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Chapter 24 – Vicious Request

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1552 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 842 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle sensed her agitated blood constantly running around in her brain. She felt as if thousands of ants were biting at her neck.

It was really, really, really itchy…

She truly, truly wanted Heather to suck her blood. However, Mirabelle didn’t know how she was supposed to convince Heather to suck her blood.

Mirabelle’s discomfort from withdrawal took up her entire brain. She was no longer capable of rational thought. This was the first time she had ever experienced such discomfort in her brain.

Mirabelle Brillana. In her previous life, her family had been really strict, and she wasn’t interested in the topic, so she had never tried drugs before.

In this world, Mirabelle hadn’t even ventured out into the world before, so of course she had never taken drugs.

Yet, she was now experiencing what a drug addict would during withdrawal.

Mirabelle felt really aggrieved. She was the one who was branded as a blood slave after having her blood sucked. Even though she was clearly the victim, why did she have to experience such pain that made her want to kill herself?

Mirabelle didn’t understand why she had to suffer like this. Her vision was hazy as she glanced towards Heather, who was standing by the bedside with her arms folded. Heather merely observed with a cold expression.

Mirabelle finally understood what Heather wanted…

“M… Master, I… I will obey any command… any command… so please, will you suck my blood? If you don’t suck my blood, my mind will go insane…”

To be honest, this was Heather’s first time ever finding a blood slave that she liked, as well as her first time training a blood slave. She never knew that just waiting such a little while over the time limit would cause such a strong withdrawal reaction. In fact, she was even a bit scared by this.

Still, Heather also felt that this was perfect. This would really help Mirabelle to understand what would happen if she tried to run away. Using the withdrawal symptoms as a threat would be quite good.

Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms would become even stronger the more times that blood was sucked from the blood slave.

By the end, the blood slave’s mind would immediately break if the blood master was even slightly late at sucking blood.

This alone was more than enough for Heather to keep Mirabelle Brillana forever by her side as a blood slave.

This elf felt rather special to her. Heather had never been interested in anything at all ever since being born here… but then her black-and-white world suddenly became painted with colors the moment that she saw this elf.

Otherwise, why else would she spend so much time and effort on this elf? Heather was a vampire noble. She could have any number of elves that she wanted. However, the special sensation from Mirabelle was irreplaceable.

Thus, Heather felt her heart beating quicker when she heard Mirabelle pleading her in a heavenly voice with her soft little mouth.

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Heather slowly walked over and sat down on the large and soft bed. She folded her arms and crossed her legs, making sure that she was looking down at Mirabelle from above.

“Haha, you truly want me to suck your blood?”
“Truly… truly… yes!”

Mirabelle looked at Heather. It seemed like Heather was about to finally agree, but then she unexpectedly declared, “In that case, kneel by the bed and kiss my foot, and swear your loyalty to me. Only then will I magnanimously suck your blood.”

Heather indicated with her line of sight towards the icy floor.

Mirabelle was shocked as she sat on the bed. She had never expected Heather to make such a ridiculous request. Mirabelle couldn’t possibly do such a thing! She wasn’t a *********!

Even if she was now female, she still had her pride. Not only was she supposed to kiss Heather’s foot, but she would also need to swear her loyalty to Heather. Additionally, Mirabelle really loathed vampires. So, how could she possibly swear her loyalty?

“How about it? This is your final chance. If you don’t take this opportunity, then forget about it. I’m really tired, so I might as well go to sleep now…”

Heather lay herself in the soft bed when she saw that Mirabelle wasn’t willing to get off the bed and kneel. The moment that Heather turned her head and pretended to go to sleep…

Mirabelle felt an even stronger dose of pain attack her. At this moment, Mirabelle realized that Heather was actually able to control the strength of her withdrawal reaction. Just earlier as they talked, the withdrawal reaction hadn’t been anywhere nearly so strong. Thus, she understood that Heather was indeed able to control the withdrawal reaction.

Yet, it wouldn’t help Mirabelle at all to learn such a thing. She would suffer through withdrawal for the entire night if Heather didn’t suck her blood right now. Mirabelle really wanted to cry when she thought about this.


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