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Chapter 58 – Special Connection (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2069 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1052 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When she opened the familiar door, what she saw was – rays of light from outside the window slightly blinding her eyes, along with a girl deep in sleep on the bed.

Mirabelle’s face instantly showed a delighted smile. She slowly walked over towards that person and laid down by her side. Mirabelle then felt herself being tightly embraced from behind.

Heather let go of the rabbit doll and turned to embrace Mirabelle on the bed. Only then did Mirabelle glance at Heather’s face as she felt the soft sensations coming from behind. Mirabelle saw Heather’s haggard expression and thought about how Heather might have pulled an all-nighter just like herself in order to complete that task.

Perhaps Heather had worked all night because she was in such a rush to return to see her? Although it wasn’t possible to tell from the surface, surely Heather’s heart was also filled with fatigue?

Mirabelle felt like she owed Heather, so she did her best to hug Heather as tightly as possible. Both girls then fell into a deep sleep while hugging each other face-to-face.

‘I hope that time can stop right now-’ Mirabelle sincerely prayed for this.

However, their relationship was that of master and pet. No matter how much Mirabelle liked Heather, this was the way their relationship would remain.

Mirabelle had a terrible nightmare this morning. She dreamed that she had failed to escape and was captured by Heather.

“M… Master, I’m begging you, don’t punish me, I know that I was wrong…”

Mirabelle kneeled in Heather’s room while pleading with Heather after she was captured. However, a severe expression was in Heather’s eyes as those blood-red eyes seemed so unfamiliar.

“Shut up and get in there…”

Mirabelle dreamed that she was tossed into that incredibly dark small room from before. There was a clicking sound on her collar as she was restrained against the wall.

Although she wasn’t completely bound with chains like last time, her heart was still filled with despair.

This time, Mirabelle was able to see things clearly in the room. As Heather slowly closed the door, Mirabelle anxiously shouted,

“Master, I’m begging you, forgive me!? Master, Master…”

No matter how Mirabelle called out, Heather still directly closed the door. Despair then filled Mirabelle’s heart-

“Master, Master… Master… Master… No… I’m begging you, no!”
“Mira? Mira? Mira, what’s the matter!? Mira!”

When Mirabelle woke up, she discovered that Heather was furiously shaking her body. Mirabelle woke up thanks to this.

Mirabelle was panting heavily as she looked outside the window, where she discovered that the sun was already high up in the sky.

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“What’s the matter? You made some really loud noises while you were asleep. You also kept shouting, ‘Master, I’m begging you, no?’ Just what exactly happened?”
“It’s… it’s nothing, it was just a nightmare… M… Master…”

Mirabelle avoided Heather’s gaze, being afraid that Heather would see what she was thinking. However, Heather became somewhat angry at this. Mirabelle actually dared to avert her gaze?

Thus, Heather got closer to Mirabelle to the point where their faces almost touched each other.

“Mira, it’s been so long since you’ve seen me, yet are you unhappy?”
“No… Not at all… I’m really happy, ehehe…”

Mirabelle forced herself to smile bitterly. Heather felt that this barely seemed like a smile.

“I just… felt that it was rather unexpected, M… Master, didn’t you say that you would return tomorrow night?”
“I came back early because I wanted to see you so much. Is that no good?”

Heather leaned over and embraced Mirabelle. However, Mirabelle still had a rather blank expression as she was embraced.

“M… Master, you… you won’t lock me in… the small… small dark room, right?”
“Why would I lock you in the small dark room? You’re clearly so obedient, but could it be that you’ve done something bad?”
“Yes… no, no, no, I didn’t… I haven’t done anything bad…”

Mirabelle hurriedly waved her hand and explained that she hadn’t done anything bad.

“Isn’t that fine, then? As long as you don’t do anything bad, I won’t lock you in that small dark room. Besides, didn’t you really help me out?”

Heather glanced over at the table in the corner of the room which was covered in the translation documents that Mirabelle had worked on last night without sleeping.

“These majorly help me out. Mira, is there anything that you want? No need to act shy, just ask me!”

However, Mirabelle still had a blank expression like a zombie would. It was as if she had only just woken up from her nightmare as she blankly stared at the unfamiliar floor.

“Mira? Mira, just what are you daydreaming about?”
“N… Nothing… Master, what did you say just now?”
“I was asking you what reward you would like? I can fulfill one of your wishes…”
“In that case… Master, could… could you let me see my mother?”

Mirabelle finally made this request in a shaky voice. It really wasn’t easy for her to dare to make such a request right after experiencing such a nightmare.

“Your mother? Of course, that’s no problem at all. Mira did such a great thing and provided such important information to me. If I can conquer the human countries, then Mira and Mira’s species will also have their standing improved… Mira, you’re not happy about this?”
“That’s… that’s not it at all…”

Mirabelle humbly lowered her head. Her mind contained far more information about the humans, but she couldn’t tell this information to her mortal enemy Heather. That was why Mirabelle’s expression was rather panicky.

However, Heather attributed this to Mirabelle having just woken up from a nightmare, so she didn’t pay this any attention. Heather smiled as she told Mirabelle,

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“Okay, Mira. Come eat lunch with me first, and then I’ll take you to see your mother…”
“Okay, I understand…”

Mirabelle replied obediently as she knew now wasn’t the time to mess things up by panicking. Otherwise, what happened in the nightmare would really occur to her. Heather would lock her up in that small dark room for three consecutive days and nights. In order to succeed at escaping on her first try, she would withstand things here no matter how many days it took.


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