Chapter 45 – Needle

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1838 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 995 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle sat on the bed while waiting for Heather. It could be said that this was the only free time she had for an entire day now. This was the only time that she could use to seriously consider how she could escape from here.

The moment that Heather came into Mirabelle’s line-of-sight distance, Heather would be able to read every thought in Mirabelle’s mind. Heather wanted to keep surveillance over Mirabelle 24 hours a day, including while they were sleeping.

One night, Mirabelle had tried to break free from Heather’s tight embrace as they slept. However, no matter how much strength she used, she had been unable to remove the two hands which tightly grasped onto her. It could be said that it was absolutely impossible to escape from right in front of Heather.

If this continued, what could she even do? Was she supposed to become Heather’s blood slave and spend the rest of her life here in this castle together with Heather?

‘That was impossible. What meaning would there even be to Mirabelle’s life if that happened?’

She would be raised as a pet. She could eat all she wanted without having to work. This type of life sounded like all she had to do was wag her tail and act spoiled like a pet in order to continue living this way.

‘How could that possibly be good for her?!’

Mirabelle clenched her fists tightly as she thought this. That wasn’t what she wanted at all – she wanted to see the outside world and have fun adventures. Wasn’t that what adventuring in another world was supposed to be about?!

Yet, no matter how much Mirabelle pleaded with Heather to take her out on a fun adventure, Heather was still the vampire queen. Heather was someone important enough to determine the survival of the entire vampire species. In that case, Mirabelle would need to-


Mirabelle silently crouched by the bedside and looked outside the window. She emptied her mind as much as she possibly could, merely feeling the refreshing and comfortable breeze that was also being controlled. The breeze brought along the special scent belonging to fresh grass. Mirabelle couldn’t help but become absorbed in this scent, as this was a scent that someone living in a modern-day city would be unable to inhale.

Right when Mirabelle tried to stand up from her chair, she felt a pang of pain from her back.

‘It really hurt.’

Every time that she slept together with Heather, the latter would tightly embrace her and treat her like a pillow for hugging. It was only natural that her body would ache after being treated as a hugging pillow on a daily basis.

Still, perhaps this was her life now. She actually got stuck with a master like Heather who had such terrible sleeping posture.

Even so, this master treated her quite well, apart from sucking her blood every day, leaving her under house arrest in the castle all day long, and constantly using the small dark room to threaten her, along with capturing her mother without letting her have any visits at all, and…

Yep, apart from all of these, her master was a good master.

‘I don’t think there’s anything else, is there? Probably? Still, it really is quite boring. Master still hasn’t returned yet?’

Since that was the case, Mirabelle felt like she should do something. Continuing like this would only be waiting for her own death. Thus, Mirabelle took something like a needle out from her back. She moved the needle over and inserted it into the collar around her neck.

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Even though this needle was quite tiny, it had a tremendous effect.

‘This needle’s special trait could make the collar get stuck the next time that it was opened. Although the collar would be stuck, Heather wouldn’t be able to see from the outside that the collar was actually unlocked.’

Actually, she could also directly remove the collar by gently pushing the needle down in its current direction. This was an item that she had programmed herself which was named the anti-lock silver needle.

Mirabelle set the silver needle onto the collar. She simply had to wait for the next time that Heather opened the collar for her – then she would be able to successfully remove this collar. That way, her plan would be about 30% completed.

Mirabelle couldn’t help but smile wryly as she thought about her abilities which she missed so much returning to her.

At this exact moment, Heather pushed open the door and entered the room. She immediately saw that Mirabelle was smiling in a foolish manner while sitting next to the window.

“What is it? Mira, is there something funny?”

“M- Master?!”

Heather’s face suddenly appeared in front of Mirabelle, which shocked her so much that she jumped up from her chair. She had been completely absorbed in her own delusions and hadn’t noticed at all that Heather had entered the room.

“Mira, is there anything that you can share with me to make me happy as well?”

Mirabelle was incredibly tense since she didn’t know if Heather had seen her earlier actions with the needle or not.

‘It would be really bad if Heather had seen anything.’

“Is there something that would be really bad if I saw it?”

“It’s… it’s nothing, my back just hurts a little…”


“Y- Yes, it’s all because Master is crushing me every night… no, no, this has nothing to do with Master, it’s all because I accidentally fell off the bed…”

Heather’s mouth arched upward when she saw how Mirabelle didn’t know how to lie at all.

“Is that so?”

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“That’s right! Yes, that’s exactly how it is, my back really hurts…”

“That’s no good. It’s the master’s responsibility to care for a pet’s physical health. Take your shirt off for me.”

“Take my shirt off?!”

Mirabelle really started to panic after hearing this.



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