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Chapter 43 – Memory

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1718 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 903 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When they returned home, Mirabelle discovered a certain object in her pocket as she showered by herself. At this moment, her sealed memories began to gradually awaken. It was as if she returned to the time when she was kidnapped and being carried on someone’s shoulder.

At that time, Mirabelle had struggled furiously. Finally, she managed to sink her teeth into the arm of the person carrying her. She then immediately jumped off from that person’s shoulder. Mirabelle broke free from the man carrying her and ran back towards the direction of the pet store.

However, the enemies weren’t idiots, as they had already surrounded this entire location.

Another caped figure appeared in the direction that Mirabelle wanted to escape in. She found that she had no idea what to do since she was surrounded by so many people.

“Princess, it’s me…”

She heard a familiar figure and glanced towards the small and delicate figure blocking her way. This person in front of her had already removed the hat on her head, revealing a familiar face to Mirabelle which had orange long hair cascading down to her shoulders. Her previously dirty face was now completely clean.

Mirabelle was unable to instantly recognize her.

“N… Nim!? Why would you be here… Also, they’re…?”

The other people all removed their hats to reveal the same trait of elven long ears.

A green-haired female elf who was relatively tall amongst this group walked over to Mirabelle and kneeled on one knee to apologize.

“I’m so sorry. I am Doris Croft,1 the vice captain of the royal guards. Due to what happened on that day, an uncountable number of us elves were injured, and the captain was – your ‘mother’ left us before her injuries were even treated. We then learned information about you being captured, so we hastily prepared such a plan…”

“Is that so? Sorry… it’s all my fault for running around everywhere and ruining your plan…”

“It’s fine, we rushed over here just for the sake of saving you. Please hurry and leave here, while that vampire queen is still in the conference…”

“Yeah, Princess, they were also the ones who rescued me. However, you should hurry and leave with me, and I can tell you about it later…”

However, Mirabelle’s feet seemed to be glued to the floor as she didn’t budge one bit even when Nim pulled on her.

“You said that Heather is the vampire queen?”

“Yes? Is there any problem?”

“I can’t go with you, I must return because Mother is still in their hands. If Heather can’t find me, then Mother will definitely be in danger…”

“What? The captain was captured as well!?”

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The woman named Doris walked over and grabbed Mirabelle’s shoulder while asking this.

“That’s right, and it’s all my fault…”

Mirabelle explained the situation to Doris as the latter finally accepted what happened with a stupefied expression.

“That’s why it’s all my fault…”

“It’s not your fault at all. It’s understandable why you did it…”

“That’s why I can’t leave here. I must find my mother and where she is. I must wait for you guys to save her before I can leave…”

“Princess, you’ll be in far too much danger then. Something might happen to you at any moment-”

“I don’t care about the danger. It’s fine. I can tolerate it for the sake of my mother. Also, do any of you have a tool right now that can open up this collar?”

Mirabelle asked this to all of the elves. Doris walked over to inspect the collar on Mirabelle’s neck.

“This material is highly difficult to break. It appears that only Heather’s magical signature can open it…”

“I see, but I wasn’t hoping for you guys to open it right now…”

Mirabelle obtained a tool from the elves before she made a request of the vice captain.

“Please erase the past 10 minutes of my memories, and then bring me back to the rear area of the pet store from earlier, please…”

“That’s no problem, but why are you doing this, Princess?”

“It’s because of Heather. She has mind-reading magic that can read whatever my heart is thinking. How am I supposed to fool her unless I fool myself first?”

“Is that how it is? I understand. You must take care of yourself. We will arrange for someone to transmit messages to you. Also, this magic is only effective for approximately three hours. You must go to a place with nobody around then. Otherwise, Heather’s mind-reading magic will still be effective…”

Thus, the elves sent Mirabelle back to the same place at the pet store. This was the plan that Mirabelle and the other elves decided upon in order to completely fool Heather.

“A tool to open the collar on my neck…”

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Mirabelle searched in the pocket of the shirt that she took off earlier today and finally found it. After she finished her shower, she directly placed this object into her pocket. Since the object was rather small and exquisite, nobody would notice anything even if they touched her pocket from outside.

Thus, Mirabelle intended on placing this object into her bag, so that she could use it in the future when she needed it.


  1. Doris and Dolin Croft. The names are similar, so it might mean something… or it’s a typo. Debate Silva in the comments below!

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