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Chapter 48 – Reflected in One’s Eyes

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2000 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 914 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Mirabelle felt a strange sensation spreading in her heart. This time, she hadn’t felt even the slightest bit of pain from having her blood sucked. Rather, there was a different strange sensation. Her face was bright red due to feeling comfortable while having her blood sucked.

‘-No way? Why are things like this?’

Mirabelle had no clue what she should do. Just how was she supposed to react to her body’s response?

Heather licked her lips after she drank a sufficient amount of blood. She sucked every bit of blood on the corner of her lips into her mouth.

“Mira’s blood is so delicious…”

“Hmph, you pervert who likes drinking blood…”

Mirabelle turned around with face flushed fully red. She silently made some space for Heather on the bed.

“Oh my, this is just an incredibly normal meal. Does something dissatisfy you, Mira?”

Heather teased Mirabelle while laying on the bed next to Mirabelle as the latter had indicated.

“It’s nothing, I’m just slightly unhappy…”

“But, isn’t it really comfortable to have your blood sucked?”

“Ah, you read my mind without my permission again…”

“Oh my, is there something wrong with me reading your mind whenever I want?”

“Hmph… you tyrant, invading someone else’s privacy…”

The two of them laid on the bed and seemed like very good friends who were talking about daily life.

“Mira, you need to understand that I’m viewing something that [belongs to me]. How can it be called an invasion of privacy for me to look at my own possession?”


Mirabelle was unable to counter Heather’s words. She could only puff out her cheeks and turn her head away.

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“It’s about time to turn off the lights and sleep, Mira…”

Heather then got up, ran to the switch at the door, and turned off the magical light. Mirabelle then sensed a small weight getting onto the bed next to her.

“Hey, Mira, could you chat with me for a bit?”

“What does Master want to chat about?”

“Mira, do you really want to go back to your original life after all?”


Mirabelle fell silent after hearing Heather ask this. The question had hit her where it really hurt. Mirabelle slightly tilted her head, making her answer rather obvious without having to say anything.

“Ah… is that so? I am your enemy, after all. You can hate me all you want, but please don’t leave me, alright?”

-Heather’s heart was filled with anxiety.

“Ever since long ago, I’ve always been by myself for the past several decades. Although I am the vampire queen, yet-”

-Heather’s heart was filled with loneliness.

“Mira, do you know why I’m always hugging onto that rabbit doll?”

-Heather’s heart was filled with fear.

“Even with my status, enemies constantly appear before me, from vampires as well as other species. That’s why, I don’t trust a single person apart from Mira and Lucy…”

-Heather directly grabbed onto the back of Mirabelle’s shirt. She then tightly embraced Mirabelle, who felt Heather pressing against her back.

Heather was crying? Mirabelle was really astonished to sense the warm and wet sensation on her back. This vampire was actually crying? The cruel and heartless vampire queen was actually showing such a soft and weak side to her!?

Mirabelle never expected that she would cause the vampire queen to cry. Not to mention, Mirabelle had only learned recently that Heather was such a venerated existence among all vampires. Now that she knew Heather’s status-

Mirabelle actually felt some sympathy for Heather.
-Had Heather been alone like this for the past 50 years? In the end, even the vampire queen was just another sacrifice.

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-An ordinary girl who had relinquished her life towards the path of isolation.

No matter what others thought of Heather, this was Mirabelle’s opinion of Heather.

‘So, she’s just like Rion, a really lonely person.’

Mirabelle recalled her younger sister from her past life, whom she felt she owed even up to her death as Nikaidou Yuuki.

However, it was impossible to make things up to Rion anymore.

Well, Rion had probably died just like Mirabelle had in their original world. No matter how concerned Mirabelle was about that world, that was a completely different world now. Besides, Mirabelle was currently a blood slave in this world.

“At any rate, I will do what I should do.”


Heather didn’t react as expected after Mirabelle said this. Mirabelle turned to look in Heather’s direction to see that the latter had a slightly happy expression under the moonlight.

Heather tightly embraced her while breathing evenly as she fell into a deep sleep.

“What, she’s already asleep?”

Mirabelle glanced at the bright moon outside the window while sighing deeply. Without even realizing it, she had actually started to think about Heather’s feelings. What would happen to Heather if she left?

However, Mirabelle vigorously shook her head.

‘-No, no, I can’t keep thinking along these lines. Otherwise, I won’t be able to leave Heather.’

Mirabelle still had a very important mission to complete. Although she didn’t know exactly what type of mission it was, she definitely had to leave here.

The moon in the sky illuminated Mirabelle’s resolute expression with a silver-white glow.
Finally, the “rabbit” in Heather’s embrace slowly fell into a deep sleep as well.

“Mira, my pet, I’ll never let you escape, I absolutely won’t-”

Heather opened her eyes, revealing an endless darkness in her red eyes that reflected Mirabelle’s back.

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