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Chapter 44 – Vampire Virus

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2612 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1433 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Hurry up and take it off in front of me?”

‘The hell with that!’

Mirabelle was currently in a really embarrassing situation. She kept feeling more and more uneasy as Heather stared at her with those dark red eyes.

“Um… Master, let’s… let’s not do this?”

“Why? It’s also my responsibility as the master to take care of my pet? Why can’t I do this?”

‘-Erm, what’s with this so-called responsibility? Don’t you just want to take a look!?’

Mirabelle was really humiliated and didn’t know what she should do. However, due to the threat of Heather “acting all serious,” Mirabelle still obediently took off her clothes. She forcefully withstood her embarrassment, crouched on the large bed, and showed her back to Heather while saying…

“P- please, Master!”

In the morning, Mirabelle woke up as always with Heather on top of her.

Mirabelle felt like her entire back was sore with pain after having to bear the weight of another person every night. She sat up and glanced at Heather who was still fast asleep.

Mirabelle sighed deeply. She decided to hurry and go to the bathroom before Heather woke up. This room didn’t have its own connected bathroom, so Mirabelle could only go to the bathroom at the end of the corridor outside.

After she finished going to the bathroom, Mirabelle returned to the room. She kept thinking about things as she walked.

‘I can’t just let her keep watching me all the time, can I? If she’s even going to watch me go to the bathroom, isn’t that just far too humiliating?’

When Mirabelle placed her hand on the door handle and pushed open the door to enter the room, she immediately saw Lucy standing to the side with an icy expression.

Mirabelle could already guess what was going to happen to her after she saw Lucy. Once Mirabelle finished opening the door, she also saw Heather standing to the side with arms akimbo and staring at her with a severe expression.

Mirabelle didn’t know what to do with the other two’s stares on her. She couldn’t help but show a wry smile. -She wanted to try and get out of this by pretending to not understand.

“Um… what’s going on? So many people suddenly gathered in the room…”

“Hey, Mira, let me ask you, where did you go just now?”

“Just now? I simply went to the bathroom, what about it?”

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“Did you forget what I commanded you yesterday?”

“I… I didn’t forget… everything I do must be within Master’s line of vision, right?”

Although Heather didn’t seem as severe as usual since she was in her pajamas, she still used the same typical cold tone as she walked over to Mirabelle’s side.

“Ohh, I didn’t think that you would realize by yourself…”

“However, could you please forgive me for going to the bathroom? Master, I really don’t want to do such a thing in front of you…”

‘-I’m not saying that I won’t do it.’

With such a beautiful girl watching her go to the bathroom, didn’t it feel like Mirabelle was the one benefiting more no matter how much she thought about it? However, Mirabelle didn’t have the courage to do something so embarrassing in front of a beautiful girl.

“No. No matter if you go to the bathroom or take a shower, you must do it right in front of me, understand?”


‘-How can it be like this?’

Still, Mirabelle felt lucky that Heather had something to do last night. Otherwise, the fake memories incident would have been exposed.

‘However, I still do have my own pride. Even if I’ve become a pet blood slave, I won’t obediently listen to Heather and do everything she commands me to.’

Mirabelle raised a tiny fist, as she intended to start a wave of resistance. She was the elven princess. She wouldn’t submit and obey like a little girl. However, right when she opened her mouth and intended on voicing her objection, Heather viciously glared at her with those blood-red eyes. Mirabelle was really frightened by that vicious gaze.

That’s right, Heather had long since read Mirabelle’s intentions with mind-reading magic.

‘-I never thought that she would dare to resist even now. This little pet is so interesting. I love abusing Mirabelle like this.’

“For today’s incident, I’m going to punish you by not allowing you to have any breakfast or lunch. Do you understand what I will do to you the next time that you make the same mistake?”

Mirabelle evidently knew what the next punishment would be, which was why she closed her mouth.

During lunchtime, Mirabelle remained standing by Heather’s side. Mirabelle’s stomach was currently roaring in protest. However, Heather used a knife and fork to elegantly eat a cake right in front of Mirabelle, who could only stand to the side and watch Heather eat the cake.

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Mirabelle secretly swallowed her saliva.

‘-Exploiter, extortionist, robber, demon.’

Mirabelle kept silently insulting Heather in her heart. She was intentionally letting Heather hear what she was thinking. This was her way of resisting and telling Heather that she wasn’t just an obedient puppet.


“Yes, Master, did you need something?”

“Are you hungry?”

Mirabelle turned her face away, acting like she wanted to ignore Heather.

“Isn’t that obvious to see?”

“Then, would you like to eat it? My cake…”

“Would you really be so kind-hearted?”

“Of course. Just sit on my thigh like always, and I’ll properly feed you…”

Mirabelle felt conflicted as she looked at Heather’s thigh which was covered by a skirt.

-She had just mentally insulted Heather, and now she was supposed to happily sit on Heather’s thigh and allow the latter to feed her cake? How could she happily do such a thing-?

This had to be Heather’s revenge, it had to be-!

‘Mirabelle Brillana, you better not be fooled!’

Mirabelle thus furiously shook her head to symbolize her rejection. However, the smile on Heather’s face only kept increasing in size.

“Is that so? What a pity, you’ve missed your lunch, Mira…”

“You were going to take revenge on me regardless, weren’t you?”

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“Why would I? Do you think that I’m someone who’s so narrow-minded? Besides, I hate blood slaves who are like zombies that only know how to listen to my commands, so it’s actually quite fun to read your thoughts on occasion…”


Only now did Mirabelle recall that when she saw other elves in that pet store, they all… had eyes just like what a dead fish would have. Mirabelle had yet to understand this-

“Master, can I ask you something? Isn’t there a type of vampire virus that will invade the blood after someone becomes a blood slave? Once all of the blood in the blood slave’s body becomes infected, they’ll become a blood slave who only knows how to obey their master’s orders, right? How come I still seem to be fine?”

Mirabelle asked what she wanted to know the most.

At this moment, it seemed as if the air itself froze over. Mirabelle nervously glanced over in Heather’s direction.

“Mira, how did you know about such a thing?”

“I heard about it from my mother. They all say that any elf who’s been bitten will be invaded by the virus within one day and will also become a living zombie who only knows how to obey the blood master’s commands…”

“Is that so? Well… indeed, that’s how it is, although this is something limited only to low-level vampires. I am a vampire noble, so I’m capable of choosing freely whether to inject the virus into your body or not…”

“Basically, Master, you’re saying that you didn’t inject the virus into my body?”

“Of course. You’re my favorite pet, so how could I possibly use a virus to control my favorite pet? What fun is there in having a pet that doesn’t know how to think for itself?”

“I- indeed…”

Mirabelle felt truly nervous. She had originally thought that this virus would only activate after a delay, which was why she had been able to maintain her consciousness for such a long time.

Luckily, things weren’t like what she had thought. It turned out that Heather had never infected her with the virus at all.

“Also, Mira, hurry and sit on my leg. I’ll personally feed you cake…”

“Eh? That… that won’t be necessary…”

Mirabelle panicked as she hurriedly waved her tiny hand. She insisted on standing by the side.

“Does it really matter? Isn’t it only natural for a master to feed their pet?”

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