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[Vol. 3] Chapter 4 – Ruins

On the third day after we started our trip the flat road gradually turned into a slope.
 Now we approached a gentle hill.

“Hey, you guys, do you know where we are?”

 Crescent Moon talked to my seniors.
 That face is telling me she’s planning something.
 I gradually came to understand her despite the mask.

“No, I don’t know. Does big sis know?”

“Here’s a famous place. Don’t you know about the Orlea hill?”

“Back then there was a huge battle at this place, right? It was called the Battle of Orlea.”

“What’s with that? I never heard about this. Was it like this, big sis?”

 Oh, Drum-senpai is quite the knowledgeable person.
 On the other hand, Bass-senpai is the type who strayed from the right path.⌈1
 I bet he only did bad things when he was still in school.⌈2

“That’s right, back then a huge battle between nobles took place here.”

“So what’s with that, big sis?”

 Crescent Moon grins at Bass-senpai’s question.
 Oh boy, my senior got caught in her trap.

“About this, at this place……they appear. When night falls, you know?”

“Wh, what about them appearing? Come on, please don’t make fun of me, big sis”

“Tha, that’s right. We aren’t afraid of that kind of stuff, we’re already adults after all.”⌈3

 That’s not what your expression tells us, seniors.

“It was a big battle so does that mean a large number of people died here?”

 Knopf comfortably listened to this.
 Ehm, you don’t have to carry on with this topic.

“……That’s right. It was a fierce battle until the middle but then a betrayal happened and it became unilateral.”

 The faces of Pick and my seniors listening to Crescent Moon’s story were a little too serious.

“Countless bodies of murdered soldiers and commanders rolled down the hill and it is said the river was dyed red. Look, it should be the river we crossed over just a while ago.”

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“Eeeeh?! I drank out of it.”

“Well, you probably don’t have to worry. Since then these bodies wander around when night falls. Saying things like, where is the traitor?”

“Please stooop, I’m not good with stuff like this!”

“Wha, what are you saying Pick, that’s just superstition. Hey, Head?”

 Drum, please don’t call me over.
 I was talked to but I decided to ignore it.
 Honestly, I’m not good with those kinds of stories as well.
 I don’t have any supernatural senses, though.⌈4

“Huh? Why is Akatsuki looking the other way? Could it be that you’re weak against this as well?”

 Why does that fellow look so happy?⌈5
 But if I reacted now I would just do what she wants me to.
 I thoroughly ignored Crescent Moon.

“The clouds are somehow looking weird.”

 When I heard the cat girl Knopf’s voice I turned to look at the sky and black clouds suddenly appeared.

“That’s bad, we’ll get caught in it.”

 At Crescent Moon’s exclamation, everyone put on their mantle’s hood in a hurry.
 At that time I got off and put a leather cloth over the baggage.
 We hurried our horses but the rain became more intense.
 It wasn’t much but a hood and mantle had to do.
 It’s inconvenient that rain gear like umbrellas and raincoats don’t exist here.

“Is there anywhere we can take shelter in?”

“Head, there’s a building!”

 When I looked in the direction they pointed in I could clearly see the shadow of a building behind the hill.

“Alright, we can take shelter from the rain there”

 We moved towards the building.

“This, was this originally a church?”

 As I approached it seems to be a ruin abandoned a long time ago.
 As Pick said, it seemed to have been a church.
 The door was locked with a simple lock but Pick opened it in no time and we were able to enter.

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“Oh, this somehow looks promising.”

 Bass-senpai joyfully said this.
 We got into a large room which I thought was originally the sanctuary.
 Several broken banks were lined up there.
 There was nothing enshrined on the shelf in the front, I wonder if someone stole it.
 Although it was leaking here and there but at least we had a roof over our heads and it’s far better than outside.
 We put down our baggage at a place without leaks and then took a break.

 Bass, Drum and Pick, those three tore off a part of the floor boards then broke some chairs and used them as firewood to light a fire.
 It’s blasphemous but it’s good to against the cold.⌈6
 Thanks to that I can warm up my body and feel a little more comfortable.

“Finding this good place really saved us.”

“This is probably a church destroyed at the time of that battle.”

 Following Knopf’s words Crescent Moon looked around and started talking happily.
 The rain got better but the sun was covered and it got really dark.

“Let’s see, looks like this place wasn’t used in quite the long time.”

“It’s kind of creepy.”

 My seniors are still pretty shaken by that story from a while ago.

“Hey, you guys, go look if you can find some food in this room somewhere”

 Crescent Moon smirked while she instructed my seniors.

“I don’t want to! There shouldn’t be any food in a place like this anyway.”

“That’s right, how long ago do you think it was that people lived here?”

 Seniors, don’t resist.
 Of course, I definitely don’t want to go either.
 In the end, we boiled some water and made dinner with the things we brought.

“But for such a place to appear like this.”

 ……It’s starting again, those ambiguous statements of Crescent Moon.
 I feigned ignorance but my seniors reacted to this brilliantly.
 That’s why, be good and enjoy yourself, seniors.

“The, there’s no way that something will appear here, right?”

“That’s right, this place is a church in the first place?!”

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 Joyfully listening to my senior’s reactions Crescent Moon answered.

“You guys don’t know about it, huh? In the first place, a church is where ghosts gather. Besides, there were several sword cuts and traces of blood smeared on the chairs and the floor. Didn’t you notice?”

“Eeh? I didn’t notice that at all. Drum, did you notice anything?”

“No, I didn’t notice anything. Where did you see that?”

 My seniors shook their heads.
 Oh boy, they completely fell for Crescent Moon’s trap.

“Now that you say it I definitely saw some cuts on the chair I broke a while ago.”

 Pick said this fearfully.
 Knopf read a book on her own while Pick was taken as well.
 Crescent Moon nodded as she heard this and continued to talk.

“There’s no doubt about that. The soldiers who lost escaped to this place. Then this place got raided by the winning side……”

 I heard the sound of three people gulping.

“Some of them died here while resisting. Then……”
Crescent Moon looked in the direction of the door in the before continuing her sentence.

“The remaining ones surely escaped through there. However, they were completely outnumbered. I bet behind those doors are heaps of corpses.”

“Please stop it, big sis!”

“That’s right, don’t scare us like that. What will you do if we can’t sleep?!”⌈7

“Hehehe, you guys will take turns to stand guard today, though”⌈8

“That’s unfair! To be awake all alone in a place like this! Big bro’s, I leave it to you!”

“Wait a minute, Pick, don’t decide it so forcibly! That’s it, Drum, you’ll keep watch alone. I’ll do it tomorrow and you can rest.”

“You, what are you saying? Then you do it today and I’ll do it tomorrow.”

 Finally, a quarrel between friends broke out.
 I stared into the other direction as to not get involved in this too much.

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“Hey, did you hear that sound just now?”

“D, d, don’t do that, big sis, even if you told us that, there’s no way something would actually come out.”

“Th, tha, that’s right, I know you enjoy scaring us.”



“I, I definitely heard something. No doubt. From where, from wheeere?!”

“I think I heard it from there”

 The place Pick pointed at was — The door in the back.

“I also heard it. Hey, Mister Akatsuki, let’s go and look what’s going on back there”

“That’s impossible! Head, big sis, because you’re still young please go ahead!”

“That’s right, it’s hopeless even if we go! So, please!”

 My seniors desperately begged me but I only said a few words.

“Bass, Drum, go search the back a little.”

“Tha, that’s, Head!”

“That’s mean, that’s so mean, Head!”

 Even if you yell and cry I won’t change my mind.
 I’m the villain Carlo, I don’t mind if you have a grudge against me.⌈9
 I mean, there’s no way in hell I go there!


  1. Meaning, he became a delinquent and skipped school 
  2. Ya know, maybe he never went cause money? 
  3. Heeeh, is that so? 
  4. He can’t see ghosts and that stuff 
  5. Cause it’s fun teasing people like this~ 
  6. Pff, I bet God won’t mind 
  7. Heh, laugh at you? 
  8. Ah~ as fun as that sounds no one will get sleep that way~ 
  9. Though they are able to **** you over? Selling info to others etc. Well, they wanted to desperately come with him 

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