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Chapter 21 – Small Dark Room

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2114 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1165 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

On the next morning, Heather made up her mind to properly train this elf slave of hers.
Heather placed Mirabelle in a dark room before the latter even woke up.

Mirabelle only heard Heather telling her “I’ll release you from here whenever you begin to truly obey my commands in your heart.”

Heather and Lucy then left Mirabelle alone in this dark room.

Mirabelle was restrained in a humiliating fashion within this dark room. Her collar was heavy, and she was restrained by a thick chain to the wall.

Every time that she moved her hands or feet, she could hear the sounds of the chain. Meanwhile, her mouth was gagged by some soft cloth, and her eyes were also blindfolded. Mirabelle was unable to remain calm after the sound of footsteps faded.

‘Such a thing is actually happening to me?’

Mirabelle was locked in a small dark room, and being punished by not being given any food for an entire day. Not only that, but she was also to be restrained for this entire day.


Her stomach began to protest its emptiness.

‘Why did Heather go crazy this morning, tying me up like this here, not even letting me go to the bathroom?’

Right now, Mirabelle really wanted to go to the bathroom. She kept rubbing her smooth legs together.


As Mirabelle rubbed her legs together, she could also hear the clanking sound of the chain around her feet. This sound was really noisy, and even a type of torture for Mirabelle, as she had an extremely acute elven hearing.

Thus, Mirabelle could only try to remain as still as possible so that the chain wouldn’t make any clamor.

Actually, Mirabelle had no idea what that nutcase vampire Heather was thinking. Just why was Heather treating her like this even though she had obediently let Heather suck her blood yesterday night?

Mirabelle would never return to Heather’s side after escaping from here. But as for escaping from here… Mirabelle had no idea how to do such a thing at all.

She would have been able to make a detailed plan if only she could remove this collar which restricted her ability (cheat). However, this collar around her slender neck didn’t even have a connecting point or a lock. It was as if this collar had been custom-made and welded around her neck.

Mirabelle felt more and more humiliated.

Anyways, she had been transported here while still asleep. That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ Heather had commanded Mirabelle to address her as Master. Yet, Heather addressed Mirabelle as Princess, as if she was intentionally making fun of Mirabelle for her current status.

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‘Damn it all-‘

She had no method to escape from here at all. Mirabelle had already tried to use a sharp vegetable knife to saw off the collar on her neck,1 but even the sharp vegetable knife had been useless. The collar was far too sturdy. Mirabelle couldn’t help but wonder what substance it was made out of.

That had been quite bad for her, as Lucy had discovered her. Mirabelle had really panicked when Lucy asked what she was doing. It wasn’t like she could answer that she was trying to saw off the collar on her neck.

Mirabelle ended up using the excuse of wanting to cook something for her master.


Recalling this incident made Mirabelle want to pee even more. She had to use all her strength to squeeze her legs together in order to fight against the urge to pee.

‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. I’m already grown up. I can’t pee myself at my age.’

She was thinking this despite wearing nothing but panties. The rest of her body was completely naked as her white skin was exposed to the air.

No matter what, Mirabelle was adamant that she couldn’t pee in her panties. If she peed at a place other than the bathroom… She was already a man who was more than 30 years old mentally, yet she actually peed her pants? Mirabelle was certain that Heather would laugh at her endlessly if the vampire heard about this.

Thus, Mirabelle could only do her very best to hold it in.

‘It’s not like she won’t release me after an entire day, right? She still needs to suck my blood at night. How is she supposed to suck my blood if she doesn’t release me? This will probably become an excuse for me to get out of here.’

Yet, she would have to sacrifice her blood in order to get out of here. Mirabelle felt really aggrieved while thinking this.

However, unlike what Mirabelle wanted, Heather didn’t come to get her. Soon, it became nighttime, with Mirabelle still restrained in this dark room.

She had remained here for an entire day while doing nothing. She had received no food or water. She only felt the icy chain on her hands and feet.

She was really hungry and cold. She also really wanted to pee.
The sensations of hunger and coldness kept clashing.

At this time, Mirabelle suddenly thought hazily that if only she was more obedient, perhaps she wouldn’t be treated like this anymore? If that was the case, then she wouldn’t be locked up in such a place again, as long as she listened to everything, right?

…However, Mirabelle really was unable to lower her head and grovel to the enemy species that enjoyed slaughtering her parents.

At this moment, Mirabelle felt another emotion in her heart… extreme fear. She wasn’t accustomed to the darkness. No, more accurately speaking… she was incredibly afraid of darkness. Back in her past life as a man, she had a tremendous phobia of darkness.

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If Nikaidou Yuuki had to work overtime late at night, he would prefer to stay at the company overnight without returning home. It was easier to avoid his phobia this way rather than having to walk down shadowy streets at night.

He had previously visited a psychologist to treat his nyctophobia. His phobia had even been cured.

However, ever since Nikaidou Yuuki died in his past life in a dark kitchen from his knife-wielding younger sister’s attack, Mirabelle’s nyctophobia had returned.

During the day, there was still a sliver of light that shone through the window and onto her blindfolded eyes in this room which was only slightly open. That was why Mirabelle hadn’t been so afraid.

But now since it was nighttime, she couldn’t see any bit of light at all.

Mirabelle trembled in fear. She mistakenly felt as if something was grabbing onto her shin.


The cloth in her mouth completely muffled everything that she said. Nobody could hear a single thing that she was saying.


  1. The Silver Silva admits to having poor motor control, and as such any sawing of his collar would result in his death. In other words, if he ever got out of his goth phase it would be suicide.

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