[Vol. 2] Chapter 15 – Operation DDT III

Me, a virgin, playing around with an inexperienced girl?!
 That’s absolutely impossible!

“I’m sorry I can’t meet your request. But I can assure you that this child will satisfy you.”

 Doloa smiled at me for some reason and called out to the black-dressed uncle standing next to her.

“You should first take a look. Please bring Elsa”⌈1

 The black clothed uncle bowed respectfully and left.
 Eh, are you really bringing the girl here?⌈2

“Doloa, isn’t there a regular girl who’s free for me now……”

“Carlo-sama, don’t worry. You’ll surely like her when you see her”

 Ah, it’s no use.
 Negotiating with that Doloa is rather tough.
 There’s a huge gap in experience.
 The door was immediately knocked.


 Following Doloa’s voice the door opened and a girl timidly entered.
 Though not as much as Doloa she was a pretty tall girl with defined facial features.
 She’s around 18 years old and certainly quite pretty.
 She seemed to be considerably tense.

“Doloa-san, you called for me?”

“Elsa, say hello to this person. He’ll be your customer.”

“Eh? Ehm, I’m Elsa. Please take care of me.”

 Elsa looked into my eyes and told me her name then she briskly bowed.

“Ah, no, ehm, Doloa!”

“How is it? Isn’t she a refined, good girl? Her style is quite good as well.”

“That might be the case but I’d want a different girl after all……”⌈3

“Oh? Does she not suite Carlo-sama’s taste?”

 The moment Doloa said this, tears ran down the girl called Elsa’s face.⌈4
 Uwawawaa, don’t cry.

“Ehm, sniff, am I no good after all? I’m not as beautiful as the other older sisters and my back is wide.”

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“No, it’s not that, it’s not that, but”

“Right? If it’s this child you’ll surely like her. She’s a good child after all.”

 Doloa said this.
 ……It’s impossible.
 I can’t tell them to send me another girl right in front of this girl.⌈5

“Got it, that girl’s fine.”

“Thank you. Elsa, give him your thanks, he’s going to be your first customer.”

“Th, thank you very much! I’ll do my best, so please take care of me.”

 Elsa was happy again and lowered her head.
 My mind has already gone blank.

“Then Carlo-sama, would it be fine if you’d pay first?”⌈6

“Yeah. How much is it?”⌈7

“That would be three gold coins”

 I handed her one white gold coin and put the remaining four white gold coins and my change of seven gold coins back into the small bag.

“As you can see, Elsa, he’s rich and has a high social position. Try your hardest to satisfy him.”

“Understood, I’ll do my best”

 ……What are you going to do your best in?
 Having a younger girl say that to me it isn’t strange for me to feel kind of guilty.

 I left the small room together with Elsa, climbed up the grand staircase under the guidance of the black-clothed uncle and entered a room on the second floor.
 The room is divided into a room with a sofa and a small table in it, a bathroom and a bedroom.
It was so wide and clean that one wouldn’t believe it was a room belonging to such a shop.

“You have time until tomorrow’s sunrise. Please enjoy your time and relax.”

 The uncle carefully lowered his head and left the room, now it was just me and Elsa.
 Uwaa~, the feeling of tension is strong.
 I have no idea what to talk about.

“I’m Elsa. Thank you for choosing me today. I’m inexperienced in what to do at first but I will serve you with all my heart so please take care of me.”

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 Surprisingly Elsa suddenly sat down on the floor and lowered her head.
 Dogeza exists in this world?⌈8
 I mean I’ll get even tenser if you do such a thing.

“I, it’s fine even if you’re not acting that formal. So, let’s sit here”

  I took Elsa’s hand who was kneeling on the floor to help her stand up.
 Uwa, I unintentionally touched her.

“Ah, then please excuse me.”

 Elsa sat down beside me when I sat down on the sofa.
 Uwa, she got super close.
 Though Rozea from the Moulin Rough also sat close to me she didn’t stick to me like that.
 Throb, throb, throb⌈9
 Though I unintentionally wanted to leave I did my best to stay.⌈10

“Ehm, how should I call you?”

“Call me Carlo.”

 As Elsa is taller than Carlo I had to look up to her from below.
 Close, she’s close!

“Carlo-sama, I’m in your care”

“Elsa, how old are you?”

“I turned 18 this year”

 My estimate just got proven right.
 Aah, Her wide open eyes and her nose ridge were just like those of a doll.
 She seemed to be pretty nervous her expression became really cute.
 I’m still quite nervous.
 Mmm, what should we talk about?

“Elsa, why did you start doing this kind of work?”

 As I casually asked her this Elsa suddenly looked down.⌈11
 She dropped her shoulders and started to speak with a small voice while looking down.

“Ehm, when I was small my parents died and I was brought up by my grandparents……”

 Aaah, I messed up!
 Let’s listen for the time being, but this is something I shouldn’t have touched, isn’t iiit?
 At times like this inexperience brings about bad results.

“My grandparents have a small shop but recently my grandpa fell ill. My grandma is still running the shop while also nursing my grandpa……”

 Ah, I can’t listen anymore I’ll get blue otherwise.
 But I can’t stop her because I asked her myself.
 The only thing I can do is listen and nod.

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“Though I helped out as much as possible the sales fell nevertheless and we were gradually becoming unable to buy new goods and pay the rent.”

 Aah, it’s sad.
 For such a pretty girl to come to a store like this there had to be such a reason.
 Why did I ask such a thing? I’m so stupid.⌈12

“My grandpa’s disease became worse and worse so I had a famous doctor examine him. Then he told me that he had to take some very expensive medicine for a while to be cured”

 Please forgive me already.
 I’m the bad one for asking.⌈13

“My grandpa can’t afford to borrow money and I don’t have the money to pay for the medicine. He told me I shouldn’t worry about him. However, I tried asking some people I know to borrow me some money but they all declined.”

 At that point, Elsa raised her face and smiled when she looked into my eyes.
 Her eyes were filled with tears.

“At that time I was introduced to Doloa-san. Doloa-san told me I could earn money with this shop but because it’s really hard it’s fine to stop any time. She told me it would be much better if I’d become the mistress of a rich person. But I don’t know someone like that and if I don’t get the money soon my grandpa will die. That’s why I borrowed money from Doloa-san. I told her I would work hard and return it.”

 She said so with a smile and wiped away her tears.

“I’m very grateful to Doloa-san. Thanks to her I was able to pay our shop’s rent, I could also buy the medicine for my grandpa, and I read in a letter from my grandma that he’s doing better after just taking it for a while. That’s why I want to work hard here to pay Doloa-san back and let my grandparents enjoy an easy life. That’s why I’ll give it my best”
……I give up.
 What did I want to do to such a good child?⌈14
 What Operation DDT, it’s the lowest.
 Can’t make passes at such a child.

“Ehm, Carlo-sama, That Carlo, I think it’s really good that Carlo-sama is my first customer. You’re gentle for silently listening to my worthless life story. Thanks to you I feel better. I’ll do my best from now on so please always be this affectionate, okay?”

 I seem gentle, though I’m supposed to be villain?
 Besides I leave my money in a shop like this and was going to do that kind of thing.
 Stop it, don’t look at me with those sparkling eyes.⌈15


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