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Chapter 22 – Forced to Play a Game

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1960 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1041 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The darkness was like an incredibly frightening wild beast. Every time that Mirabelle was in the darkness, she was truly afraid of this beast.

Besides, in her current condition, she was completely unable to fight back against Heather.

‘What can I do?’

Mirabelle felt truly helpless about her status as a slave. No matter how she struggled… she was met with nothing but the clanking sound of the chain restraining her hands and feet. Mirabelle really wanted to leave this little dark room. If she could leave right now, she would instantly agree to do anything. At any rate, she no longer wanted to stay confined in this tiny and dark room.

Her enemy… Mirabelle made up her mind. She would obey any order from Heather. As long as she could leave this place, she was willing to suffer any humiliation.


Mirabelle sighed deeply through her soft cloth gag as she thought this.

Suddenly, her acute hearing sensed something nearby. It seemed like there was a sound.
Mirabelle was blindfolded, so she could only rely on her long elven ears to gather information. …Could it be that something was nearby?

‘No, that isn’t real, right?’

Mirabelle kept backing away as her body trembled. However, the chain only reached the corner of the wall. She was unable to retreat any further.

‘W, why? Why can’t I succeed at anything I do?’

Tears started dripping down from her eyes.

Things had always been like this. Her parents from Earth had labeled her as useless. She would never succeed at anything, no matter how hard she worked. This was true both in her original world, as well as in this world that she had created.

She deeply felt how powerless she was… back when her [mother] collapsed in a pool of blood. Mirabelle Brillana had felt especially powerless back then.

Things were the same now. She had no freedom at all. …Things really hadn’t changed from before, Mirabelle thought sardonically to herself. In her previous life, she had also been a young man with no freedom whatsoever.

She had her studies, her work, and her younger sister’s medical fees. All of these became a heavy mountain pressuring her. That was why she became so cautious and cowardly.
If she wasn’t careful enough… She would be eliminated in the game known as society, a crappy game that she was forced to play even though she knew there was no possibility of victory.

At this moment, Mirabelle sensed something furry against her cheek. She was so scared that she trembled all over as she tried her best to sit up. She also used her bound legs to tug on the chain connecting her to the wall as she constantly retreated.

Soon, the collar around Mirabelle’s neck pulled her back to the wall with a powerful force. The thick chain restrained her completely on the wall. She could only retreat her slender body into the corner.

She could only pray… pray that the creature that placed its paw on her face wouldn’t come over here.

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Mirabelle squeezed her legs together again. She was no longer able to hold in that urge to pee which she had since the morning.

Suddenly, the blindfold around Mirabelle’s eyes fell down for some reason. Maybe it had been bound too loosely.

Mirabelle finally recovered her vision… but she then started wishing that she hadn’t. It was completely dark around her, just as if she was still blindfolded. The only thing that she could see was the chain which bound her to the wall.


Mirabelle could only deeply sigh through the cloth gag.

A chattering noise sounded all around her again. Mirabelle looked with fear into the darkness as the noise kept echoing in the empty room.

She saw in front of her… a pair of blood-red eyes shining in the darkness and staring directly at Mirabelle.

Mirabelle’s legs were beginning to tremble with fear. At the same time, her panties suddenly became wet.

It was obvious that Mirabelle had peed her pants out of fear in an embarrassing manner.
This experience gave Mirabelle an incredibly dark memory that she wouldn’t forget for a very long period of time.

The blood-red eyes slowly started floating towards Mirabelle. She became more and more afraid, to the point where she no longer cared about her embarrassment from peeing herself. All she felt was fear.

That was because the blood-red eyes suddenly multiplied to become several dozen eyes that all stared at her in the darkness. Not to mention, the eyes belonged to figures which were much taller than Mirabelle.

Finally, Mirabelle was unable to take it anymore as she fainted against the wall.

After that, the dozens of eyes walked over towards Mirabelle and revealed their true form – Heather Alliyah, the person that Mirabelle hated the most.

“She was scared to the point of fainting so easily? She even peed herself…”

In fact, Heather had never left the room at all. She constantly toyed with Mirabelle while observing her amusing reactions.

The furry sensation that Mirabelle felt from earlier on her cheek had actually been Heather rubbing her rabbit doll against Mirabelle’s face.

Heather had also intentionally released Mirabelle’s blindfold for the purpose of scaring and traumatizing the latter.

This was so Heather could threaten Mirabelle again in the future with being locked up here if Mirabelle dared to disobey Heather again.

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This method really was effective.

“She’s really peed herself!?”

Heather glanced down at Mirabelle. Unlike elves who weren’t accustomed to darkness, vampires had excellent night vision, so she could see Mirabelle quite clearly in the darkness. However, Mirabelle had no night vision ability, so she couldn’t see anything at all in the darkness.

When Heather began the training, she had ordered Lucy to leave and lock the door. That was because Heather didn’t want Mirabelle to see that there was anyone else in this room, which would make her training lose its purpose.

Heather couldn’t actually just leave Mirabelle alone here. That was why Heather blindfolded Mirabelle, in order to make her think that nobody else was in this room, giving Heather the opportunity to toy with Mirabelle.


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