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Chapter 20 – Blood-sucking Play Again

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1961 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1065 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather chomped down on Mirabelle’s neck as she sucked the latter’s sweet blood.

Actually, this was the second time that Heather had ever drunk blood ever since she was born. The first time was when she forced the blood slave contract on Mirabelle.

Heather was different from normal vampires. She could survive even without having to drink blood. She was able to eat regular food, just like elves could. Eating ordinary food didn’t have any adverse effects on her.

As a noble, she hadn’t made any blood slaves for herself, because she felt that those elves’ blood were far too low-level for her.

She had tried tasting some elves’ blood before, but she hadn’t made any of those elves into her blood slave. The moment that she tried biting into those elves’ necks, she felt so disgusted that she immediately spat up their blood.

Trying to drink elven blood felt far more disgusting to her than eating human food.
However… after so long, she finally discovered some blood appropriate for her.
That’s right, the blood belonging to the elven princess in front of her… Mirabelle’s blood was the only blood that tasted incredibly sweet to her.

Mirabelle could feel Heather’s warm and slightly humid breathing upon her tender neck. This didn’t feel good at all, as it was really uncomfortable to have her neck being bitten.

If she had to have her blood sucked, she actually preferred having the blood be sucked from her thigh. Well, it was fine as long as it wasn’t the inner portion of her thigh.

The feeling of comfort from being bitten on the thigh was no longer present when being bitten on the neck. Still, this was only a comparison. Having her blood being sucked wasn’t exactly comfortable.

Honestly, getting her blood drained was really uncomfortable. There was constant pain on her neck as her blood was drained.

Additionally… Mirabelle was feeling a great deal of embarrassment.

Although Mirabelle was physically a girl, she was still mentally a man who loved cute girls.
However, no matter how cute Heather was, or how gentle she was to Mirabelle, Heather was still her enemy, and someone that she had to defeat.

Currently, Heather’s blinding golden hair was falling all over Mirabelle’s face. Heather’s ruby-like eyes were glowing with the vampires’ special blood-red glow as she stared at Mirabelle’s neck. Heather’s slender loli body pressed Mirabelle tightly onto the bed.
Mirabelle was completely unable to move…

‘Isn’t it about time that she gets up from my body?’

Mirabelle kept counting numbers as her blood was sucked. According to how long Heather had sucked blood for yesterday, shouldn’t Heather be getting up right about now?

However, Heather didn’t get up at all. Mirabelle then instinctively sensed danger. She tried to push away the vampire on top of her body.

Yet, Mirabelle’s incredibly paltry strength stat meant that her pushing was insufficient to even scratch an itch for Heather, who continued to suck bright red blood from Mirabelle’s smooth neck.

“Stop! Don’t suck any more blood! It really hurts!”

Actually, Mirabelle was now beginning to feel somewhat dizzy. The pain of having her blood drained was spreading all throughout her body.

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Mirabelle couldn’t help but start begging for mercy.

Heather realized after hearing Mirabelle’s pleas that drinking any more of Mirabelle’s blood would ruin the balance.

Becoming a blood slave meant adjusting one’s own body to have the most appropriate condition for the master to drink blood from.

The blood slave would undergo withdrawal if their blood wasn’t sucked by the master every day. (This is the same type of withdrawal that someone addicted to drugs would go through).

However, drinking too much blood would incapacitate the blood slave.

It was also common that some masters drank so much blood that the slave died.

But as Heather was a vampire noble, she could naturally control herself to only drink an appropriate amount of blood.

However, today she had intentionally drunk a little too much blood from Mirabelle. She simply wanted to give Mirabelle a lesson. Still, she didn’t want Mirabelle to die. All she wanted was to train Mirabelle into the most obedient slave.

Heather finally withdrew her fangs from Mirabelle’s neck and raised her head to look at Mirabelle.

By the time that Heather finally withdrew her fangs, Mirabelle had already started crying due to fear from feeling her life slipping away from her.

“You’re crying?”
“Stop crying! As my blood slave, how can you not even take a little pain like this?”

Heather spoke in a vicious tone towards Mirabelle.
Yet, Mirabelle still pitifully wiped her tears away.

Heather suddenly felt a rather special sensation in her heart… the desire to ravage Mirabelle. Heather never expected that she would finally find something that she really wanted to do and interested her.

She couldn’t help but get excited as she imagined how Mirabelle would inwardly resist but be pitifully forced to carry out her commands.

“You really are such a wonderful slave. I never thought that I could obtain something so wonderful from the auction house. Rest well, Princess, as I’m really looking forward to tomorrow…”

Heather then carried Mirabelle onto the bed.

Mirabelle became even more afraid on the bed, as she retreated to the corner and trembled all over in fear. She was afraid that having to sleep together would mean being forced to do even more things… such as that.

However, Heather didn’t do anything more to her. After finishing her meal of blood, Heather simply smiled in satisfaction and hugged Mirabelle while entering a deep sleep.

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Although vampires were nocturnal creatures who usually rested during the day, Heather was different. She didn’t have such limitations since she was a vampire noble. She could walk under the sun just fine, and she was completely immune to crosses and garlic.

Thus, Mirabelle had no idea how she was supposed to deal with Heather.

Heather was just like an undefeatable existence. Nothing would possibly weaken her.

Out of all the countless nights that Heather had experienced so far, this was the night that she slept the best of all. This was her first-ever time entering such a deep sleep.

Thus, Heather made up her mind that she would never allow the person in her arms to escape as she enjoyed this soft sensation.


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