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Chapter 59 – Caged Mother and Daughter (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1600 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 970 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle looked at the basement in front of her and felt rather scared about going down. That was a basement, after all, a place where the sun wouldn’t reach. Mirabelle instantly felt fear due to her nyctophobia.

Right now, Heather was about to take her to meet her mother. Mirabelle and Heather had arrived in a district that was rather far away from Heather’s castle. Honestly, Mirabelle would have no clue where she was right now if it wasn’t for the map in her mind.

This place was far too difficult to find. It would be impossible to reach here without a map. However, Mirabelle had a map in her mind which depicted everything in this city that was named Blood Prison. A certain elf had transmitted this map to Mirabelle before their death.

Currently, everything that Mirabelle owned had been confiscated from her apart from the necklace that her birth mother had given her. Naturally, the map that the elf had given her was also confiscated. However, Mirabelle had a mental minimap where she silently marked the coordinates of this location.

“What’s the matter? Mira, are you feeling really afraid?”
“Eh? Y… yes. Um… um, Master, you locked my mother up in such a place?”
“Of course. Did you think that I would lock your mother up in a place on the surface that would easily be discovered? I naturally imprisoned her in an underground dungeon. Besides, if I imprisoned her on the surface, it wouldn’t be possible for us to guard her day and night.”

The vampires’ abilities would suffer many limitations if they were out under the direct sunlight during the day. However, the sun would barely affect Heather at all.

“But… but Master, you… you didn’t do anything bad to my mother, did you?”
“How could I do anything bad to your mother? When I discovered her, she was already on the verge of death. If it wasn’t for me saving her, she would have long since died there…”

Heather truthfully told the situation to Mirabelle. However, Heather had also discovered another elf there who had recently died.

Heather judged that Mirabelle must have talked to this dead elf not long before she left her home. Heather also confirmed that the dead elf’s corpse had vampire bite marks. Only then did Heather learn that there were also such people amongst the elves, who were willing to maintain their honor even until the end and die while sacrificing everything to the elven princess in the name of loyalty. The dead elf had chosen to remain as herself even in the end.

Heather had been incredibly astonished by the results of her own analysis at the scene. She considered such an elf to be extremely foolish to the point of even giving up her own life for the sake of elven glory. Such foolish elves could become a weapon to deal with the vampires.

Additionally, Heather had also received a report from some vampire guards. Only then did she learn that this elf was part of an elven squadron that had recently attacked the western city gate.

That had directly led to Mirabelle being captured by the vampire slave merchant and then falling into Heather’s hands. In that case, Heather really needed to thank this elven squadron. It was thanks to the elven squadron that Heather had obtained such a priceless treasure.

Heather glanced at her pet elf who was carefully going downstairs with tiny steps while holding tightly onto Heather’s clothes.

‘-I never expected that this elven princess who doesn’t even have a country anymore would have such loyal chess pieces who don’t even care about their own death. It would seem that I need to remain vigilant.’

Fortunately, this prison was located in a well-concealed location. Additionally, Heather was the only one who knew that this place was a prison. The prison was also hidden in the basement of a certain residence. That was why she wasn’t very worried that Mirabelle’s mother would be rescued.

As long as Mirabelle’s mother remained in Heather’s grasp, she would tightly hold onto this ace card and use it to threaten Mirabelle so that Mirabelle would never be able to leave her side. That would make it useless for the elven royal guards to try and save Mirabelle.


After just the blink of an eye, the two of them arrived at the lowest level of the underground dungeon.

Mirabelle silently grabbed onto Heather’s clothes. Upon reaching the lowest level, Mirabelle started gently calling out to Heather.

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“Mira, did you need something?”
“Can… can I ask you something?”

Mirabelle asked carefully in a trembling voice.

“What is it?”

Heather turned around to glance at Mirabelle’s cute face only to discover that Mirabelle meekly avoided her gaze.

“If… I… I’m only talking about if… if I escaped and Master captured me afterwards, would you punish me?”
“Mira, what are you saying?”
“Wah… I… I’m talking about a hypothesis…”
“Hypothesis? I’ll also give you a hypothesis then. If Mira escapes, I’ll immediately kill your mother…”

That… that was no hypothesis, wasn’t that clearly a naked threat?!

“Indeed… I love threatening you. You’ll forever be my pet, and there are no what-ifs about it…”
“I… I just wanted to ask out of curiosity, even that’s no good?”
“Ask out of curiosity… then I shall answer you. After capturing you from an escape attempt, I’ll definitely punish you severely. Not only will I lock you up in the small dark room, but there will also be even more severe punishments waiting for you… Naughty Mira, do you still want to escape?”
“No, I wouldn’t dare…”

Mirabelle answered in a trembling tone. Right after she answered, she saw Heather’s lips arching upwards in a smile.


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