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Chapter 47 – The Benefits of Sucking Blood

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1507 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 699 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather saw that it was about time, so she directly pushed Mirabelle down onto the bed after the latter finished putting on her clothes.

“Wait… wait, wait… you… what do you want to do!?”

“It’s about time for me to suck blood. Do you want me to suck blood from your upper half or lower half…?”

“Lower… no, no, no, let’s go with upper!”

Mirabelle instantly made her decision. Rather than being forced to experience the damned withdrawal symptoms… she far preferred to voluntarily let Heather suck her blood. Originally, she had wanted to choose her lower half, the inner part of her thigh. However, Mirabelle felt really embarrassed when she thought about how Heather would suck such a place. And, if she chose her upper half, perhaps there would be an opportunity for Heather to open her collar, which would activate the trap for deactivating the collar.

However, Heather didn’t open the collar as Mirabelle had imagined. Instead, Heather directly went up to Mirabelle’s neck. Heather pushed aside the rather large sleepwear that Mirabelle wore and revealed the latter’s tender shoulder.

“Wait… wait, wait, Master, do you typically bite the neck?”

“Yes… but right now, I don’t feel like biting the neck, so I won’t be taking your collar off.”


Mirabelle had an expression of disappointment. She originally wanted to trick Heather into taking the collar off for her, yet Heather was using a different part of her body to suck blood from.

‘W, wait a moment. She found another place to suck blood from. Doesn’t that mean… this stupid collar won’t be removed from my neck for quite a long time!?’

“You seem to be really disappointed?”

“Not… not at all…”

Mirabelle gave an obvious excuse as an answer. Still, it didn’t seem like Heather was interested in deeply investigating Mirabelle’s strange behavior. Even if Heather used the mind-reading magic, she would only be able to find out that Mirabelle really wanted to open up the collar. However, the more that Mirabelle thought this, the more that Heather would refuse to open the collar.

Thus, Heather ignored Mirabelle’s thoughts as she slowly got closer to her shoulder. Heather then reached out with her tongue and started licking that alluring patch of skin.

Mirabelle really couldn’t tolerate the sensation of having her shoulder licked, so she hoped that Heather would finish as quickly as possible.

“Ahahaha, it tickles… it’s so ticklish, please hurry… and get to the next part… M… Master…”

“I can’t just do that, you know? I’m going to properly lick it, since vampire saliva has a painkiller effect…”

-The hell? Every time, Heather’s bites hurt so much that I wanted to die. Saying that there was a painkiller effect sounded like a complete lie?

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“Indeed, that was just a lie…”

Heather actually outright admitted that she had been lying as she continued to lick Mirabelle’s shoulders. Only after Heather’s saliva coated all of Mirabelle’s delicate little shoulder did she reveal her sharp vampire fangs.

“Bear with the pain; I’m going to suck your blood…”


Mirabelle’s eyes instantly filled with tears. She closed her eyes tightly, not daring to look at Heather’s eyes which were so close to her own. Mirabelle could swear that this was the gentlest time ever of getting her blood sucked since she had been captured. Previously, Heather would immediately bite her without caring about her pain.

“Good girl, my Mira…”

Heather gently caressed Mirabelle’s water-blue hair, as if she was patting a pet on the head. Well, Mirabelle was indeed her pet.

Heather immediately crouched down as the pulsing artery before her eyes caused her heartbeat to quicken. She immediately revealed her fangs and bit the carotid artery. She tasted delicious blood that gradually flowed into her mouth from that smooth and tender body.

‘-Delicious! It’s that same wonderful taste that I always want to have more of.’

Heather slowly sucked Mirabelle’s blood, feeling that her magic power was gradually increasing as she did so.

What Mirabelle didn’t know was that her blood was incredibly helpful for Heather. For instance, her blood had significantly increased Heather’s magic power and maximum mana.


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