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Chapter 46 – Vampire Queen Masseuse

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2297 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1028 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Don’t misunderstand. I just wanted to massage you, since taking care of a pet’s body is also the master’s responsibility.”


Mirabelle hesitantly looked at her own clothing. She then placed her trembling fingers onto her button.

“Hurry and take your clothes off in front of me, ok?”

Mirabelle was currently in a really embarrassing situation. Heather was using her dark red eyes to stare directly at Mirabelle’s body.

“Um… Master, it probably isn’t necessary? I don’t feel any more pain, so it’s completely fine, you see… wah…”

Mirabelle just got off the chair and was jumping around when she suddenly revealed an expression of pain. Heather supported her over to the nearby chair.

“Don’t force yourself. Let me take a look, since it’s the master’s responsibility to take care of their pet. Why can’t I do this?”

‘What’s this about your responsibility? You clearly just want to take a look.’

Mirabelle was really humiliated and didn’t know what she should do.

‘If she didn’t deal with the pain now, then how was she supposed to withstand the weight of Heather crushing her body at night?’

Thus, Mirabelle decided to take off all the clothes on the upper half of her body in front of Heather, except for a tiny bra that covered her chest. She then forced herself to withstand her embarrassment as she bent over on the large bed, exposing her entire back to Heather.

“P… Please, Master!”

“Sure. Just tell me where it hurts?”

“My back, and also under my shoulder…”

Mirabelle pointed at her back before silently closing her eyes in order to better tolerate Heather’s touching.


Heather pressed on the place that Mirabelle indicated. Mirabelle felt the pressure from Heather’s hand, and answered,

“Yes, that’s right, right here…”

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“I see. The muscles here are indeed a little stiff. Relax, I’ll start right now…”

Heather placed her hand on the spot and gently kneaded Mirabelle’s smooth back.

‘I really do feel like my muscles are loosening.’

Mirabelle never expected that Heather would know how to give a massage.

“How is it? Is it comfortable?”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that Master’s massage would be so comfortable…”

A red flush appeared on Mirabelle’s face. She silently bit her blanket in an effort to prevent herself from moaning.

‘Heather felt a strange sensation as she witnessed Mirabelle trying to prevent herself from moaning.’

“Mira is so cute. We’re the only two here, so it’s fine even if you moan out loud…”
“N… no… ahh!?”

Heather immediately ambushed Mirabelle when the latter released her teeth from the blanket in order to respond. Heather used a little extra force on her right hand and succeeded in making Mirabelle’s moans escape.

“M… Master, you’re so wicked!”

Mirabelle was really embarrassed as she said this while biting her blanket. However, Heather then showed a frightening smile on her cute face, as if she was doing something evil.

Mirabelle immediately felt a strong sensation of fear as she chose to run away. But, Heather continued to wield her evil claws as she pounced towards Mirabelle.

“Take this technique! Take my vampire claws!”

“Ahh! Wicked vampire!”

Mirabelle kept dodging as the two of them playfought on the bed like little children. A long time later, Heather pushed Mirabelle down onto the bed.

“You can no longer escape, Princess!”

“This is so unfair, Master. My physical strength can’t possibly compare to yours, you know?”

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“Heehee, I’m not wicked at all, it’s all because Mira is so stupid…”

“I’m not stupid at all, Master is the stupid one!1

Mirabelle puffed out her cheeks and turned her head away. The smile on Heather’s face became even larger when she saw how Mirabelle was acting.

To be honest, Mirabelle was rather stunned to see Heather smiling so purely and innocently like a young child. She never thought that Heather’s icy face was capable of making such an expression.

At this moment, Mirabelle suddenly recalled something. He had seen the exact same smile on another person’s face back when he was a young Nikaidou Yuuki.

‘That person was Nikaidou Rion.’

“Nikaidou Rion? Who’s that? Someone you know?”

It was obvious that Heather had casually just read Mirabelle’s mind again.

“This… this name… no, it’s nothing. Right, Master, you look so cute when you smile. Why do you always have such an icy appearance?”

Mirabelle looked directly at Heather with an innocent expression from underneath Heather’s body.

“Mira, do you also feel that I’m really icy?”

“No… yes.”

“Mira, I’ve been like this since long ago. With my status, you and Lucy are the only ones that I can actually have a real conversation with.”

It was obvious that Heather was telling the truth. Mirabelle was certain of this after her past few days of observation.

“I treat you like a precious treasure. Mira, you won’t betray me, right?”


Mirabelle fell silent. As for what she was thinking – Heather knew it quite well.

“Alright, I like an honest Mira, If that’s what you think, then try your best to escape,” Heather replied with her blood-red eyes closed.

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“That isn’t the problem here, Master, just how long are you going to stay on top of my body? Master, you pervert! Lecher!”

“Mira, you’re my possession. Being half-naked like this is nothing. Even if I tell you to show me your v̲a̲gi̲n̲a̲, you must agree to do it…”

Show Heather her v̲a̲gi̲n̲a̲? Mirabelle began to tremble all over just from imagining this.

When Mirabelle sat up and put on her clothes, she noticed that her back really didn’t hurt that much anymore.

“Didn’t you have back pain? I used magic to dispel all your fatigue…”

“Such… such a thing is possible?”

“Of course. It’s so easy for someone like me.”

Heather was filled with confidence as she made such a claim.

‘This isn’t something to be so self-satisfied about, is it? Isn’t such an ability nothing more than simply knowing how to massage? Still, I suppose that this counts as the vampire queen giving me a massage. What a supreme honor it is for me.’


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