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Chapter 19 – Sleeping

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2395 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1216 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Of course, Mirabelle hadn’t given up on escaping.

She knew quite clearly that she wouldn’t be able to fight against the vampires by herself. Thus, she wasn’t thinking about anything like revenge right now. All she wanted was to escape from this hell as quickly as possible.

Indeed, she hadn’t given up on escaping.

During her free time here, she ran all over the place to look everywhere. However, it seemed that every vampire guard here recognized her.

No matter where she went, she would be gently escorted back, as if she was a treasure.
She could only use the excuse of “getting lost” once or twice. If she used this excuse too many times, the vampires would obviously realize what she was up to.

Still, Mirabelle used the [excuse] of “getting lost” to secretly memorize the layout of the castle and the number of guards, so that she could more easily escape.

However, she had to admit… This castle was quite heavily guarded.
This was probably the largest castle in the entire city, wasn’t it?
Mirabelle had learned that the blonde-haired vampire girl was a ‘vampire noble’.

As for what type of noble, Mirabelle had no idea. All she knew was that Heather was no ordinary ‘noble’. Heather wouldn’t possibly be able to live in such a luxurious castle if she was just a normal noble.

Mirabelle secretly thought about the preparations she made from yesterday as she followed Lucy to Heather’s room.

After reaching Heather’s room, Lucy immediately grabbed Mirabelle by her shirt collar and lifted up her tiny body.

“I’m warning you, don’t make me spend so much effort to call for you each time. You better have some more self-awareness. Don’t think that you’re an equal to Milady just because you’re her blood slave. You’re still the lowest species in this city, an elf.”


Mirabelle slightly lowered her head and accepted Lucy’s scolding. It couldn’t be helped, as she was currently a pet slave. She couldn’t resist anything.

If she resisted, she would be treated even worse.

“Don’t think that you’re special because Milady gave you some good food and a good room. It’s only so that you can have some better rest and nutrition so that she can enjoy more delicious blood,” Lucy told the facts to Mirabelle.

Mirabelle knew this to be true even without Lucy needing to tell her. Mirabelle was just a blood slave who had no rights at all here. The vampires had never viewed her as a ‘person’ to begin with. In fact, more accurately speaking, they didn’t even view her as someone living. They only viewed her as a tool that blood could be sucked from.

“This is all that I’m going to say. In the future, it won’t be as simple as a scolding. Think about things properly by yourself!”

Lucy then exited and heavily slammed the door. She sighed deeply after closing the door.

“What is it? Did something happen?”

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Heather, who just finished her shower, arrived at this time.

“Milady… You’re here?”
“Yeah. Could it be that Mira isn’t obedient?”
“Yes… Master, honestly, why are you giving her such treatment? If other vampires hear about this, what would they think if they learned that you’re spoiling your pet like this…”
“It’s fine. Treating her gently like this is also part of her training…”

Lucy was quite confused as she tilted her head. Meanwhile, Heather smiled mysteriously. Mirabelle sat at the corner of the bed. She didn’t want to listen to her enemy at all. However, she would attract too much attention if she resisted too much before she escaped. Thus, Mirabelle felt deeply conflicted…

“Vampires are all incredibly barbaric and violent.”

Her adoptive mother had previously told that to Mirabelle. This definitely seemed to be true, especially since Heather had used such a violent and forceful method to turn her into a blood slave.

Now, Heather was even commanding Mirabelle to sleep together with her. Having to sleep together seemed way too overboard.

Mirabelle was really unwilling…

Just as she was thinking this, a certain person pushed the door open and entered the room.
Heather directly sat down next to Mirabelle and looked at the latter with a gaze of amusement.

Mirabelle’s expression was incredibly subtle. She seemed more like she had done something wrong rather than trying to resist. It was as if a young child had an aggrieved expression from admitting that she had done something wrong.

“Hurry and sit beside me, little blood slave Mira…”

Mirabelle remained completely still, not knowing whether to obey or not.

“I hear from Lucy that you really don’t care about my orders?”

Heather forcefully grabbed Mirabelle by the chin and turned her head so that Mirabelle was forced to look right into Heather’s blood-red eyes which were filled with killing intent.

“Do you think that you’re still the elven princess? I believe I said something like that to you already. I really hope that you can clearly understand your current situation. If words are useless, then I’ll have to take concrete action—”

Heather then used her great strength to directly toss Mirabelle onto the bed. She then pressed her entire body on top of Mirabelle.

Mirabelle felt her body come into contact with Heather’s as the thin nightgown offered little to no impediment to skin contact. Mirabelle never expected that a damned vampire would have such warm and soft skin. It truly seemed inconceivable as she thought that a vampire’s skin would be icy and hard, yet Heather’s skin was warm and soft.

“Mira, please don’t compare me to those low-level vampires. I am a vampire noble. My body’s warmth and softness are incomparable to those low-level vampires.”

Mirabelle was incredibly astonished. Had Heather just read her thoughts!?
No, more importantly, was what she thought about earlier completely exposed?

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“Sigh, that’s right… this is an ability between the blood master and the blood slave. The master is able to read the slave’s mind, but not vice versa. That’s the blood slave contract. You can’t hide anything that you’re thinking from me. Regrettably, this ability only works at a close distance. Of course, your idea of escaping has already been completely exposed to me. You’re still thinking of escaping from me after I put the magical chain on you… You do realize how I’m going to treat you now?”

‘Magical chain!? This probably refers to the collar that I’m wearing on my neck now.’

“Stop joking!!” Mirabelle struggled with all her strength, wanting to escape.

However, it felt as if her limbs were restrained by metal, as she was unable to move any part of her body. Heather then stuck out her tongue and licked Mirabelle’s smooth neck, making the latter instantly feel all the tension leaving her body.

“Now then, time to begin…”

Heather then pierced Mirabelle’s tender neck with her icy fangs, causing Mirabelle to instantly feel a sharp pain as Heather began to drain Mirabelle’s blood.

This really hurt, but Mirabelle was completely powerless to stop Heather’s blood-sucking.
Mirabelle really wanted to know how she could stop this.

Well, all of this actually happened two nights ago. It was probably because of this that Mirabelle was currently tied up in bondage neglect play.


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