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Chapter 55 – Stinky Old Man

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1392 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 775 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Daar and Lucy both began to check Mirabelle’s translation. Although Lucy understood the written vampire language, she was unable to comprehend the human language that the book was originally in. She could only rely on Daar who understood both human and vampire languages to ascertain if Mirabelle’s translation was accurate or not.

No matter what, confirming this was highly important for the vampires’ future. That was why both of them focused fully on confirming the book’s content. Meanwhile, Mirabelle sat down on a chair and angrily folded her arms. She turned her head and glanced elsewhere.

“Did you truly write all of this by yourself?”

Mirabelle had no intentions of answering his question. All she wanted was to ignore him. Lucy immediately answered because she probably saw through what Mirabelle was thinking.

“Yes, there’s no doubt that she wrote it. What is it? Is her translation inaccurate?”
“No, her translation is really accurate, and-”

There were also things that the book had originally been [missing].

‘-Could it be that she’s actually read this book before?’

Actually, this book was missing many pages. Heather had destroyed part of the book during battle. Daar had spent a great deal of effort in connecting the book’s content together and adding some material. However, he never expected that she would be able to translate the complete book, including even the destroyed portion.

In that case, she definitely must have read this book before.

-However, that was impossible.

If she really was the elven princess, then she shouldn’t have ever even left this city before. In that case- just where had she seen this book before?

“Just where did you read this book before?”

Mirabelle turned her head away and whistled while showing an expression that she didn’t know anything.

‘-No matter what you ask, I won’t tell you anything. Old fart, get my master to open my mouth if you’re that skilled.’

The old man showed a furious expression. He was angrily gritting his teeth, seeming like he wanted to devour Mirabelle right here.

“Hmm, Lucy, why did you bring me to such a place? If I’m eaten here, M… Master won’t forgive you…”

Mirabelle pretended to be afraid of Daar’s angry expression and hid behind Lucy. She was basically intentionally reminding Daar that she was Heather’s pet.

‘-This damned brat! I’m actually being pushed around by an elven brat?!’

Daar the library caretaker had already lived for thousands of years as a vampire. If an ordinary elf dared to treat him this way, then he would have sunk his teeth into them.

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No matter if she was Heather’s pet or not, if she really had read this book before, then this meant there was some type of secret within her body? Her mind contained something incredibly precious and valuable. For the sake of the vampires’ future, he couldn’t hastily gobble her up.

“Have you previously read all of these books before…?”

Daar tried to use a polite tone with Mirabelle again. However, Mirabelle still had an uncaring expression on her face.

Old man Daar helplessly glanced at Lucy for assistance when he saw how Mirabelle was acting.

Lucy had never expected that Mirabelle could give so much trouble to old man Daar, who held even more influence than Heather. Lucy went up and pushed Mirabelle’s shoulder while saying,

“Princess, please tell him the truth…”

Seeing that Lucy was saying this, Mirabelle could only-

“I don’t know where I’ve read it before. I simply translated it according to the text’s meaning, that’s all…”

Mirabelle lied in a way that wouldn’t be easy to detect.

“Impossible. If you only translated the text, why would there be more information translated than in the text?”

-It wasn’t like she could tell that she had personally designed all these books as background information for the game’s setting.

“I added the information based on the book’s content on my own judgment, alright?”
“I never said it wasn’t alright, but it really is suspicious…”

Mirabelle showed a troubled expression before turning her head away.

“It’s just what I know. There’s no helping it? At any rate, I’ve never seen the content of that book before. If this is how things are, then I’ll just translate according to the text in the future!”

Mirabelle said this rather angrily and hastily. It was obvious that she was feeling insecure about her lie.

Regardless, she would never admit that she knew the content since long ago.

“There’s no need for that. Feel free to translate according to how you’re used to. I won’t pry deeply into this matter…”

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