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Chapter 25 – Gradually Changing Sensation

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2002 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1042 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle felt incredible pain and itchiness all over her body. Everywhere with blood in her body had this sensation. It was even worse on the two spots that Heather had bitten – her neck and thigh. There was a strange sensation at these two spots, as if several hundred ants were biting her.

“M… Master… M… Mirabelle is willing… please allow me to do it…”

Mirabelle’s face flushed bright red as she said this. She did her best to bear the pain as she got off the bed and then kneeled on the cold floorboard.

Heather finally sat up on the bed again after she heard Mirabelle’s voice and felt the latter’s insignificant weight disappear from the bed.

“Go ahead and kiss my foot. You should know that even my foot is far nobler than you are, you lowly elf.”

Mirabelle felt humiliation fill her heart after hearing such insulting words. Her small hands trembled as she reached out and held onto Heather’s small foot.

‘There’s no helping it. I’ll suffer unless I do this.’

Mirabelle tried to console herself, telling herself that pride and so on weren’t that important anymore. As long as she could deal with this damned withdrawal reaction, she would be really satisfied as long as she could feel slightly better. No matter what she had to do, it would only be an act to fool the enemy.

‘Damn it. If I have a chance. I’ll definitely get my revenge on her thousand-fold! She deserves to undergo such humiliation as well.’

“Hey, lowly vampire, come lick my foot~” Mirabelle commanded the kneeling Heather as she looked at the latter’s lowered head. A smile appeared as Mirabelle arched her lips upward.

Although this was a nice fantasy, the reality was…

Mirabelle lowered her head in humiliation and directly kissed Heather’s soft and tender feet on the insteps. The taste wasn’t as bad as Mirabelle had imagined, although she definitely wouldn’t say anything about the taste. She wasn’t the type who had such a fetish. Hence, Mirabelle had an expression of wanting to cry right afterwards, and she let go of Heather’s feet after just a light peck.

Still, Heather’s small feet were indeed incredibly beautiful. Her toenails were pink and clear, with nothing dirty at all. The length was also quite appropriate. Not only were the toenails clean, there was even a faint flowery scent upon them.

“Hm? What about your oath of loyalty? Little elf…”

Heather asked Mirabelle as the latter kept admiring the former’s feet.

“Um… what oath?”
“Are you trying to fool me? Don’t you know how to swear an oath of loyalty to a master?”

Only now did Mirabelle recall what these vampires loved to hear the most, since vampires viewed themselves as being above all other creatures. Thus, Mirabelle simply said such words.

“Venerated Master Heather, the lowly blood slave Mirabelle swears eternal loyalty to her master. I will provide blood for my master at any time and place, so please suck my blood, master.”
“Haha… you instantly understood what I wanted. As expected of an elf with dirty blood. No matter if you’re some princess, a pet is still a pet. This trait will never change. Still, it’s your honor that your blood can be used by me, Princess Mirabelle…”

Heather suddenly retracted her feet from Mirabelle’s hands. Mirabelle remained stunned and unmoving like a statue, as if she was a kneeling child who just had her toy taken away.

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“Yes… it’s my… honor… so… so… please… suck… my blood? I… I’m… begging you, Master…”

Mirabelle listlessly said this sentence, as she was almost about to collapse by now. It was quite difficult for her to speak clearly.

Heather understood what Mirabelle meant, so she placed her hand on the adjacent soft bed and gave an order to the kneeling Mirabelle.

“Since you’re saying this, then provide some blood for me. Blood slave Mirabelle, sit here…”
“Yes! Master…”

Mirabelle’s eyes immediately lit up when she heard that this damned withdrawal symptom would finally be dealt with. She swiftly jumped up and immediately sat down by Heather’s side. As long as Heather would stop the withdrawal symptom for her, Mirabelle was willing to do anything.

It should be noted that this wasn’t because Mirabelle was willing to become like a drug addict. Vampire fangs had a special virus that could make those they sucked blood from become addicted to having their blood sucked. Still, this was only Mirabelle’s hypothesis, as she hadn’t been the ones to design the vampires in this game. Not to mention, the game hadn’t been completed, so the developers’ data was kept separate from each other. Thus, it was unknown whether her hypothesis was correct or not.

Heather slowly went over and started licking Mirabelle’s smooth and tender neck. It seemed that Heather’s saliva had a numbing effect. Mirabelle felt her neck becoming numb where it was licked.

“M… Master…”

Mirabelle’s face was bright red as she said this. It was far too embarrassing to have her neck being licked. She just wanted the blood-sucking to finish as quickly as possible, since this entire process was torturous to her.

However, Heather ignored the embarrassed Mirabelle. Heather simply looked at Mirabelle’s beautiful veins. She then gently licked the veins, making her seem like a vicious beast who was about to enjoy eating some prey.

Finally, Heather widened her blood-red, icy eyes. She directly took a large bite into Mirabelle’s neck.


Mirabelle couldn’t help but moan. She then started struggling since she felt pain.

Heather restrained Mirabelle’s arms with her steely strength and prevented the latter from struggling as she enjoyed the delicious blood in those veins.

‘This is so delicious!’

At first, Mirabelle felt pain from having her blood sucked, but then the pain transformed into tremendous satisfaction and comfort. It had hurt so much during the first two times she had her blood sucked, but this third time actually made Mirabelle feel incredibly comfortable.

The pain from earlier had now completely disappeared. Mirabelle tilted her head as her face became completely red. Her strength was being drained away together with her blood. Her HP was also decreasing, bit by bit.


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