[Vol. 3] Chapter 2 – Exploration Quest

“Then, I’m off. Keep the door locked.”

“Yes, have a nice trip”

 I missed my chance to kiss for the third time after all before I left for the adventurer’s guild.
 Crescent Moon who left earlier was waiting inside the guild but her gaze was as cold as before.

“Yo, you came, Mister Popular. I got tired of waiting”

 I wanted to say something but I stopped myself as it would have been useless.
 I generally hate arguing with others.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. So, did you get the Labyrinth exploration quest?”

“Yeah. Mister Akatsuki has never been to a labyrinth, right?”⌈1

“That’s right. I planned to go to one though”

 I wanted to become an adventurer to enter a labyrinth in the first place which Pikaru forbid me so I had to join the guild under a pseudonym.
 I wanted to gain some experience in the labyrinth before I would meet the Hero Kazuma.

“So Akatsuki doesn’t even know the basics of exploring a labyrinth?”

“Yeah, you could say that”

 Though I wasn’t able to look that much in front of Elsa, but this roundness is excellent as I thought.
 Her two perfect mountains and that fascinating valley they produced.

“Then as a veteran it’s my duty to carefully explain everything to Mr. Newbie here, right?”⌈2

 Crescent Moon proudly stuck her chest out.
 I don’t know why but it seemed like her mood got slightly better.
 I mean, why are you holding out your right hand?
 I don’t really have any other choice so I gave her one gold coin.⌈3

“Hehe, thank you as always.”

 When the money reached her hand she her mood got even better.
 But to always get one gold coin or 100,000 yen taken is a serious matter.
 Though this greedy mercenary wouldn’t be convinced if it was just one silver coin equivalent to 2,000 yen.
 I don’t even want to think about gold coins being something equal to silver coins to me some time soon.

“Hey, what are you thinking? So, when a labyrinth is found a quest to investigate it is given out.”

“Yeah. What should one check while investigating?”

“Let’s see, what you can find in it, how big it is, how many floors it has and so on.”

“I see, so you’re saying anything is fine? Is it fine to take back things from monsters I defeated inside?”

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“Naturally. Moreover, the reward increases depending on what you subdued.”

 Even if you defeat this world’s monsters it’s not like they would drop money or magic stones.
 Instead, things like fangs and leather turn into material and one gets a bonus depending on the strength and number of the defeated monsters and the degree of danger.
 Apart from the rewards of the guild’s quest this is how adventurers earn money.

“So, a new labyrinth was found this time around and an exploration quest got extensively handed out.”

“Is it a usual occurrence for a labyrinth to be discovered?”

“Are you stupid? There’s no way that would be the case, right? A new labyrinth might be found once every few years, it’s that rare. You are lucky, Mister.”

 Often a labyrinth is made by a monster settling down in naturally formed cave or limestone cave or the like.
 If the monsters settled in it have a high propagative power and are of humanoid form like Goblins, Gnomes and Orcs they dig holes and expand the cave by themselves and may create multiple layers.
 It’s the most commonly seen labyrinth called A type.

 In the case of such A type labyrinths almost only the same kind of monsters inhabit it.
 Though there are some rare cases where a large number of Goblins are led by some Orcs.
 In A type labyrinths, valuable things like magic items and treasures are hardly found.
 Once it got investigated and emptied out the labyrinth will stay empty.
 After some time passes other monsters might settle down in it again.

“Moreover, it seems like the one this time is slightly different”

 According to the preliminary investigation conducted before the quest was handed out various kinds of monsters were confirmed to inhabit it.
 Besides, the cave itself doesn’t look like something that formed naturally.

“It’s categorized as S type and it seems to be considerably big.”

 The S type different from the spontaneously made A type “is something intentionally made”.
 A high ranking magician or an extremely strong monster possessing intelligence might have made it.

Because they want to protect or hide something special like their residence in the deepest part they kill adventurers who come to investigate it and take their equipment.

 Various types of monsters are placed in it and the deeper you get the higher the danger.
 Often there are dangerous traps and many locked doors so lock-picking skills are essential.

“How is it, there’s no way someone would want to miss out on that, right? Those who are talented already headed there one after the other and I also want to go there as soon as possible. Because letting other people steal all the sweet spots is unacceptable.”

 In the case of S type labyrinths requests outside of the adventurer’s guild are widely spread.
 When I asked where the labyrinth is located this time I was told that it was discovered in Earl Mcbell’s territory.
 Kouga village, the hometown of the assassins which got send after me, the dark corps, is located in that mantis guy’s territory so I’m interested.

“Some preparations are necessary. Let’s take Knopf, Pick and some other guys with us.”⌈4

“That cat-eared magician and the hobbit thief. That thief’s lock picking skills were indeed brilliant and though that magician seems a little strange but she’s skilled. It would have been great if she could use recovery magic but healing spells are of the light magic system so they can’t be used if one isn’t a priest. I’m bad in dealing with priests.”

 A priest would certainly be a bad match for that miserly mercenary.
 However, Crescent Moon still seems to have trouble dealing with Knopf.
 It looks like the air rifle magic had a great impact on her.

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“Then I shall invite Knopf and Pick tomorrow. Shall we depart on the day after tomorrow?”

“Though I want to hurry and go as soon as possible but it can’t be helped. Okay, then I go collect some information tomorrow”

 Crescent Moon invited me to dinner and after we ate together I returned to Carlo’s mansion.⌈5
 I wanted to also invite Elsa but I didn’t because then Crescent Moon’s mood would only grow worse.
 I wonder if Elsa is eating properly.

 The next day I left the mansion while wearing the mask, borrowed a horse and first went to the windmill Knopf was living in.

“–That’s the story, so, do you want to come with us?”

“Of course, I want to come. Investigating an S type labyrinth is something one could only rarely experience after all.”

“Then is it fine with you to wait tomorrow morning at the adventurer’s guild?”

“Understood, I’ll get ready.”

 Next I went to the Rabbit group’s hiding place.
 It’s been a long time since I came here.

“Aah! Isn’t that the head?! Hey everyone, Head Akatsuki came over!”

“Long time no see. Is Pick present?”

“She went out but she should come back any minute now. Please enter.”

 My two seniors Bass and Drum greeted me.
 The thin and fidgety Bass and the strongly build, calm Drum.
 A perfect combination as always, seniors.

“How’s work?”

“Hehehe, it’s going really well. Especially the quick horse delivery is profitable as well as increasing the customer’s good opinion of us.”

“On the other hand our income as thieves became less. Recently the number of caravans trying to skip paying the tariff decreased and it’s getting harder to earn money.”

 Though it’s good that the merchants paying the tariff increased but ironically the money earned by the Rabbit group decreased.

“The highway connecting the Capital and Braham will soon get a stone pavement. If that happens not only will transportation of people and good via carriage become popular but also dispatching mounted messengers.”

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“Ooh, is that true? I never heard about that rumour.”

“Hehe, it can’t be wrong if it’s information from the Head, right? Because the head and this town’s influential people are well connected.”

 Well connected, as I’m the feudal lord it’s natural that I’m familiar with this information.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about that. It will be completed next spring so arrange a carriage and a horse as soon as possible.”


 If this goes well it might be able to substitute for their decreased income as thieves.

“What about information gathering?”

“About that, there are rumours about this territory’s feudal lord Carlo and the other nobles are about to battle against each other”

“That’s right, it’s a sign that there is conflict between the nobles.”

Hoh, my seniors are pretty good.
 But there’s already rumours about that?
 Though the matters with the king and the engagement aren’t known yet I have to work carefully in more than one way.

“Is that so? Carefully investigate this matter again. I found a shop which could become a new source for information–”

 I was talking about Doloa of “the goddess’s hall”.

“Stop by there and listen to the hostess’ rumours. It’s a high-class shop so avoid making careless mistakes repeatedly.”

“A luxurious brothel, I always wanted to see one~”

 Hey hey, Bass-senpai, you can’t do anything, absolutely not.
 I have to remind Doloa to not let them do anything.
 As we had such a discussion the female hobbit thief Pick returned.

“Big bro, long time no see! So, how can I help you today?”


  1. So regarding the Mister here. Crescent Moon sometimes referres to him as Akatsuki no dan’na sometimes which is used when referring to a male customer of sorts. So until I found something better I’m going to continue using mister 
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  3. Bye-bye money. 
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  5. Oh? She spend money on you~ though she did take quite the sum 

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