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Chapter 52 – What Should Be Done (Part 2)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1692 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 869 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Thus, Mirabelle opened the door and went to the corridor.

“Lucy! Lucy!”

Mirabelle called out to Lucy in a voice that wasn’t too loud. Lucy immediately appeared from behind a corner and came up to Mirabelle while speaking in an icy tone.

“What is it? Miss Mirabelle…”

“I’ve decided. I will help M… Master…”

Mirabelle clenched her tiny fists.

Although Lucy was delighted inside, she still maintained her icy expression.

“Is that so? If that’s what you’ve decided, I understand. You should first return to your room. I’ll immediately bring the books regarding the Bell Theocracy for you to translate…”

“I will translate, but I have a condition…”

“What condition?”

“I want to see my mother…”

“This condition…”

The icy beauty hadn’t expected this. Her expression indicated that she had been put in a difficult spot. It would be impossible for her to decide on something this major on her own without Heather’s permission.

“Alright. Once Milady Heather returns, I will talk to her about this. If she agrees, then there’s no problem. If she doesn’t agree, then it can’t be helped…”

“Okay, I understand. Please bring me the books then. I’ll begin right now…”

“You’ll begin right now? You don’t need to wait for Milady Heather’s agreement?”

“It doesn’t matter. There’s no problem as long as I can help Master…”

Mirabelle’s eyes were filled with resolution. She didn’t require any payment. All she wanted was to help Heather, or perhaps this was her way of making up for the guilt she felt towards Heather.

Regardless, Mirabelle was still adamant about escaping from this city filled with vampires. Yet, she still had to help Heather. That was Mirabelle’s decision.

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In that case, this was all that she could do.

“Understood. I’m so grateful that Princess Mirabelle is truly thinking about the sake of Milady…”

“It’s fine. There’s no need to say much. I’ll be waiting in the room for you to bring the books.”

Mirabelle then went back to Heather’s room after replying. Lucy followed right after her and pushed away the food cart by the door.

“I hope that this message will reach my allies…”

Although she wanted to escape, abandoning her adoptive mother wasn’t something that she could do, so she wanted to rely on her own strength.

A more serious problem was if Heather used her mother as a threat against her, then it would feel as stifling as being led around on a collar. Mirabelle’s mother was the only relative she had left in this world. Her mother was her only support. Mirabelle absolutely wouldn’t leave here unless she was able to rescue her mother. She resolved herself as she sat down by the table.

After Lucy brought all the books to Mirabelle’s room – Mirabelle couldn’t help but be in a bit of a daze as she stared at the mountainous pile of books.

“Um… are these the books that you wanted me to translate?”

“Yes… these are the books that our translators had a great deal of difficulty with. I’ve given them all to you…”

“These books are highly difficult?”

Mirabelle randomly opened a few books to check their content. To be honest, the content wasn’t difficult at all. However, the Bell Theocracy’s language was grammatically quite different from the vampire language. Perhaps that was why translation was so difficult.
Mirabelle never expected that the powerful vampire species would be so poor at language and grammar. However, she would never dare to think such a thing in front of Heather. If Heather learned of her thoughts, she would likely receive terrible treatment, such as training to teach her how amazing vampires were supposed to be. Mirabelle could already guess what Heather might say.

“What? Could it be that even you don’t understand these books?” Lucy inquired.

“Ah… no… that’s not it. The words here are so easy for me to understand. However, could you please not watch me like this? I feel really awkward when being watched. It will make the translation take longer…”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you outside, 24 hours a day. If you need anything at all, please feel free to come out and call for me…”

-Watching her for 24 hours a day? Wasn’t this being way too responsible?

Lucy left the room before Mirabelle could even respond. This was because Heather’s senses, especially her sense of smell, were really acute –

There had once been a maid who accidentally ran into Heather’s room. Heather then viciously punished the maid in question. That was why Lucy didn’t dare to stay even one extra moment here.

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“Alright, let’s start the long and endless work…”

Just like how she did in her past life, Mirabelle lazily stretched her arms and then began to write on the provided paper.

To be honest, this work wasn’t very difficult for her. It was just really boring- These books were basically all part of the data she entered into the game for the setting. She would read this data every day while creating the game, so her entire brain was crammed full with all this so-called information. That was why this wasn’t hard for her at all.


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