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Chapter 28 – Information

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1451 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 730 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The maid Mirabelle’s work was quite simple. In the morning, she would stand by Heather’s side and serve Heather, such as preparing tea for her master. At noon, she would sit on Heather’s lap and let Heather feed her. At night, she would go to Heather’s room after taking a shower, and let Heather sleep together with her.

There were plenty of maids in this castle. There was no need for a complete newbie maid like Mirabelle to perform chores such as keeping the castle’s rooms clean. Basically, Mirabelle was Heather’s personal maid.

It didn’t seem like Heather was a very busy person. All she did was modify some documents that Mirabelle couldn’t understand. Actually, most of these documents were already the best-made plans that had been modified many times already. Heather was free to read them seriously or to just skim over them. There were plenty of others who would do such work for her already.

Mirabelle couldn’t help but wonder what Heather’s identity really was. Could it be that Heather was some sort of vampire princess? That seemed possible. Heather had also referred to herself as a vampire noble. Mirabelle recalled that Heather’s full name was Heather Alliyah.

Mirabelle decided that it was necessary to pay close attention to Heather’s identity. Just as she was thinking this, Heather silently walked over to Mirabelle’s side, but Mirabelle didn’t notice until Heather embraced her.

“Mirabelle is full of openings… Are you paying that much attention to my identity?”

Heather placed Mirabelle onto her lap.

“It’s not really paying that much attention, I was just a little curious, heehee…”

Mirabelle smiled awkwardly.

Heather mysteriously felt her heart beating when she saw this smile. Why did Mirabelle have such an expression? This expression was identical to that person’s.


Heather fell silent. Mirabelle was curious about this, so she asked Heather, “W… what’s the matter? Master, did I say something strange?”

“It’s nothing. It’s my personal problem… let’s finish here and eat dinner together…”
“Okay, but I don’t want to experience anything embarrassing like at lunch! I can eat by myself!”

The day passed by just like this.

Currently, Mirabelle was sitting Indian style on her large bed. Her mind worked swiftly as she was dealing with a gigantic problem – her mother was now under the vampires’ control. Just what should she do about this? How could she escape from here?

Additionally, she had recently discovered a serious problem. Mirabelle wondered if it was only her mistaken impression, but she felt like she no longer felt repulsed by Heather sucking her blood like she had the first time. A strange sensation had replaced the previous pain from having her blood sucked.

-This really was quite a serious problem. If this continued, how was she supposed to get away from these evil vampires? She needed to think of something, but what could she even do? Her data modification ability was currently sealed. So, what else could she try in order to escape? She was far too weak by herself.

Her ability was probably sealed because of this collar. Mirabelle was certain because the collar had been removed once before. The collar was doing something to prevent her from using her ability. However, she had no idea how this collar was even put on her, or how it could be removed. She could only sense that Heather was the only one capable of removing this collar from her neck. This truly felt terrible… not being able to control her own ability. She didn’t feel secure at all.

Besides, just what material was this collar crafted from, for it to even be capable of sealing her RPG creator ability?

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Mirabelle lightly touched the icy yet surprisingly light collar with her fingertips. The collar seemed to be made of some metal, but it wasn’t as heavy as a metal item would be. The collar also didn’t seem to be affected by her own weight. Still… Mirabelle used all her strength to try and bend the collar, but her efforts were completely ineffective.

No matter what, Mirabelle’s primary objective was to escape from here. How could she do it? How could she escape from here? Mirabelle had been thinking about this since the first day that she was captured.

But to tell the truth… she had far too little information.


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