened her eyes when she saw a green powder.

-This was a paralyzing poison. The vampires had been knocked unconscious by the paralysis effect on the silver needles.

Indeed, vampires were incredibly strong because of their strong regeneration abilities when they were injured. However, the prerequisite for this was [being injured]. However, using a paralyzing silver needle on a vampire would inflict no damage on the vampire’s body, while merely making the vampire unconscious. This was the same as if the vampire took some sleeping pills.

This weakness – was something that only the Bell Theocracy knew about.


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