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Chapter 54 – Language Genius (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2074 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1023 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Wait here while I go in and turn on the light…”

Lucy brushed aside Mirabelle’s hand, entered the room, and turned on the light, causing the room to be filled with light.

-Only then did Mirabelle dare to enter the room.

This room seemed like some type of library, as it had plenty of bookshelves filled with books. Some tables and chairs were placed in front of the bookshelves for people to read books with. Mirabelle’s first impression was that this was quite an ordinary library.

“Grandpa Daar, Grandpa Daar, Grandpa Daar, are you here?”

Lucy started calling out this name after she turned on the light. However, there was no response no matter how many times Lucy called. Mirabelle thus asked a question because she was curious.

“Could it be that he’s not here?”

“Impossible. He’s always here in this room at this time of day…”

Lucy pointed at the door in the corner of the room. This was a room in a corner behind some bookshelves.

It would be difficult to find this door without paying close attention.

However- “This place really is so grand. There’s actually so many books…” Mirabelle glanced all around her at the bookshelves which were completely filled with books.

“These are the books that we obtained from other city libraries after Milady Heather conquered all these other cities…”

“Is that so? Are all these books from other species?”

Mirabelle stood to the side and looked at the labels on the books. She became really interested. -Could it be that there were books she hadn’t read in here? That seemed unlikely. She reached out her hand, wanting to take a book from a bookshelf to confirm.

Right when she reached out her hand, she suffered a heavy blow to her hand before she was able to touch the bookshelf.

“Don’t touch my books…”


Mirabelle was so scared that she immediately sat down on the floor. Lucy immediately rushed over to her side at top speed after hearing her scream. Lucy was highly concerned about Mirabelle’s safety since Heather treasured her so much.

“What’s the matter? Princess…”

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“There… ‘s… a ghost…”

Mirabelle pointed in astonishment at a small ‘object’. Lucy glanced over in that direction. The object was really short and seemed to be covered in white hair which concealed his entire face.

Lucy instantly had an expression of understanding when she saw this ‘object’.

“So this is where you were, Grandpa Daar?”

“Eh? This guy is the library caretaker?”

“Oh, it’s Miss Lucy. This elf maid is so uncouth. Not only did she want to touch my books after entering someone else’s library, she even screamed loudly and interrupted my thoughts.”

The old man sitting on the floor raised his head. He glanced at Lucy while complaining about Mirabelle and pointing at the latter.

“I… I’m not a maid!” Mirabelle angrily got up from the ground. She was the one who deserved to be angry!

‘-This guy actually dared to pretend to be a ghost to try and scare me!?’

“What? If you’re not a maid, then why are you wearing maid attire? Do you have this type of hobby?”

“This… at any rate, it isn’t what you think!!”

Mirabelle had forgotten to change her clothes because she had been too focused on translation. The end result was that she forgot to change her clothes for ordinary pajamas. Mirabelle didn’t like having to wear maid attire one bit-

Wearing such a miniskirt made her legs feel really cold, which was rather depressing to Mirabelle. However, Heather was quite interested in having Mirabelle wear maid attire. That’s why none of this was Mirabelle’s fault. It was all Heather’s fault! Mirabelle kept blaming Heather without the latter knowing about it.

“Seeing your ears, you must be elven royalty? Why would you be in such a place?”

“Grandpa Daar, this child has already become Milady Heather’s blood slave and pet…”

“I see, Lady Heather’s blood slave? That child finally found a blood slave of her own? It really wasn’t easy.”

“Old man, you seem to be quite familiar with my Master…”

Mirabelle immediately asked him a question in a rather rude tone.

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“Familiar? Not really, we’ve just chatted a few times before…”

“That’s you being humble, Grandpa Daar. Very few among our blood tribe are able to directly talk to Milady Heather…”

“I suppose so, since that child has such a personality as well as status…”

As he said that, he glanced at Mirabelle and revealed a contemplative expression.

“So, just what brought you here looking for me at such a time?”

Things had finally returned to the main topic after all this conversation. Lucy directly handed him a book and Mirabelle’s translation of the book.

“What’s this?”

“This is her translation. Could you please confirm its accuracy?”

“You said that there’s an amazing translator. Were you referring to this child?”

“Yes, that’s right, because she understands human language as well as vampire language. That’s why I gave her books to translate.”

“Oh, you. These books are highly precious resources that Lady Heather obtained from the humans. What will you do if the books are ruined?”

“It’s fine, since Milady will directly take responsibility…”

“Sigh. Anyways, you can’t allow her dirty hands to touch these books.”

“So what if I don’t read them? You damned stinky old fart, you definitely don’t have the ability to translate yourself. You’re just afraid that I can translate, which will cause an old fart like you to lose face!”

“You… fine, since you’re saying that, then show me your skills. Watch how I correct every one of your mistakes!”

“Feel free to try, old fart…”

Mirabelle had a really arrogant expression. Lucy inserted herself between Mirabelle and Daar, as if she wanted to stop both of them while handing Daar the book and translation for him to check.


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Mirabelle angrily puffed up her cheeks and folded her arms while turning her head away. She refused to believe that an old man would know more than her when she was the Creator God of this world.


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