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Chapter 29 – Discovered!?

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2034 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1157 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle didn’t have a map of the guards in this castle, nor did she know anything about what was going on outside. She jumped off her bed as she thought about this, and ran to the window to glance down below.

Many vampire guards were patrolling below. No matter if it was day or night, many vampire guards would take turns in shifts down there. The vampires’ movements would also become incredibly swift as their senses would be heightened at nighttime. It would be almost impossible for her to escape from the front door during nighttime.

This meant that she could only try and escape during the morning. She could try opening up a hole in the castle’s wall, and escape from a side door.

The bigger problem was, how was she supposed to get down to the lowest level? To tell the truth, her movements were restricted. A large number of guards were stationed at each staircase. Heather had also ordered the guards to immediately send Mirabelle back to her room if they saw her, which made Mirabelle feel really helpless. It was as if she was in prison, with so many guards watching over her. She felt as if she was a criminal who had committed a heinous crime.

Would it be possible for her to jump out the window? Maybe rip up her blanket and tie it as a rope, like how it was done in a fire drill? After that, climb down on the blanket rope?
That was impossible. This castle was more than five stories tall. There was absolutely nothing on the walls that she could make use to climb with.

An even more serious problem was that she no longer had anywhere to return to. She already told Heather about her hiding place, so if she escaped, Heather would surely search that place immediately. This meant that if she managed to escape, it would be best to escape from the entire city. Heather had too many informants within the city. As long as Heather gave the command to capture her, she would likely be caught within five minutes and taught a vicious lesson.

However, Mirabelle had no idea how to even leave this city. She had no desire to be immediately captured upon her escape and trained in the small dark room again. Her legs lost strength from just thinking about the small dark room, as she really didn’t want to get locked up in such a place again. Additionally, if she was captured after an escape attempt, she would surely have even more guards watching over her every move. It would become a lot more difficult to escape again.

Thus, she absolutely wouldn’t try to escape unless she had a perfect plan. This didn’t mean that she wouldn’t escape, it was just that she would only make a planned escape. She didn’t want to be a fool who only wasted her efforts. She would definitely try to escape, but the key was to gather some more companions if at all possible.

To be honest, when compared to other blood slaves, Heather didn’t treat her too terribly… Heather would only suck a little of her blood occasionally. Apart from that, there was only the small dark room that she had been locked in. Heather hadn’t tried to physically torture Mirabelle, which rather surprised her.

Mirabelle also asked before why Heather treated her so well. However, Heather’s answer was that she wanted to drink fresher and more delicious blood. That was all there was to it. Maybe that was why Heather hadn’t physically abused her. Still, there was no guarantee that Heather wouldn’t physically abuse her in the future?

Mirabelle leaned against the window and gazed off into the dark distance. She really desired her freedom. She wanted to be free from her status as a blood slave, and escape from this place. That was her current dream.

Mirabelle was too focused, to the point where she didn’t notice the sound of the door opening behind her.

“What are you doing? Mira…”

Mirabelle was astonished to hear this, as she immediately fell onto the ground, causing her to rub her butt that really ached from the impact.

“N… nothing…”
“Ha~ Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking about? Did you forget that I can read your mind? You wanted to escape, didn’t you? Mira…”
“Um… not at all, I just wanted to see the scenery outside, I just felt like the night scenery in this city was beautiful, that’s all…”

Mirabelle’s voice trailed off as she kept speaking. She didn’t even dare to look directly at Heather’s blood-red eyes.

“Keep making things up? Why aren’t you continuing? I’m listening, so keep making things up…”

Heather held her chin while looking at the really nervous Mirabelle.

“I… I can’t…”

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Mirabelle lowered her head and gave up. She had no more excuses left. It was her mistake for not noticing that her door had opened.

Heather smiled and immediately grabbed Mirabelle’s magical chain collar.

Mirabelle felt great pain on her neck from the pinching as Heather directly tossed Mirabelle onto the bed.

‘Just how physically strong is she? To be able to toss me onto the bed from such a distance.’

The toss happened almost instantly.

“Cough cough, cough cough, it hurts…”

Mirabelle instantly felt like she was alive again. Her neck really hurt due to being choked by the collar.

‘It’s so easy for Heather to kill me. She doesn’t even need to use a weapon. In fact, her strength is probably more than enough to instantly tear me apart with her bare hands.’

However, Heather didn’t do such a thing.

“Of course I wouldn’t do such a thing. Wouldn’t it be quite boring to let you die just like this?”

Heather spoke icily in response to Mirabelle’s thoughts.

‘Just when-’

Heather was now on top of Mirabelle’s body, having moved at almost instantaneous speed. While Mirabelle was still busy being astonished at Heather’s speed, Heather immediately crawled over towards the marking on Mirabelle’s body.

“That’s!? No-!”

Mirabelle widened her eyes as she noticed something.

Heather was aiming for the inner part of her thigh, where there was a butterfly-like marking. Of course, Heather wouldn’t allow Mirabelle to refuse. Heather simply overpowered Mirabelle and pushed her own soft body against Mirabelle’s, making the latter completely unable to move.

‘Just how ridiculous is her strength?’

“I’m going to start drinking…”

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Heather reminded Mirabelle of what was going to happen in an icy tone. She then immediately revealed her fangs and bit Mirabelle on the butterfly marking.

“It really hurts!?”

Mirabelle felt a lot of pain as Heather started sucking her blood. All Mirabelle could do was struggle in pain to push off Heather on top of her body. However, Heather bit down with even more force and violently drained blood from Mirabelle’s veins.

Mirabelle was truly terrified.


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