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Chapter 53 – Language Genius (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1614 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 845 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle looked over the pages that she had just finished translating. She had never imagined that someone like her born in the era of computers would actually use pen and paper to write so many things. If she transferred all that she wrote onto a computer, it would truly be a tremendous amount.

-She never expected that she would actually finish translating an entire book.

Mirabelle organized her pages with a fatigued expression. It had imperceptibly become nighttime before she even realized it. If she used the same time system from her original world, it was probably around 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening right now.

“Is it this time already? I should stop working then.”

She had begun translating at around 5 in the evening. However, she could only rely on her own senses to estimate the time since there was no accurate way to tell time here.

It had to be said that it wasn’t easy for her to finish translating such a thick book in just a few hours.

‘-Actually no, could I have spent a really long time on translation without realizing it? Anyways, is there any meaning to all this history?’

These books were basically all about the Bell Theocracy’s history and records. There was almost no difference from the settings that she had previously created for the game. That was why Mirabelle felt rather sleepy as she read through the books which were repeats of each other.

Rather than translation, she could simply go and directly inform Heather of the human defenses’ weaknesses. This would be quite easy and direct. She could even use this information as a condition for being able to meet her mother.


She obviously couldn’t do such a thing. Doing this would mean completely betraying the human countries. This was her limit that she absolutely wasn’t willing to tread upon.

“Still, I really don’t know what the vampires are thinking…”

Mirabelle sighed deeply as she organized her translated pages and placed them on top of the thick book she just translated. She stood up, intending on giving Lucy this translated work.

Mirabelle went towards the door. After she opened the door, she discovered that Lucy was standing right behind the door, without having moved a single step.

“Eh!? Why would you be right here?”

Mirabelle had a surprised expression as she looked at Lucy who was standing right by the door.

“Milady ordered that I shouldn’t take even one step away from you. However, Milady also hates it when others enter her room, which is why I can’t stay inside. I could only wait for you outside the door…”

‘-Could it be that she’s been standing here without moving a single step ever since she brought the books to me? Has she been standing for the past three to four hours?’

“Aren’t you just way too serious?”

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Mirabelle held her forehead in exasperation and helplessness.

-She never thought that Heather would have such a loyal maid by her side.

However, Lucy silently nodded her head and interrupted Mirabelle’s words with her own.

“It doesn’t matter about me. Could you please give me the translation result? I need to take it somewhere for confirmation.”

“Ah… it’s fine. Regarding the translation, I just finished translating one book. I should be able to finish translating the other four or five books pretty quickly as well.”

“Really? Why is your translation speed so godly? It will take 10 people to translate a book together for about two days before they can finish. Could it be that you’re just randomly writing things down to try and fool me?”

“How could I do such a thing? Since you requested this of me, I won’t write things down randomly. Besides, Heather is my master, and I won’t harm her…”

“Who knows about that? Come with me to a certain place for confirmation…”

“Sheesh, you were the one who asked for me to translate, yet now you’re saying something like this…”

‘As expected, vampires are all the type who goes back on their word.’

Lucy immediately used her ice-cold hand to grab Mirabelle’s hand as she dragged Mirabelle down three floors. Lucy walked along a lighted corridor towards a pitch-black room.

This room was incredibly dark since the curtains were closed. No, more accurately speaking, the entire room was sealed off. Mirabelle felt a deep sensation of fear due to how dark this room was. Her body began to tremble as her nyctophobia occurred again. She really was afraid of darkness due to her traumatic experience.

Yet, Lucy still adamantly dragged Mirabelle inside the room. Mirabelle tightly shut her eyes due to all the darkness around her. At the same time, both her legs also started to tremble in this narrow and dark space.

“What am I supposed to do with you? You’re such a coward despite your age.”

This was psychological trauma caused by Heather intentionally so that the trauma could be taken advantage of in order to force Mirabelle into becoming obedient.


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