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Chapter 41 – The Protection Hereafter

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1536 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 711 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“M… Master, what… what are you doing? In such a place…”

Mirabelle felt pain from her shoulder as well as the sensation of Heather sucking away her blood.

Actually, Heather didn’t suck that much blood from Mirabelle. Heather simply sucked a little in order to taste the blood from this Mirabelle before her.

However… Heather discovered that Mirabelle’s blood was just the same as before, with no changes whatsoever. Thus, Heather removed her fangs from Mirabelle’s shoulder. The bite injury on Mirabelle’s shoulder healed very quickly. This was a special trait of vampire blood slaves, that their injuries would heal very quickly after their master bit them. This was all part of the blood slave’s responsibility to let the master suck their blood at any moment. Hence, this trait was for the master’s convenience.

Mirabelle heard Heather inquiring coldly,

“You didn’t run away, did you?”

“What? Why would I run away?”

Mirabelle responded with her own question, as if she heard a really funny joke.

“Weren’t you fooled by that woman’s tricks into running away?”

“I… I’ve been staying here all this time without moving!”

Mirabelle had an aggrieved expression. Her clear sky-blue eyes instantly filled with tears. Heather read Mirabelle’s mind while looking at the latter’s expression.

Mirabelle didn’t appear to be lying at all. Just what was going on here? She really hadn’t tried to escape, and had been remaining here for all this time without moving? Heather didn’t dare to believe that this was the truth. She kept feeling like Mirabelle was definitely concealing something from her.

Yet, Heather’s mind-reading magic was unable to find anything wrong at all. This meant that it was unlikely that Mirabelle had lied to her.

“In that case, how come I didn’t see you when I exited the conference room?”

“I… I was hiding in that corner, so of course you wouldn’t see me right after exiting, Master. I heard a really loud noise from over here, so I stood up and intended on seeing what had happened, that’s all…”

“Really? It’s fine as long as you didn’t try to escape…”

Heather really felt that something was strange about all this. Mirabelle had such an excellent opportunity to escape, yet she didn’t take it? Hadn’t Mirabelle always been thinking about escaping? She just had an opportunity where nobody was watching her and an exit right there. Why wouldn’t she try to escape?

Mirabelle explained rather helplessly after seeing Heather’s doubtful expression.

“I originally did want to escape. However, you already know about my home’s situation, so trying to escape is completely useless. Additionally, this city is filled with vampires. As long as you issue the command to capture me and have the four exits under your control, how am I possibly supposed to escape at all?”

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Mirabelle replied to Heather with a tone that seemed like she had almost completely given up. Her tone also sounded rather helpless. Heather used mind-reading magic and couldn’t find any lies at all.

‘-Does this mean that she’s truly willing to obediently stay by my side?’

Heather finally smiled in understanding.

“Is that so? You made a really wise decision, Princess Mirabelle…”

“There’s no need to talk more about this then. Um… Master, is the conference over? Can we go home now?”

“Ahh, we can go home…”

No matter if it was the analysis or anything else, Heather kept feeling like it really hadn’t been worth it to bring Mirabelle out here this time. If only Heather had known that there would be such a result, she never would have brought Mirabelle here at all.

All the vampire princes and princesses would desire Mirabelle. As her master, she would have to properly ‘protect’ her in the future.

At any rate, Heather decided that she absolutely couldn’t let Mirabelle out of her sight anymore in the future. -She absolutely couldn’t allow her pet Mirabelle to escape or be kidnapped to some unknown location.

Heather tightly clenched onto the chain connected to Mirabelle’s neck while exiting the pet store –

A certain vampire noble who was helping to host the conference ran over at this time. He bowed to Heather and then carefully said, “Please wait… Lady Heather, the conference isn’t over yet…”


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