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Chapter 26 – Alluring Blood Scent to Vampires

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2394 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1349 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle currently felt quite anxious. She felt conflicted about what to do as she looked at the maid before her.

It was no problem for Mirabelle to wear a dress. Regrettably, she had already worn dresses many times in this life already, starting from when she was little. The problem here wasn’t about wearing a dress. The problem was, why did she have to wear maid attire with such a short skirt?

With a mini skirt like this, wouldn’t she immediately expose her panties if she bent over? Besides, why did she have to wear something as embarrassing as maid attire?

This maid attire was black-and-white, and had white lace decorating the sleeves, around the neck, and all around the chest. The maid attire was really cute, but Mirabelle felt like it wasn’t suitable for her at all.

“Wah, I really don’t want to wear such clothing…”

As Mirabelle had previously spent 20+ years as a man, she had seen this type of maid attire at maid cafés and cosplay cafés before. However, she had only seen others wearing such clothing before. She had no desire to wear such embarrassing clothing herself. She really resisted this, both physically and mentally.

Mirabelle tried to imagine herself wearing such cute clothing in combination with her previous image. The thought of it made her stomach churn. She far preferred to wear her old pajamas, or the cape capable of hiding her identity as an elf.

However, the icy and beautiful maid Lucy had a cold expression and severe look in her eyes as she urged Mirabelle to put on the maid attire.

“Um… Miss Lucy, could I please not wear this clothing?”

The maid attire that quietly laid on the bed waiting for Mirabelle was far more revealing than Lucy’s maid attire.

For instance, the skirt length, skirt length, and skirt length! Important things need to be repeated three times! The skirt length was far too short! It was ridiculously short! If Mirabelle put this on, more than half of her thigh would be exposed. Why did her maid attire have to be different from everyone else’s? Why did she have to be so cute? She had been a man in her past life!

Although her current appearance didn’t seem like that of a man at all, Mirabelle still stubbornly persisted in wanting to transform back into a man.

She had previously tried to use her data modification ability to change her gender. However, when she tried to save “female” as “male”, she received a popup notification that the data modification had failed.

Mirabelle had been really angry back then. She tried her best to force her ability to change herself. However, her ability would automatically adjust her gender to female every time she tried changing it to male. Obviously, Mirabelle gave up on changing her gender in the end.

‘I’ll just live on as a girl from now on.’

Mirabelle’s tiny figure had been filled with loneliness back when she unwillingly uttered these words. She also discovered some additional information regarding her ability during her attempts to change her gender. Apart from being unable to change her gender, she was also unable to change her name, age, and other data which was personal information. It was evident that such data was unchangeable.

Mirabelle experimented several times, but gave up in the end. To tell the truth, she didn’t really care about being unable to change her other personal information. She just absolutely couldn’t stand being unable to change her gender.

Mirabelle glanced at the maid attire before her.

’Please don’t joke around, there’s no way I’m wearing such clothing and calling her Master.’

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Mirabelle began to feel rather dizzy as she thought about having to wear maid attire.

“If you don’t wish to wear this clothing, of course that’s no problem at all. Master said that you don’t have to wear this clothing if you don’t want to,” the maid Lucy replied icily to Mirabelle, who felt like she was hearing the goddess’s salvation.

‘Ah, thank you so much, Goddess.’
“Really!? Then I…”

Lucy walked over to Mirabelle’s side before the latter could finish speaking and started putting away all of Mirabelle’s other clothing.

“However, Master also told me that if you don’t want to wear maid attire, then you can simply go around naked.”
“What!? Don’t joke with me—”
‘Ahh! They’re demons! They’re definitely demons! Vampires are all just another form of demon!’

Mirabelle could only stand there and watch as Lucy took away all her clothes apart from the maid attire. Mirabelle wanted to try and secretly steal one or two pieces of clothing back, but Lucy turned around and smiled while looking directly at Mirabelle with her icy blood-red eyes. Mirabelle was rendered unable to move due to the killing intent that she felt emanating from Lucy.

Mirabelle could sense that Lucy had killed other elves numerous times before. Thus, after the two exchanged glances, Mirabelle began to see Lucy as the equivalent of a murderer.

“You better not try any little tricks. Right now, you’re the lowest status out of everyone in this castle, a blood slave…”

Although Lucy’s tone was icy, she still addressed Mirabelle in a polite tone. Maybe this was because Mirabelle’s status was rather special, as Heather’s blood slave. That was why Lucy took a polite tone with Mirabelle.

“Milady is waiting for you. You better not make her wait for too long…”

Lucy pushed open the door and exited before silently closing the door behind her. Mirabelle was left alone in the room. She stood completely still, seeming like she was in a daze as she contemplated something.

‘They’re definitely demons, absolute demons!’

Although Mirabelle hadn’t had much contact with Lucy, she realized that Lucy was even more insane than Heather was. Mirabelle heaved a sigh, as she felt it would be best not to anger Heather and Lucy if she didn’t have any guarantee of being able to escape. Vampires were monstrously strong, after all.

Mirabelle felt complex feelings inside as she looked at the maid attire.

“Damn it all, that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ is actually forcing me to wear such clothing! I’ll never forgive her!”

Yet, Mirabelle still put on the maid attire after much hesitation. She then immediately exited her room after putting on the maid attire. At the same moment, a blonde-haired youth exited Heather’s room with some documents in his hand. He closed the door to Heather’s room and then sighed heavily.

Naturally, this blonde youth ended up meeting Mirabelle unexpectedly. He looked her over, and felt that she was indeed a really beautiful elf. His heart was instantly captured by her, as there was an extremely alluring blood scent emanating from her body. Every vampire would instantly be attracted to the special scent from her body the first time that they inhaled it.

Mirabelle felt chills run down her spine because of the blonde vampire’s leer. She was someone who had a fiancée in her past life. Even if she hadn’t had a fiancée, she would still be romantically uninterested in any man. At this time, she finally felt like it was wonderful that Heather had purchased her. It was fine no matter how Heather wanted to drink her blood. That was far more preferable than having a male vampire hug her and look at her so leeringly while drinking her blood.

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Mirabelle directly walked past him and entered Heather’s room without even turning her head. The moment that she entered Heather’s room, she immediately closed the door with a slam. It was as if she was trying to say, “Stop looking at me, pervert.”


The blonde youth vampire finally realized what was going on when he heard the door’s heavy slam. To be honest, he should have realized just from the collar on her neck that this elf was a blood slave belonging to that venerated one. If that was the case, then he had no chance at all anymore. The blonde vampire dejectedly left the corridor.


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