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Chapter 30 – Incredibly Weakened

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2905 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1622 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle had no strength left. She was incredibly weakened. What made her even more angry was that not only was she completely powerless, her senses still worked to inform her of what was happening to her body.

‘Isn’t this enough by now?’

Normally, this should have been more than enough blood for Heather by now. However, Heather still continued to drink Mirabelle’s blood. Mirabelle was beginning to feel really weak. If this continued…

‘Am I going to be completely drained of my blood!? I’m going to have all my blood sucked just because I was thinking of escaping!?’

Mirabelle never even imagined that she would die because of thinking of escaping, rather than trying to escape.

‘Isn’t this way too overboard? Not only are my words restricted, I don’t even have the freedom to think what I want? Isn’t there no difference from a puppet who can’t even think then?’

Mirabelle truly wasn’t able to take it anymore. She felt intense pain from her thigh. Her nose also became runny as she couldn’t help but start crying.

She felt far too useless as the elven princess. She had never visited the outside world even once since she was born. She was really pitiful, having been stuck inside the elves’ safe house for all that time. She had never even looked at the world that she created.

Why could other stories’ protagonists live their lives so easily? Why couldn’t she even get past the first level?

Mirabelle did understand that she was the princess of a destroyed country. She was a princess that could only be abused as a pet by others. As long as she was obedient, behaved, and did what her master wanted, she could be spoiled by her master.


Despite her current situation, Mirabelle didn’t want to be controlled by another like this.
Was it that wrong for her to think about escaping?

She was just an elf, an elf who didn’t belong to anyone else. However, she was constantly forced to do things that she didn’t want to do. When would such things ever end?

Mirabelle started crying loudly as she felt more and more aggrieved. Her eyes became really watery as tears constantly dripped.

At the same time, another voice in her heart stopped herself.

‘I can’t cry. I was once a strong boy in the past. No matter what difficulty I face, I must bravely face the evil enemy, even if I’m no longer a man. I need to become stronger, since I’ve already lost my parents.’

However, her tear glands didn’t obey her thoughts, as more tears constantly flowed out of her.

“Stop crying, Mira…”

Without her realizing it, the pain on her leg had vanished. Heather was now standing next to her since an unknown time, and reached out with her hand to gently caress Mirabelle’s head.

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Mirabelle felt even more aggrieved after seeing Heather’s face.

“I don’t want to see you. Go away… You don’t even allow me to think what I want in my head, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”

Heather had a helpless expression. She had never interacted with another girl similar to her in age before, so she had no idea how to console Mirabelle.

Still, Heather was perplexed about the familiar sensation from Mirabelle.

‘It’s not like what I thought after all?’

Heather had felt like there was something different about Mirabelle compared to other elves. Indeed, there was something different, but it wasn’t the difference that Heather wanted.

Heather sighed deeply as she thought about this. She had actually seen Mirabelle leaning against the window the moment that she entered the room. She then immediately read Mirabelle’s mind, and found that the latter indeed wanted to escape from her.

Heather then felt the blood in her body beginning to boil.

‘I’m treating you so wonderfully, yet you dare to think about escaping?’

Before Heather realized it, she was already on Mirabelle’s thigh and sucking the latter’s blood. Mirabelle’s blood tasted incomparably delicious and far sweeter than any drink or fresh fruit juice. Heather then lost herself in this delicious taste.

Elven blood was different from human blood to begin with. Not only was elven blood useful food for vampires, it could sometimes even increase a vampire’s abilities. Not to mention, Mirabelle was the elven princess who had such a special constitution.

“Although you’re crying, I’m still going to give you a warning, Princess Mirabelle. Don’t you even dare think about trying to escape from here. You’ll never succeed at escaping me. If you dare to take one step out of this castle without my permission, I will ensure that you taste what hell is like. You’ll be ten thousand times more pitiful than you are now.”

Heather gave a chilly warning to Mirabelle, who was still bawling with hands over her eyes. Mirabelle only cried even more after hearing this, as if she was a young child.

However, Heather let out a light sigh. She laid on the bed and used her warm arms to embrace Mirabelle. Heather placed her mouth against Mirabelle’s face and whispered into the latter’s long elven ears.

“Good girl. As long as you don’t think about escaping and obey what I say, I’ll treat you better in the future. As for today, I really did go overboard. It can’t be helped, since you just became my blood slave recently, so you aren’t used to how things should be yet. I really do apologize for trying to force you to get used to how things are.”

Mirabelle began to wonder if something was wrong with her extra acute hearing elven ears when she heard Heather apologizing softly like this.

“Could you stay by my side from now on?”

Heather was making a simple request rather than issuing a command.

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Mirabelle couldn’t bear to refuse her. She was also afraid that refusing this would end in her getting bullied severely, so she nodded silently.

She felt that Heather being willing to compromise like this was quite difficult already.

“Good girl. I won’t suck your blood for the next few days until you have your next withdrawal symptom.”

‘I almost lost myself in my fury and drained her of all her blood. I don’t think I would have stopped if it wasn’t for snapping out of it from hearing her cry.’

“Also, you should sleep by yourself for the next few days. I have something to do outside for a while.”

Heather then slowly left Mirabelle’s side after saying this and walked towards the door.

“Eh? Master… where… where are you going?”

Actually, Mirabelle felt really awkward about how she just cried like a little girl. Hence, she was also really awkward about calling Heather “Master”.

“It’s just a troublesome conference. Sleep by yourself tonight…”

Heather closed the door after her. Mirabelle then laid on her own bed and glanced at the ceiling.

‘It seems that I can’t even show my real thoughts in front of her. Honestly, I can only behave like Heather’s personal puppet in front of her. I guess I can only think about her then? So troublesome…’

Anyways, after Mirabelle experienced what happened just now, she became even more resolute in wanting to escape. She felt that she would die sooner or later if she remained here. Although she luckily escaped from having all her blood drained tonight, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t happen in the future.

Mirabelle had been truly frightened this time. She was scared that she would die here.
She turned over on the bed and glanced outside the window again at the dark night sky.
Meanwhile, outside her room, Heather walked down the corridor and issued a command to the maid Lucy.

“Lucy, no need to come with me this time. You’re in charge of monitoring Mirabelle. Do your best to not let her leave your sight for even a single minute of the day. You and I will take turns monitoring her. You will be in charge whenever I don’t have the time. If she escapes, you must do everything in your power to capture her.”
“Yes, Milady…”

Lucy replied icily while bowing deeply. She then jumped onto the rooftop and ordered her subordinates to keep a close watch on Mirabelle. Lucy was staying on the rooftop in order to immediately rush to anywhere that Mirabelle could possibly escape to.

Heather continued towards a certain section of the castle. She reached the first floor and then headed for the basement. Heather had a serious expression as she looked straight in front of her with her blood-red eyes.

The entire basement was decorated like a coffin. Honestly, Heather had felt really uncomfortable the first time that she saw this place. But now, she felt really comfortable here and felt that this place was quite appropriate for her.

‘I’m here already?’

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Heather stood in front of the door to the basement and placed her hand on the door handle. At this moment, a large group of bats flew towards her head.

The vampire princes all became so nervous at seeing her that even their hairs stood up on end.

Heather used her blood-red eyes to glance at all the other vampire nobles and princes, before heading for the highest seat reserved only for the highest-ranking vampire of all. This seat belonged only to her.

Even though Heather seemed like she was really weak as she sat on the throne, she received a mysterious amount of respect from the other vampires.

“N… now, we will… b, begin the conference…”

The retainer next to her didn’t even dare to look her in the eyes. The glow in her eyes seemed to pressure all the other vampires.


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