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Chapter 49 – Compromise (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1709 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 828 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Noon the next day, Heather was actually organizing luggage in her room for once.

“Lucy, I must go out due to an emergency situation. I’ll probably return sometime tomorrow night. During this time, you must watch over Mirabelle and not allow her to run around. If you lose her, you understand how I’ll punish you, right?”

“Understood, Milady. I won’t let the princess leave my vision for even a second…”

Lucy answered with an icy tone. At this moment, Mirabelle entered the room.

“Um… Master, where are you going?”

“Well, to a place that’s slightly far away…”

“Eh? Then what should I do?”

Mirabelle was naturally referring to her withdrawal reaction. She would have to bear a pain worse than death if she didn’t have her blood sucked for a single day. Although Mirabelle had yet to experience what it was like to have her blood not be sucked for an entire day, she could imagine the result. If she didn’t have her blood sucked for one whole day, she would probably smash her head into a wall and die, since the withdrawal symptoms weren’t something that any living creature could tolerate. Mirabelle definitely didn’t want that, which was why she reached her hand out to Heather in fear.

“Don’t leave…”


Heather felt rather happy inside to see Mirabelle’s expression of reliance on her, even if the expression was only due to fear of the withdrawal reaction. Heather was quite happy even with such fake feelings.

‘-Could it be that what I told her last night was effective? Or, maybe she’s afraid that I’ll never return?’

Thus, Heather slowly walked over to Mirabelle’s side and tightly embraced her. Heather then used her hand to flip through Mirabelle’s water-blue long hair.

“Mira, it’s fine. I’ll be back by tomorrow night. Let’s drink your blood a bit earlier than usual today…”

Heather then immediately bit down viciously on Mirabelle’s neck. Mirabelle squinted as a red flush appeared on her face. She soon sensed her blood being slowly drained away.
Heather hurriedly drank Mirabelle’s blood and then devilishly licked her tender lips. After Heather woke up from the allure of Mirabelle’s unique taste, she issued a command to Lucy.

“Lucy, you absolutely can’t give any heavy work to Mirabelle. Also, you remember my previous command, right?”

However, Lucy was also mesmerized by the wondrous blood scent currently in the air.

“Lucy? Did you hear me?”

“O… Of course, I would never forget anything that Milady said…”

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It took quite a while for Lucy to respond.

Mirabelle and Lucy then made their clothes presentable and went down to where the horse-drawn carriage was stored.

Heather gently caressed Mirabelle’s water-blue long hair before she got on the carriage.

“You have to obediently stay at home…”

Heather slowly got on the carriage after saying this last sentence. The carriage then soon disappeared from their line of vision.

Mirabelle heaved a great sigh of relief as her thoughts were now freed from Heather’s mind-reading magic. Today’s withdrawal reaction had also been dealt with. This meant that she had a day and a half of free time, with the half a day being nighttime.

“Why does it seem like you heaved a sigh of relief to see Milady leaving?”

“It’s… it’s nothing…”

However, just as Mirabelle was thinking this, the maid next to her who gave off an icy aura, Lucy viciously glared at her.

Mirabelle returned to her own room and intended on taking off the maid attire she was wearing. However, Lucy was still standing by Mirabelle’s side.

“Did you wish to change your clothes? In that case, allow me to assist you…”

“Ah, no, don’t joke like that! I don’t need anyone to help me change my clothes!”

Besides, Lucy was just way too annoying. She actually completely obeyed Heather’s command and stuck to Mirabelle like a shadow. Didn’t that make Lucy into a second Heather?

Although Mirabelle felt like her mind was free since Lucy didn’t have mind-reading magic, Lucy wouldn’t take even one step away from her. Still, Lucy’s presence probably helped to prevent scary vampires from getting close to her.

“Um… Miss Lucy, do you have nothing else to do? You’ve been by my side for all this time…”

“Yes, I am Milady Heather’s personal maid, but Milady Heather isn’t here right now, so I’m responsible for doing my best to take care of Milady Heather’s pet.”

Basically, Lucy was going to surveil her every move?

However, Mirabelle didn’t know what she should do about it. All she could do was go to Heather’s office and read books like always. The languages in this world were incredibly easy for her, as she was the Creator God of this world – she had personally created this entire game. Thus, Mirabelle had perfect knowledge of the vampire,1 elven, and the various human languages.

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  1. But not vampires? Did you make the entire game world or not.

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