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[Vol. 3] Chapter 3 – Departure

“Big bro Akatsuki, long time no see! So, what can we do for you today?”

 The female hobbit thief, Pick who returned came over to greet me.
 Outwardly she looks like an innocent little girl as always.
 If you know what’s inside it’s fine but if you don’t you’ll get completely deceived by this.

“Yeah, I have some work for you so I came over to meet you.”

“Eh, you wanted to see me? I’m happy”

 For some reason, Bass and Drum were staring at us while Pick kept on grinning.
 She was acting like she didn’t notice Bass and Drum.

“As I thought it’s like that, huh? Big bro Akatsuki and I were perfectly in sync at that time with the Troll after all.”

“Hey, Pick, don’t be so impudent and call the Head big bro”

“That’s right, please say something as well, Head, she can’t use that kind of tone.”

“Hehe, though it was big bro Akatsuki who said, “You’re my little sister so call me like this”. Right, Big. Bro?”⌈1

 Well, I certainly told you to say this when people would ask you.
 Even so, I also told you not to act so familiarly.

“Your lock-picking skills are necessary for this job”

“What kind of job is it?”

Seeming interested, Drum and Bass both seriously listened.

“We took the Labyrinth exploration quest. It’s S rank.”

“Is that true?! Will big sis Crescent Moon also go?”

“This time Crescent Moon and also the magician Knopf will come with us”

“I want to go! Big bro Akatsuki, Big sis Crescent Moon and Knopf-san, with those members we are the strongest!”⌈2

“Is that so? Then come to the adventurer’s guild tomorrow morning.”

 I intended to return now that I finished my business here but then I noticed that my seniors looked like they wanted to say something.

“You guys, is there something wrong?”

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“Head, isn’t that a little too much?”

“That’s right, that’s right, why is it just that fellow? Moreover, even though she looks like a kid she’s already quite old, you know?”⌈3

 What, why are they getting angry at me for choosing Pick?

“What’s with you? Being old doesn’t really matter! Generally, it’s Big bro’s and the other’s job.”

“Only you move out with the head, isn’t that too cunning?”

“Besides, since this job is already stable it’s alright if we aren’t there.”

 Hey, hey, don’t fight for such a reason.

“Head, please. Leave this place to Bass and please take me with you.”

“Hey, Drum, what do you think you are doing?! Head, please take this one- -”

 Jeez, two big, old men acting selfishly like children.
 Well, it should be fine if it’s just a few more people.
 But Crescent Moon might start complaining because her reward share will decrease.

“I don’t particularly mind taking you but is really everything going well here?”

“Yes, there are the things I told the Head a while ago when you came back but there are no particular problems.”

“As I said before, there are already three people in my group but there’s only one reward, would it still be enough if I take you with me?”

“As it’s an S ranked dungeon it should be enough. Please, take me with you, okay~?”⌈4

 Bass senpai, even if you try talking in a sweet voice it’s not cute at all!

“Well, can’t be helped, so please properly arrange everything till tomorrow”

“Yes, I’ll tell that guy, Flute”

 Ah, that guy with the name which doesn’t fit in.⌈5

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“Then come to the adventurer’s guild tomorrow morning, you three. Don’t be late.”

“All right. Hehe, I wonder what snacks I should take with me.”

You, this isn’t a field trip!

 When I went to the guild the next morning everyone already gathered.
 Crescent Moon seemed to be complaining to the Rabbit Group’s members.

“Sorry I kept you waiting”

“Hey, Mister Akatsuki, is it true that you want to take those guys with us?!”

“No, Big sis⌈6⌋ Crescent Moon, don’t say that”

“That’s right, we’ll work hard.”

 As expected, my seniors feel deep gratitude towards Crescent Moon as well.

“Well, isn’t it fine? If we explore the S-type labyrinth our baggage will increase so I think it’s fine.”

“Ah, no, well, you’re right……”

 When the cat girl magician Knopf tried to mediate Crescent Moon gave in.
 For Crescent Moon Knopf is like an absolute weakness.

“Head, it somehow looks like Big sis Crescent Moon is acting reserved in front of this little magician girl.”

 Bass-senpai whispered to me in a low voice.
 Pretty observant, that senior.

“It seems like Knopf’s way of fighting had a big impact on her the last time.”

“Heeh, on that big sis Crescent Moon? She doesn’t look like it, but is this young girl actually amazing?”

“Big bro Bass, you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance. That magician instantly killed a Troll with one magic spell I never saw before.”

 Pick is right.
 Seniors, don’t get blown away by Knopf.
 I feel scared when imagining Knopf’s boosted magic exploding in the labyrinth’s narrow corridors.

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“Head, we prepared these horses for this occasion.”

 As expected, Drum is solid.
 In times like this, he’s reliable.

“Then, shall we leave? The destination is the Mcbell Earldom.

 We started galloping on our horses.
 Though it’s a trotting speed as it’s a considerable distance.
 The Mcbell Earldom is located in the far south of Carlo’s territory.
 It seems like the population is concentrated in valleys and flatland surrounded by mountains.

“Speaking of the Mcbell Earldom, I heard Kouga village is located there.”

 While Drum was riding beside me he started to talk.

“Hoh, do you know about the shadow corps?”

“That’s because we are in the same line of work, needs a thief to know a thief kind of.”

 Bass also joined in into our conversation.

“The shadow corps? That sounds kind of scary.”

 Knopf didn’t seem like she heard of them.
 By the way, I had Knopf ride behind Crescent Moon.
 Thanks to that Crescent Moon didn’t have her usual force behind her.

“The shadow corps is an organisation specialised in underground work such as killing people destroying things and spreading or gathering information. It’s said that their headquarters, Kouga village, is in the Mcbell Earldom.”

 Crescent Moon’s attitude towards her is completely different than towards me.
 She gave her information free of charge.

“Did you have any connection with the shadow corps?”

“I didn’t. I just heard some rumours.”

“We didn’t have any direct contact with them either.”

 Even though they are in the same line of work the Rabbit Group isn’t as severe as the Shadow corps.
 If an opponent defeats them losing means dying.

“I had some fights with them from time to time. I got my revenge each time.”

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 If it’s Crescent moon I somehow feel like it’s possible.
 But every time, you said. How many times did that happen?
Then is it really fine for you to go to such a place?

“That somewhat sounds like a frightening place. I’m kind of scared.”

“No, for me your magic is more……”

 I heard Crescent Moon muttering without Knopf behind her hearing it.
 Yeah, that air gun was pretty frightening, huh?
 Well, the only firearm they know in this world are bows so I know it’s impossible for them to know about this but I do.

“When will we arrive?”

“If we continue like this I think we’ll be there in four days.”

 As long as four days, to be honest, I’m sick and tired of this.
 I wasn’t a person who was going out much in the first place.
 There was also the thing that I didn’t have any friends to hang out with.
 So I spend my days reading light novels and manga, playing games and making figurines for fun inside my house.
 I never thought something like this would happen in my life.⌈7

 When it was night we would camp outside to take a rest.
 Since the three members of the Rabbit group said they would take turns standing guard I left it to them.
 I wonder if it was a good idea to take them with us like this.
 They told me something like the Head shouldn’t be doing this and then they took my baggage and carried it for me.

 Like this, the journey towards the labyrinth went smoothly.


  1. So Pick uses the word Aniki and in this last sentence, she said A.Ni.Ki spelling it out kind of. It wouldn’t sound as good in English so it’s like this. 
  2. Can’t say I haven’t missed Pick~ on another note I think I never mentioned it but Knopf is a German word meaning button, which I think, for some reason, is cute. 
  3. Aw, are they jealous Head-sama isn’t taking them out to play~? Well it’s probably money though 
  4. Imagining some old bearded dude looking at him with upturned eyes going heey~ please take me with you~ kaaay~…… 
  5. Because everyone else has the name of rock themed instruments like Guitar, Drum, Bass etc. 
  6. Anego 
  7. Be prepared for anything~ 

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