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[Vol. 2] Chapter 16 – Operation DDT IV

“I’ll do my best!”

 As Elsa said this she looked at me with sparkling eyes.
 Elsa’s lips were only 10 centimetres away from mine.
 ****, I can’t move.

 After hearing that story I can’t possibly stop her.
 When I thought that Elsa suddenly closed her eyes.
 She put her chin up a bit and lightly pursed her lips.

 ……Thi, thi, this.
 Does she perhaps want to kiss?
 Impossible, impossible, impossible.
 It’s not only because I’m inexperienced but after hearing that story it’s just impossible!

“Ehm, Carlo-sama?”

 Elsa who was tired of waiting opened her eyes and looked at me who became stiff.

Ah, no, it’s nothing. I just admired the scenery a little.”

“Is that so? I’m relieved. I thought you don’t like me after all.”

“No, it’s alright. Rather I think that you are very pretty.”

“Ehe, thank you very much”

 Elsa laughed a little timidly.

“Uhm, should we first take a bath? The other older sisters told me that procedure is good!”

 Ba, ba, baaath!
 Entering together, that?
 WhaWhaWhaWhaWhaWhaWhaWhat should I do?

 While I was suffering Elsa stood up and looked into the bathroom.

“It feels good. I’ll wash your back”

 Then Elsa took my hand and made me stand up.
 I was just standing there without moving an inch.
 Like this Elsa started to undress me.

 First, she took my jacket followed by my shirt, Elsa folded the clothes she successfully stripped from my body carefully one by one.
 I was merely standing there.
 Elsa kneeled down to strip me of my socks and pants.
 Finally only my underwear was remaining. 
 Elsa just reached out to it.

 Just this is no good.
 I hastily turned around and went away from Elsa.


“This much is fine. I’ll do this myself.”

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 When I said that I took off my underwear without Elsa seeing and went into the bathroom.

“I’ll enter first.”

 I said that, entered the bathroom and quickly started to soak in the hot bathwater.
 The water had a good temperature but that’s not important now.
 Coming, she’ll definitely come.
 She’ll come soon.
 Just thinking about it made my heart beat awfully fast.

“Excuse me”

 The moment I heard Elsa’s voice I saw her silhouette beyond the steam.
 I averted my eyes immediately but for a moment I saw Elsa’s figure just warped in a towel.
 Those long slender legs exposed until the thigh were immediately burned into my mind.

“Is it fine if you to come out so I can wash your back?”

 As I heard Elsa’s voice I left the bathtub without saying a word.
 While being careful not to look and not to be seen.
 I just turned my back towards Elsa and sat down on the small wooden chair.
 My whole body hardens from the tension.

 Elsa washed my back with a sponge covered in bubbles.
 It feels comfortable since my mother washed me like this when I was small as well.
 But it isn’t mum who’s washing my back right now.

“Then, could you please turn around so that I can wash your front as well?”

 The front!?
I twisted my body and snatched the sponge from Elsa’s hand.
 The valley of her chest warped in a towel instantly jumped into my view.
 It’s not the same size as Crescent Moon’s or Rozea’s but it was still considerable.

“I’ll wash it myself so it’s fine”

“Eh, but……”

 I ignored Elsa’s dissatisfied voice, turned my back to her with emphasis and hastily washed myself.
 Of course, carefully.
 When I finished washing myself I drew some hot water and poured it over myself.
 Then I just jumped into the bathtub.

“I’ll wash it”

“No, it’s fine”

 I said so as I turned the other way in the bathtub as to not look towards Elsa.
 I didn’t see it but I knew that Elsa was washing her body by the sound of it.

“Ehm, excuse me”

 After a while, I heard the sound of a body entering, Elsa entered the bathtub.
 Aaaaah, our bodies are touching.
 My whole nerves were concentrated in my right shoulder were Elsa was coming into contact with me.
 ****, I can’t move.

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 Elsa gently but her head on my shoulder.
 I, I’m…… At my limit!!

“I’m leaving first”

 As I said this curtly I jumped out of the bathtub.
 I hastily wiped my body with a towel.

 What should I do from now on……?
 It feels weird to put on my clothes again.
 In the end, I bound a towel around my waist and went to the bedroom.
 Besides, I don’t have the courage to welcome Elsa after coming out of the bathroom in this form.

 I’ll just crawl into the bed first.
 ****, ****, ****.
 This is completely going in that direction.

 Of course, I came to this shop with that intention.
 But to think my partner would be so cute and nice, what’s more, I’m her first customer.
 What should I do?
 But I came here to feel good but she’s such a good child.

 While I had this conflict in my heart someone left the bath.
 I subtly heard the sound of someone wiping their body with a towel.
 That means Elsa is naked right now……?!

 A sign that she will come over soon.
 I unintentionally turned my face the other way as to not look at her.
 Then the candle at the entrance of the room got put out, the light disappeared and the room became dusky.

“Sorry, I’ve kept you waiting”

 I heard a person coming closer to the bed, then I felt the futon getting pushed back next Elsa entered the bed and lay next to me.
 I couldn’t move with me faced to the other side.

 Both of us just kept on laying in silence for a while before Elsa opened her mouth.

“Ehm, Carlo-sama?”


 Ah, I shouldn’t have answered.
 I’m nearly suffocating with tension.
 Though I didn’t brush my teeth, will I be alright?⌈1

“If this is a misunderstanding, forgive me for my rudeness.”

“I don’t mind. Say it”

“Could it be that this is Carlo-sama’s first time coming to a shop like this?”

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 I, I, I got found out!
 What should I do?
 How should I answer her?
 I’m the villain Carlo, I should play it cool at times like this.
 But honestly, I don’t have such confidence.
 What should I do?

 I came to the conclusion, to be honest.
 There’s no way I can hide behind some cool act.
 Besides, I believe that this Elsa wouldn’t make fun of me for that.

“……That’s true”

“So it was like this after all! I knew it because you were so tense.” 

“Ahaha, I was found out after all, huh?”
After I talked honestly the power left my shoulders.
 I turned around and faced Elsa.
 Elsa’s faced bloomed 5 centimetres before me.
 It at was such a distanced that our noses seemed to nearly touch.

“I actually don’t have any experience with shops like this. I’m really tense as I don’t know what I should do.”⌈2

 As I told her the truth Elsa laughed with a smile……She lightly kissed me.
 That’s a kiss?
 Though I feel very excited and nervous it feels kind of warm.

“Leave it to me. I did hear some things from the other older sisters so I’ll lead you!”

 As she said so Elsa tore off the futon and lay on me.
 Elsa’s naked body was exposed.
 Her chest was hitting mine.
 I think I can feel her tips touching me somehow.
 I unintentionally hugged Elsa’s body with both hands.

 Elsa’s body was shaking a little.
 She’s trying really hard but she can’t hide this trembling.
 For an instant, I thought she was cold but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Relax and leave everything to me”

“Elsa, one moment, okay?”

“Yes, what is it?”

 Elsa looked at my face with a tensed up face.
 I smiled awkwardly

“Elsa, do you have experience with those kinds of things?”

“Like I said, this is my first job but I heard how to do it from the other older sisters- -”

“That’s not it, have you done something like this with a man before?”

 Elsa tensed up for an instant and evaded her eyes, turning to the side.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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“Ehm, it’s… my first time……”

“The kiss?”

“Ehm, the one earlier… was my first as well.”

 It’s like this after all, huh?
 I thought as much.

“Let’s stop”

“Eh? But……”⌈3

“It’s fine already. Let’s stop here.”

“I’m sorry, do you hate inexperienced virgins? Ehm I’m really… sowwy”

 Elsa’s eyes were filled with tears.⌈4

“That’s not it. Everything is alright, you don’t have to cry, Elsa”

 That being said I put Elsa next to me.
 I covered her with a futon.

“Elsa, how much did you borrow from Doloa?”⌈5


  1. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything 
  2. Aaah….. this whole chapter I was nearly dying…. laughing, crying I can’t decide. That’s there reason for the delayed chapter <__< I was laying trembling on my table for half the time 
  3. Yeah, but… 
  4. Well in a sense he got what he wanted. A guy who makes girls cry 
  5. Bye-bye rest of the money you had … not like I didn't expect that…. sigh…. Seems like Elsa isn't a schemer, that's a good thing ~Fun fact: looks like the author planned this scene when he was creating this story's setting by the way 
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