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Chapter 56 – Bathing

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2084 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1047 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lucy carefully asked Grandpa Daar, “Um, Grandpa Daar, do you think she can continue with the translation? Since she’s Milady Heather’s pet, she has a lot of free time…”

“Yeah, that’s no problem at all. Please continue your translation, Lady Heather’s pet.” The old man seemed to intentionally emphasize the words ‘translation’ and ‘pet’ for some reason.

“Hmph, it’s fine for me to continue translating, but I refuse to interact with that old fart again in the future…” Mirabelle said that before she and Lucy left the library.

“Princess, you’re acting too willfully. Don’t just judge him by his appearance. He’s a veteran vampire with thousands of years of experience, as well as a highly influential vampire. Not even Heather dares to antagonize him…”
“Hmph, regardless, it’s impossible for me to talk to such a person!”

For some unknown reason, Mirabelle instinctively felt like she wouldn’t be able to get along at all with a stubborn old man like Daar. No, more accurately speaking, she was filled with loathing in her heart towards all vampires.

“You’re so…”
“Let’s not talk about this. I want to take a bath now. Is the bathroom empty now?”
“Of course it is, since it’s Milady Heather’s personal bathroom. Only Milady Heather and you are allowed inside…”
“That’s good, then. I want to take a bath!”

Mirabelle brooked no objections as she spoke in an adamant tone.

“I shall prepare it for you immediately…”

Lucy didn’t show any signs of loathing on her face towards this willful elven princess. Lucy felt that she was the one who had requested Mirabelle to translate the books in her free time. Not only that, the translation had taken quite a significant amount of time.

Lucy’s previous loathing towards Mirabelle had now completely vanished, since she considered Mirabelle to be another who was thinking about Heather’s sake. Additionally, Heather had really requested Lucy to properly take care of the elven princess.

Hot water was soon poured into the gigantic bath. Mirabelle was standing in the changing room. She entered the bathroom, locked the door, and then took off her incredibly uncomfortable maid attire.

Mirabelle saw her own incredibly white skin. She immediately covered her eyes with her hands. -Even now, she still didn’t dare to look at her own body.

Mirabelle hadn’t been a virgin in her previous life. In fact, he had even seen the naked voluptuous body of his fiancee before. Yet, he was now too embarrassed to look at this slender little body?

“Sigh, this is clearly my own body…”

Mirabelle didn’t dare to look at herself at all. She walked over towards the bath with her eyes closed. Her tender little feet walked all the way over to the edge of the bath, where she kneeled and used her hand to test the water temperature.

The water wasn’t very hot. Vampires were different from her, as vampires typically didn’t care about the water temperature.

That was why Mirabelle was worried. The first two times that she bathed here, the water had either been too hot or too cold. Due to those experiences, Mirabelle started testing the water temperature with her hand each time before she bathed. She only dared to enter the bath after finding that the water was neither too hot nor too cold.


Mirabelle sighed deeply after entering the bath. Her favorite thing to do was bathing, no matter if it was in her past or current life, as bathing could ease her body and mind’s fatigue.

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Additionally, this bath was incredibly large, to the point where Mirabelle could swim in it.

This was Heather’s personal bath. Since Mirabelle was Heather’s pet, she also had the right to bathe in here.

“Just when will Heather return?” Mirabelle immediately stood up in the water after she said this out loud. “No, no, she clearly only left for half a day so far. Why would I be thinking of her? It’s just-”

Mirabelle felt that Heather was really pitiful, even if there were also hateful qualities about Heather.

The hateful part was that Heather had personally killed Mirabelle’s birth father and indirectly caused Mirabelle’s birth mother’s death.

No matter what, Mirabelle and Heather were mortal enemies. Yet, Mirabelle still felt sympathy towards Heather. So what if Heather had obtained such an incredible status? In the end, Heather could only keep proceeding forward down such a lonely path. Because of that, no matter what type of person Heather was, Mirabelle could only feel sympathy.

Gargle gargle-

Mirabelle put her mouth in the hot water and made cute noises as she thought things over.

‘-Regardless, I only need to do what I should do. I’ll give her the translation and then leave.’

-That was Mirabelle’s intention.

She didn’t want to stay in this city filled with vampires. Nor did she want to watch her people being enslaved by the vampires for the rest of their lives.

That was why she could only sacrifice humanity, even if this seemed incredibly selfish of her by doing this-

“But, that’s the only thing I can do…”

She was far too helpless. Only by sacrificing others would she possibly bring freedom to her own species.

Once Mirabelle found out where her adoptive mother was, she would immediately take action to escape from this vampire city with her ‘mother’ and her mother’s ‘companions.’

Although she didn’t know how to escape, Mirabelle would be satisfied with simply finding her mother.

Mirabelle began to wash her water-blue long hair as she thought about this. She used some magical soap to wash her long hair and long ears which were a special trait of the elves.


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Even so, she felt that there wasn’t anything bad about staying by Heather’s side. Heather treated her quite well, apart from not giving her the right to go outside.


Mirabelle desired freedom, the ability to soar freely in the outside world as she pleased.

Actually, if Heather gave her some more freedom, and if Heather could take her around to all sorts of places to play, then Mirabelle wouldn’t have wanted to escape so much; however, she had already decided to escape. By now, she no longer had any path of retreat.

Mirabelle showed resolution in her water-blue eyes.


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