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Chapter 23 – Withdrawal Symptoms

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2258 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1215 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lucy unlocked the door and slowly entered the room after she figured that enough time had passed.

“Milady, are you alright?”

Lucy was referring to having locked her master in such a room.

Actually, Lucy had refused to help Heather when the latter first mentioned her plan, but Heather absolutely insisted on doing this. Thus, Lucy was forced into agreeing to help Heather.

“Ah, of course I’m fine. I should even say that I really enjoyed myself.”
“Then… how about her?”

Lucy was also rather interested in the result of Mirabelle’s training.

If this training succeeded, she felt that the little elf girl would no longer dare to behave so arrogantly with her master.

“She’s fine. She simply fainted from fear. I think she’ll properly start obeying me after this training now.”

Heather smiled rather wickedly as she glanced at Mirabelle who had fainted on the ground due to fear.

“N… no, let me out… let me out…”
“You should properly self-reflect in here for the next several days, you bad child…”

Mirabelle was really scared when a voice suddenly spoke right next to her. She jumped up from the ground and constantly slammed her fists against the door. She really wanted to leave this cold and dark room.

Yet, she was unable to open the door no matter how many times she slammed her fists against it.

The heartless sound of the door being locked was all that she could hear.

Suddenly, several dozen rats appeared in the tiny room. All of them glared with blood-red eyes at Mirabelle.

Mirabelle instantly woke up from her nightmare as she panted heavily.

“Huff… puff… puff… Where… where am I?”

She looked all around her and discovered that she was back in her own room that Heather had given to her. Luckily, this room was rather well-lit, so Mirabelle didn’t feel afraid here.
Mirabelle no longer felt wet under there. It seemed that her panties had been changed for her.

‘No, no, no, wait a moment. I… Did I pee myself? I… I peed myself?’

Mirabelle felt truly embarrassed for the first time in her 30+ years of life.
She… had actually peed herself. This was such an incredible humiliation!

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She had to escape from here! Otherwise, she would be tortured to death by this vampire sooner or later.

But since she had decided to escape, she would need to think of the best method possible. She needed to come up with an excellent plan that wouldn’t need to sacrifice any companions.

“Are you awake? Princess…”

Mirabelle tensed up after hearing this voice.

Heather Alliyah, this highly dangerous woman had come again… she would obviously read all of Mirabelle’s thoughts while she was around.

The blonde-haired vampire slowly entered Mirabelle’s room while bringing a bowl of porridge. She narrowed her blood-red eyes as she looked at Mirabelle who was sitting on the bed.

“How are you? Your condition…”
“Thanks to you, I’m not dead yet…”

Mirabelle’s reply was in a rather sarcastic tone.

“Haha, you’re still unwilling to change that useless attitude of yours and address me as Master? It seems that I’ll need to lock you in there again. This time, I’ll lock you in there at night for the entire night. It truly is enjoyable to watch you tremble in fear.”


Lock her in that room again? Not to mention, at nighttime!?
She might go insane if she was locked in that room again.

She decided to forget things and be obedient while under another’s control. That was all she could do for the sake of her own mental health.

Mirabelle immediately adopted a much more obedient attitude.

“I understand that I’m in the wrong. M… Master! Please don’t lock me in there again. I’ll listen to everything that you say from now on…”
“Let me tell you beforehand, you need to understand your status. You’re the pet, while I’m the master. Your responsibility is to serve me at all times. If you dare to disobey me in the future, then I’m going to lock you up in that dark room for ten days and nights without mercy!”

Heather was the type who would act on what she said. She was definitely capable of doing such a thing.

Mirabelle couldn’t help but feel truly afraid when she thought about the next time being for ten days and nights.

“But, if you’re willing to properly obey, then I’ll still treat you the same as before. You can eat the same food as me and sleep on the same bed as me.” Heather gently caressed Mirabelle’s long blue hair.
“M… Master, I’ll obey, I’ll definitely obey, so could you please not mention that dark room anymore?”

Mirabelle’s expression was filled with fear as she looked at Heather. This made Mirabelle seem just like a pitiful little animal who was tugging on Heather’s sleeve.

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“Of course, if Mira is willing to obey, then of course I won’t mention a single word about it.”

However, the marking on Mirabelle’s leg suddenly started glowing blood-red at this time. Mirabelle collapsed back on her bed with a pained expression as she covered the bite marking with her hands.

Yet, Heather treated Mirabelle’s reaction as something perfectly normal.

“Has the one day time limit already arrived?”
“Wah!? It hurts… it really hurts… Master… what is this…? Wahh!?”

Mirabelle kept uttering sounds of pain. The blood in her body kept flowing agitatedly, as if it wanted to burst out from her blood vessels.

The agitated blood caused her tender cheeks to become rather cutely flushed red.

“It really hurts, it itches, it hurts, it itches…”

These two sensations suddenly appeared simultaneously on her body. Her mind was filled with the desire to have Heather suck her blood. Mirabelle kept rolling around and around on her bed, wanting relief from her pain.

“This is the withdrawal that I previously told you about. Any blood slave who doesn’t have their blood sucked by the master within one day will start having this natural reaction,” Heather explained to Mirabelle with a wicked smile.

Mirabelle actually pounced on Heather’s body. Mirabelle even opened up the buttons on her nightgown and voluntarily showed her neck to Heather, who glanced over at that tender and smooth white neck.

The collar had been removed in order to wash Mirabelle’s body. Heather immediately showed her sharp fangs and crimson eyes. She wanted to immediately bite down on that white neck and drink that sweet and delicious blood.

An ordinary vampire would never have been able to resist biting down on this elf’s neck.
However, Heather was different. She forced down her desire to drink blood. She then pushed Mirabelle aside and exclaimed in a serious tone, “You’re just a mere blood slave. The master can drink your blood at any time they want. Someone like you can’t tell me a single thing to do.”

Actually, Heather’s training wasn’t simply about locking Mirabelle in a small dark room. She also wanted to take advantage of the withdrawal symptoms to force Mirabelle to understand her own position.

Heather was capable of abandoning Mirabelle at any time, but Mirabelle would never be able to abandon Heather.

Mirabelle started moaning in pain due to the withdrawal symptoms.


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