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Chapter 31 – The Vampires’ Goal is the Entire World!?

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3240 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1625 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Vampire Conference. Normally, the vampires would discuss their upcoming plans here, such as what country to attack next or what strategy they would use. This was the vampires’ highest-level conference, and only the sixteen highest-ranked vampire princes would be invited here.

Heather sat on the throne while wearing gothic lolita attire. She clenched very tightly onto her rabbit doll.

Honestly, Heather didn’t seem at all like a ruler who was higher ranked than the vampire princes.

However, the vampire princes present had all witnessed Heather’s true power level before, so none of them dared to say anything.

The minister standing next to Heather was the person in charge of the vampires’ overall plans. Heather glanced at him after she sat down on the throne.

The minister knew that Heather meant he should summarize things as succinctly as possible. Thus, he nervously swallowed his saliva and began to explain the vampires’ planned attack.

“For our invasion, we first conquered the elves’ territory so that we could obtain a limitless amount of food and effectively make use of the elven ore hidden here. We’ve already obtained most of the elven ore due to our development. We should no longer fear humans and immediately begin our attack on human territory…”
“Human territory?”

Everyone was completely silent after they heard the minister’s plan for war.

Every vampire prince had an astonished expression as they glanced at the vampire queen on her throne. It was obvious that they didn’t dare to speak. All of them were too afraid to object to the vampire queen.

However, a man among them actually dared to raise his hand, which meant that he had an objection.

The minister nervously glanced at Heather, who surprisingly nodded her head in silence.

“What is it? Albert, do you have some questions or a better idea regarding this plan?”
“I don’t have any objections or anything, but Your Majesty, why is there such a rush to attack the human cities?”

This vampire prince had a rather strange manner of speech and attire. Still, he really did speak the main point on everyone’s minds. The other vampire princes also wanted to ask this question.

Why was their queen in such a hurry to attack other cities? They had only been mining elven ore for slightly more than 10 years. If they really started a war, the elven ore would also increase their combat strength, as only elven ore was capable of powering large-scale weapons. Thus, elven ore was necessary in order to start and win a war. It could be said that elven ore was a precious resource that could support an entire country. The magic power within this ore was unimaginable. It was said that this ore was capable of storing more magic power than any other ore in the world.

Additionally, the vampires’ current blood supply was quite ample. Most vampire armies had plenty of blood on hand. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to start an attack when the blood supply was almost gone?

Elven blood was one of the highest quality types of blood out of all species. Right now, the vampires were basically half forcing the elves to reproduce and breed with each other. Many elves had their future life partner decided right from birth. Only a small minority of elves were directly sold to nobles at auction houses and pet stores from the production facilities.

“Why? Do I need a reason to conquer the entire world?”

Heather silently rose from her chair as she icily stared at the vampire princes below her. She was the venerated vampire queen. It could be said that the entire vampire species had their current achievements because of her. The so-called vampire queen was born from the blood pool to be the ruler of all vampires. Not a single vampire present would dare to go against her orders.

The vampire prince named Albert began to clap his hands.

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“As expected of the queen. Such an aura that’s different from everyone else. Only such a queen is someone worthy of our service.”

Heather was highly on guard as she looked at him. She suddenly thought of a phrase that seemed really appropriate for him – ‘smiling tiger’.

Albert’s smile concealed tremendous danger hidden underneath. She really needed to be careful about him.

“However, Your Majesty, if we attack now, will that cause the citizens to be dissatisfied? Our city is mostly developing well. The human countries around us are still trading with us without having noticed anything wrong. If we attack now, especially if we attack the largest country, won’t we be personally destroying our own profitable trade route?”

“Developing well? You’re only capable of seeing what’s on the surface. Many humans already know about how we vampires have conquered this elven city. The nearby areas are only trading normally with us because they’re afraid of us attacking them. There’s also something very important. The Bell Theocracy has already learned of our existence and are gathering forces to attack us.”

“What… what did you say!?”

The Bell Theocracy focused especially on hunting vampires. All 16 vampire princes had personally witnessed how powerful the Bell Theocracy was before.

The Bell Theocracy had previously destroyed more than half of all vampires at the blood pool. It was thanks to this that the vampires decided to target the elves’ territory.

Heather personally walked over to the map as the vampire princes mulled this over. She then pointed at a certain country with her slender finger.

“It’s fine to just attack this country. Although this country is a small country, it’s a highly important transportation channel…”

Heather pointed at an independent kingdom that was sandwiched between two large empires.

Heather was indeed tremendously ambitious. As long as the vampires conquered this transportation channel, the vampires would profit tremendously from the new trade route. Additionally, conquering this place would cut off contact between the two major empires. This place was like a neutral zone that was common to find in RPG games.

However, conquering this kingdom would be highly difficult. Conquering this kingdom while deceiving other countries about what was happening would be even more difficult.

“Then, Your Majesty, just how should we conquer this country?”
“It’s really simple. We’ll pretend to provide them with elven ore so that I and several vampire princes can enter their capital. We’ll directly attack the capital and use our charm to place puppets as their rulers and silently conquer the surrounding districts. That’s more than enough.”
“However, Your Majesty, isn’t this plan rather risky? Severe consequences will befall us if this plan is exposed…”

The minister Griff Brian was rather afraid of his queen’s authority, yet he still decided to speak his own opinion for the sake of the vampires’ future.

“It’s fine. If it fails, I’ll handle things-”

Heather’s words were proof of her outrageous strength.
However, Albert Albion, one of the 16 vampire princes, still seemed rather hesitant.

“Is there anything else?” Heather asked Albert with a scowl on her face.

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“Will your method succeed? What are the odds of success?”
“Oh, the probability? Do you think that this will possibly fail with me around?”
“No, I’m not doubting Your Majesty’s strength. Rather, I’m afraid that the other vampire princes will be a burden upon Your Majesty, that’s all…”
“It’s fine. We can control the humans with the special vampire charm ability so that they temporarily become our most loyal servants. Then we can control the capital…”

Heather explained her plan in detail before slowly returning to her throne. Once again, she tightly clenched onto her rabbit doll that didn’t really seem to fit her aura. Not only that, but Heather also used her sharp fangs to bite that rabbit’s long ear.

Everyone present couldn’t help but notice. Although Heather was a queen who desired to conquer the entire world, she was also a little girl.

Minister Griff began to cover for Heather as he spoke to the other vampires.

“How about this. We’ll carry out Your Majesty’s overall plan, and I’ll handle the details. Will that be alright? Your Majesty-”
“That’s fine…”

Heather answered quietly, as she had already said everything that she wanted to.
If anyone couldn’t even accomplish such a simple task, then she would remove them from being one of the 16 vampire princes.

“Understood, Your Majesty-”

The strategist Griff deeply bowed to Heather and then began to issue orders.

Creating the overall plan had taken quite a long period of time. They would all become really busy over the next few months as they prepared for war. They were going to place the entire world under the flag of the Blood Empire and support Queen Heather in conquering the entire world.

Heather kept biting the rabbit ear as she silently looked at the map. As she bit the rabbit ear, she recalled Mirabelle’s long elven ears.

‘So cute.’

She really wanted to hurry back to Mirabelle’s side and bite her cute elven ears. Heather kept imagining the sensation of those soft and warm ears on her fangs.

Mirabelle couldn’t help but sneeze in her room, even though she was already in bed and about to go to sleep. Was someone saying something bad about her, which woke her up?

At this moment, her incredibly acute hearing heard a commotion from downstairs.

“It’s so noisy…”

Vampires were nocturnal. However, Mirabelle wasn’t nocturnal! Normally, she didn’t feel like things outside were that noisy since Heather would hug her as they slept together. But, Mirabelle now felt rather anxious since Heather wasn’t here to hug her, especially since her room was so large and dark.

Still, Mirabelle forced herself to go to sleep.


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