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Chapter 18 – Humiliation

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1944 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 916 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

-Why had things become this way?

Mirabelle was currently blindfolded and restrained. She was unable to see anything other than endless darkness. As she sat in the shadows, she slightly moved her body and heard the sound of clinking chains from her hands and feet. Currently, she was unable to break free from these chains, no matter what she did.

Normally, Mirabelle had the ability to modify her own stats. She would then be able to easily break these chains and the collar on her neck. However, Heather had placed a collar made from an unknown substance on her neck, which apparently prevented Mirabelle from using her data modification ability. In fact, she wasn’t even able to use her information analysis ability anymore.

Mirabelle wasn’t alone in this room. Two others were standing beside her. However, those two were both damned vampires…

When Heather placed the blindfold over Mirabelle’s eyes and darkened her world, she also gently caressed Mirabelle’s blue hair.

“You’re truly delightful to look at like this, Princess…”
“Wah… You… Just what do you want?”

Mirabelle was really afraid. Her voice was filled with shock and fear. She never expected that after becoming Heather’s slave that she would have to bear with getting bitten in such a place or accept the humiliation of addressing Heather as her master.

Yet, Heather wanted even more. She actually wanted to chain Mirabelle to the wall for some bondage neglect play.

“Now then, please enjoy yourself, ‘Princess’. Lucy, gag her annoying mouth for me.” Heather intentionally emphasized the word ‘Princess’, as if to tease her.

“Yes, Milady…” replied Lucy.

Mirabelle’s acute elven hearing then heard the sound of footsteps leaving. It was obvious that the footsteps belonged to Heather, who was wearing lolita high heels.

Mirabelle then immediately felt something being forced into her mouth.

‘Could this sensation be…?’

Mirabelle furiously shook her head, trying to resist the soft sensation entering her mouth. However, her resistance was fruitless. Something that tasted like cloth was forced into Mirabelle’s mouth, rendering her unable to speak anymore.


Mirabelle then heard the sound of the maid Lucy gradually leaving. As Lucy left, she closed the metal door with a loud and heavy sound. Mirabelle even heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock and locking the door.

‘N, no, don’t leave me in such a place!’

Mirabelle wanted to shout this out loud, but she was unable to say anything due to the cloth in her mouth.

After the sound of footsteps faded, everything around Mirabelle became completely quiet.
Mirabelle’s only free sense of hearing was rendered completely meaningless in such a place.

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-Just why had things become like this?

Mirabelle thought back to what happened last night… and felt really aggrieved.

“You want me to sleep with you!? No, no, never!”

Lucy informed Mirabelle that she was to sleep with Heather, which caused Mirabelle’s eyes to go blank and become really afraid as she thought of having to do such a thing.

“This is Milady’s order! Your agreement doesn’t matter. You’re just Milady’s slave. Do you really think that you’re still the same princess from before?”

Lucy was easily able to carry Mirabelle off of her large and soft bed due to having a significantly higher strength stat.

Actually, Heather was already treating her [slave] quite well. She had given Mirabelle her own room as a [pet room] for her to rest in. Mirabelle was also allowed to eat the same food as Heather.

This made Lucy quite displeased with this disobedient slave. It was only because Heather liked this blood slave so much that Lucy hadn’t done anything to this elven princess yet. Otherwise, with Lucy’s personality, she definitely would have made this slave completely obedient… by using the cruelest methods.

“Milady gave you the responsibility of sleeping with her! Do you want me to directly slice you up here if you dare to refuse again!?”

Lucy brought a blood-red longsword out from under her dress and placed it right against Mirabelle’s slender neck. Mirabelle didn’t even have the time to wonder just how Lucy could fit such a sword under her dress due to trembling all over in fear.

Mirabelle had been acting fearless due to being Heather’s highly valued blood slave. However, who knew if this maid would really kill her?

Mirabelle’s physical stats were that of a little girl’s. It was obvious that she couldn’t possibly resist this armed maid.

Additionally, there was a severe problem. Earlier this morning, Heather had personally placed a collar on Mirabelle.

Mirabelle was filled with humiliation as she recalled this incident.

No, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that ever since she was forced to wear this so-called [pet collar]… she was unable to even use her cheat-like data analysis ability.
This meant that Mirabelle was no longer different from any ordinary girl.

In fact, ever since being born, she had been a really physically weak girl. Even though she clearly had the [Data Analysis] ability that could appraise any information she wanted, she hadn’t tried to level herself up as other main characters would. Instead, she remained in hiding for her first 14 years in this world.

If this was a story or a manga, she was probably the most pitiful main character of all with a cheat.

Not only had her entire species become the vampires’ slaves, but even her parents had also died because of the vampires.

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