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Chapter 51 – What Should Be Done (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1858 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1018 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle was laying on the large bed which had her scent and Heather’s. She was having a major headache due to the “compromise method” that Lucy had told her about.

“Princess, it’s time for dinner.”

A knock came from the door. Lucy hadn’t followed Mirabelle into Heather’s room after telling Mirabelle about this request.

There were two reasons for this, one being that she wanted to give Mirabelle some time to consider, the other being that nobody was typically allowed in Heather’s room without her permission.

However, Mirabelle was an exception. She was a ‘pet’, rather than being a vampire or anything else.

Yet, Lucy was unable to go against Heather’s command, which was why she could only wait outside Heather’s room for Mirabelle until it was dinnertime-

That was when Lucy started to knock on the door, calling out to Mirabelle who was inside.


However, Mirabelle remained on the bed and didn’t make a sound. She was still frustrated about what she should do and what she had to do.

So… just what exactly should she do?

“Pardon me…”

Lucy immediately pushed open the door and stood at the entrance after seeing that there was no reaction. However, she didn’t dare to enter the room without Heather or Mirabelle’s permission.

“Princess, your dinner has arrived…”

“Put it there for now. I would like to have some quiet time to myself.”
“…Alright, I understand. Please call me if there’s anything that you need; however, you must properly finish your dinner. Otherwise, Milady Heather will be angry with me…”

“Got it…”

Mirabelle lazily waved her hand. Lucy left the food cart by the door, seeming like she truly didn’t dare to enter even one step into the room.

Mirabelle silently sat up on the bed after Lucy closed the door with a slam. She glanced at the food cart in the corner of the room and sighed deeply.

Currently, she wasn’t in the mood for food at all. However, she needed to supply blood to Heather with her weak body every day. It probably wasn’t good if she didn’t receive energy from another source. If she didn’t eat, it was likely that her body would collapse before long.

“Well, I suppose all I can do is eat?”

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Mirabelle brought a chair over to the table and opened the cover on the food cart. The moment that she took off the cover, she saw a strip of paper falling onto the ground.

“A strip of paper?”

Mirabelle was quite curious as she bent down to pick up the piece of paper. She slowly unfurled the paper and saw the words written there. This message had been written in the elven language. Was it a message from her [allies]? But, why would it have come on the food cart?

“At noon on the day after tomorrow, lure Heather into the courtyard?”

Mirabelle opened the paper strip and read the words upon it. She was instantly confused. At noon on the day after tomorrow? Lure Heather into the courtyard? What could the elves even do in the courtyard?

Their enemy was the vampire queen, who wouldn’t be affected even if she was directly under the sun. Mirabelle knew that this was a plan to help her try and escape. It was likely that some elves had already hidden themselves in this vampire castle?

So, the plan for escaping would be enacted on the day after tomorrow? Wasn’t that too much of a rush? Mirabelle became more and more curious. If there really was an escape plan, the other elves should have informed her of it in greater detail. Mirabelle thus searched through the food cart to see if there were any other such paper strips inside.
However, the small food cart seemed to only contain this one paper strip.

‘-Should I believe it or not?’

If no escape plan had been prepared, then following the words on the paper strip would basically be the equivalent of telling Heather that she was preparing to escape. Not only that, the collar on her neck hadn’t been unlocked yet.

“Wouldn’t it be better to carry out the plan after I managed to unlock the collar?”

Mirabelle wrote this on the back of the paper strip with the elven language. This was the first time in quite a long while that she had written anything at a desk. Mirabelle thought that her handwriting would be terrible because of this, but her words actually came out really neatly and beautifully.

Only elves would understand this language, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if the vampires discovered this, perhaps?

Honestly, Mirabelle was still hesitating on whether to escape or not. Should she sacrifice her own freedom for the sake of the entire elf species? Or, should she abandon her species and escape by herself?

No matter what she chose, she would feel like she was incredibly selfish. Additionally, she still didn’t know where her mother was being imprisoned. What would happen to her mother if she escaped?

Mirabelle ripped up the paper strip in her hand.

“I can’t escape. Heather still has my mother in her hands. As long as she still has my mother to threaten me with, I won’t escape no matter what…”

Mirabelle took out a paper strip of her own and wrote down what she was really worried about – regarding her mother, on the paper strip. She then placed the paper strip under the plate of food.

She was going to have to finish her food for the food cart to be taken away, right? It wasn’t that the food wasn’t delicious, but rather there was too much. She felt like she wouldn’t be able to finish all the food by herself.

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However, she still ate all the food so that her message could be transmitted.

After Mirabelle finished dinner, she stood in the corner of the room and contemplated everything. It wouldn’t do to keep going on like this. She had to do something.

‘I got it-‘

She realized what she should do.


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