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Chapter 27 – Using a Hostage as a Threat

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1860 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 976 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle immediately saw the blonde-haired Heather standing by the window and gazing at the scenery outside when she entered Heather’s room. It was obvious that she wasn’t focusing on her surroundings at all as she looked into the far distance, as if her mind and thoughts were far away despite her body remaining here. At this instant, Heather’s figure seemed to overlap with a certain someone else that Mirabelle recalled.

“Hey, you-”

Mirabelle immediately covered her mouth before she could finish addressing Heather as “you”. Luckily, Mirabelle hadn’t forgotten the extremely strict rule that Heather had given her yesterday. If she mistakenly addressed Heather as anything other than “Master”, then she would be locked in the small dark room for an entire hour. Hence, Mirabelle stopped herself in time.

‘That was really close! That demon almost locked me up in that small dark room again.’
“M… Master…”

Although Mirabelle mentally loathed Heather, she couldn’t help but address Heather in such a humiliating manner. Honestly, Mirabelle really didn’t want to say such a thing. She felt that Heather was treating her terribly like this, especially how Heather had locked her up in the small dark room due to the slightest displeasure yesterday, causing Mirabelle to be really scared and unable to sleep for the entire night. Mirabelle felt furious as she recalled this.

“Mira, you’ve arrived…”

Heather now liked referring to Mirabelle by the pet name of Mira, while Mirabelle could only address Heather as Master.

‘Mira’, the hell with that! I don’t want to hear such an intimate way of calling me from her mouth!’

Although Mirabelle was inwardly angry at her master, she put on a bright smile as she walked over to Heather.

‘Is this the so-called cursing someone out while having a big smile on your face, I wonder?’
“Master, what are you looking at?”
“What am I looking at? Oh my, do you think you have the right to ask such a thing? Miss Mirabelle…”

Heather walked away from the window and sashayed over to Mirabelle’s side, causing the latter to back away a step or two in fear. Ever since the bondage neglect incident from yesterday, Mirabelle was now truly afraid of her so-called master.


Even though the two girls were about the same height (Heather was 1.5 meters tall, while Mirabelle was only 1.4 meters tall!), Mirabelle was really afraid of Heather. However, Heather started hugging Mirabelle’s small and cute body, as if she really relied on the latter. Heather placed her hands around Mirabelle’s slender waist, and pressed her chin onto Mirabelle’s slender neck.

‘Am I going to have my blood sucked again?’

Mirabelle felt really embarrassed. She hadn’t thought that asking such a question would lead to having her blood sucked again? Mirabelle’s small body began to tremble in fear. When Heather’s breath reached Mirabelle’s exquisite collarbone… Mirabelle’s worry reached its peak, as she was afraid that this damned vampire would immediately start biting into her small shoulder. Mirabelle’s body trembled unstoppably.

Naturally, Heather also sensed Mirabelle’s trembling, so she began to smile slightly.

“Okay, no need to be afraid. I’m not the type of master who doesn’t care about the time of day. I won’t suck your blood apart from the time that I’m supposed to.”

Heather didn’t suck Mirabelle’s blood at all as the latter had expected. In fact, Heather even consoled Mirabelle in a gentle tone, making Mirabelle suspect if something had gone wrong with her ears. This vampire who had ravaged her was really using such a gentle tone with her?

“What do you mean by that!? Is your master so scary?”

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In her panic, Mirabelle had forgotten that Heather could read her mind, but of course Mirabelle was unable to read Heather’s mind. The blood slave contract truly was so unfair.

“Mira, I’ve already sent someone to investigate the matter that you told me about yesterday. I indeed found that person at that location. Your kind and generous master also had that person’s injuries treated successfully. How are you going to pay your master back?”

Yesterday, Mirabelle had kneeled and requested Heather to go to her home and search for her mother. However, she didn’t expect that Heather would tell her about what happened at this time. Mirabelle was really worried about her mother. Luckily, it turned out that Heather had rescued her mother. Mirabelle believed that Heather wouldn’t lie to her, since it wouldn’t do Heather any good to lie about this.

“Where is my mother? Would it be alright for me to meet her?”
“Mira, you don’t have the right to meet her right now. I’ll bring you to her later if I’m in a good mood. Rest assured, I’ve already hidden her away in a really safe location. Basically, she’s being treated well for the time being.”

Mirabelle heaved a sigh of relief to hear Heather say this. However, Heather’s tone suddenly changed as she glanced menacingly directly at Mirabelle’s eyes.

“But, if Mira wants to escape, then her life will be forfeit…”
“Are… you threatening me?”
“Would I do such a thing? This is just a little bit of insurance. If Mira wants to escape, then your mother will die. You should know that it’s really easy for me to kill a lowly elf…”

Mirabelle angrily gritted her teeth. Yet, her expression was filled with helplessness. Her mother would have died if she didn’t tell Heather about that location. Thus, for her mother’s sake… Mirabelle had told Heather about the place they hid at for all these years. She never thought that Heather would then use Mirabelle’s mother to threaten her.

“I believe that Mirabelle will behave and obey me, am I right?”

Mirabelle’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, but she was completely helpless.


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