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[Vol.2] Chapter 17 – Redeem

“Elsa, how much did you borrow from Doloa?”


 Not understanding the meaning of my question Elsa looked at me puzzled.
 She still had tears in her eyes.

“I’m asking what the amount of money you borrowed is.”

“Eehm, it’s 50 gold coins……”⌈2

 Elsa replied unwillingly.
 That’s 5 million Japanese Yen, isn’t it?
 That’s a large amount of money for a girl her age.⌈3
 That’s a large sum of money for the me from my original world as well.

“When you returned it are you able to quit this job?”

“Eh, yes, but I have to try harder and earn money to – -”

“You want to let your grandparents have an easier life, right? But you don’t have to do it through this job, right?”

“That’s right, but how else should I earn money?”

 That’s right, for a girl her age it’s hard to earn as much as 5 million yen to return it and continue earning money.
 Besides, there isn’t any gender equality in this world.
 It’s different from my original world because I modelled this world after the medieval Europe.⌈4

“Elsa, what do you think of m- – me?”⌈5

“As I said a while ago, I think you are a gentle person.”

“Do you dislike me?”

“How could I dislike you? For Carlo-sama to be my first customer, I was really relieved – -”

 I see, she doesn’t dislike me.
 Then let’s do this … after all.

“Elsa, you said something a while ago. There’s another method, becoming the mistress of a rich person.”

“Yeah, though Doloa-san told me this would be better”

“How about you become my mistress? Even though I say mistress I won’t do anything to you forcibly. If you don’t like it you can go whenever you want. Of course, I’ll pay you a monthly salary so you can properly support your grandparents.”⌈6

“Eh?! But we didn’t do anything yet, right?”

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“There’s no need to rush. It’s your first time, it’s better to know each other a little more before doing this stuff, then Elsa can decide if you really want to do it with me.”

 And when I’m prepared, okay?

“But I can’t possibly accept this much from you”

“It’s fine, if Elsa’s fine with it I’m also fine with it. Are you against it?”

“It’s……It’s not like I’m against it……But I’m sorry I can’t after all……”

“If Elsa isn’t against it then it’s settled. Let’s go talk to Doloa about it immediately.”

 I quickly got up from the bed.
 After I put on my clothes I left the room without looking at Elsa.
 When I looked at the carefully folded clothes thoughts of the lovely Elsa rose up.⌈7

 This isn’t love.⌈8
 Of course, it isn’t affection⌈9⌋ either, it might just be out of pity.
 In the end, it’s only me helping her for my own self-satisfaction.
 But isn’t that fine?
 I’m mostly the villain Carlo, keeping one mistress around is just fine!
 ……Though I’m still a virgin.

 I waited for Elsa to get dressed and left the room together.
 A black dressed man, who was standing in the corridor and different from the one at the entrance, came over in a hurry.

“Are you returning already? Though I hadn’t stood her for long but is there something you are dissatisfied with?”

“No, I want to talk to Doloa. I’m sorry but could you get her?”

 We went down the stairs and were led into the room from a while ago.
 Elsa stood completely tense next to me.

“Carlo-sama, is that really fine?”

“I said it’s fine, didn’t I? Or are you against is?”

 Elsa lightly shook her head.

“Didn’t I say I’m not against it? But I still can’t believe it.”

“Then sit down. I’ll make you believe it soon”

 When I was talking about such things I heard someone knocking on the door.

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“Well, Carlo-sama, what can I do for you? Did this child do something wrong?”

 Doloa entered with a smile on her lips.
 She moved in a sexy yet elegant way, as one would expect.
 This person surely fought 100 battles.⌈10

“No, in fact, I want to take Elsa back home.”

“Well, did you like her that much? That’s fine. Our store can also send women to mansions, hotels and – -”

“That’s not it”

 I interrupted Doloa in a serious tone.

“I want to have Elsa in my hand’s reach all the time. Of course, I’ll pay an appropriate amount of money.”

“Well, do you want to redeem her?”⌈11

Redeem her, she said, huh?
 I feel like I heard this in a historical drama or read it in a historical novel.

“Did you hear about that child’s circumstances?”

“Yeah. She said she borrowed money from you, Doloa.”

“You know about that as well, huh?”

 Doloa looked towards Elsa with a straight face.
 Until a while ago she used a professional type of voice but now she asked her in a little lower tone.

“Elsa, how about you? Do you want to go with this Carlo-sama?”

 Elsa was puzzled for a bit and threw inquiring looks towards me.
 When I nodded she turned towards Doloa again as she made up her mind.

“I want to go with Carlo-sama if you allow it Doloa-san”

“……Is, is that so?”

 As Doloa slightly sighed she started to speak to me.

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“To tell the truth, I was against that child doing this kind of work. You can earn money but this job is many times harder.”

 Then she continued with a slightly bitter smile.

“For this to happen after just the first customer. This is the first time I saw something like this even with my long experience.”

“Well, that’s to be expected”

“Carlo-sama, I won’t object to this child’s wishes. Could you please make this child happy?”

 Carlo is a villain in this world and I myself have no experience in going out with a girl.
 That’s why I honestly don’t know if I can make her happy.
 But I could at least grant her freedom.
 She will still be happier than in this present situation.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I wonder if I’m able to make someone happy. But I do want to make her happy.”

“Is it so? It’s good if you think this way. Can you pay the money?”

 If the amount Elsa borrowed from Doloa is 50 gold coins that would be five white gold coins.⌈12
 There’s definitely interest on it so it’s probably higher than that.

“How much should I pay? If I don’t have enough at hand I will let the missing amount be delivered to you.”

“Carlo-sama, your budget for today’s joyride was five white gold coins, right?”

“Yeah, I spend a bit of it just now though”

“Then the rest of it is fine. Please pay the four white gold coins and seven gold coins you have with you.”

“Hey, then- -”

 I was trying to say that Doloa would make losses this way but she just shook her head and stopped me.

“Though I’m also running a business offering these types of things but before that I see myself as a mother to those children. Please take good care of this child. That enough for me”


As Elsa heard Doloa’s words she couldn’t utter a single one.
 She covered her mouth with both hands and merely shed tears.
 I was also impressed by Doloa’s kind nature.

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“Got it. I’ll cherish this promise.”

“Then that’s fine. Then would you kindly hand over the money?”

 Doloa smiled happily and held out her right hand towards me.
 I took out the four white gold coins and seven gold coins out of the small pouch and put them on her hand.

“Shouldn’t I pay at least another two gold coins?”⌈13

“I’m not that much of a stingy person. This much is fine.”

 After she said this she spoke to the black-clothed man who stood behind her.

“Please, go and get Elsa’s deed”

 The uncle immediately returned with a piece of paper.

“Now, with this you are free”

 As she said that Doloa tore the deed she received into four pieces and handed them to Elsa.


“Now, what are you doing, get your bags right away. Get out of here together with Carlo-sama”

“Ah, ye, yes!” 

 Elsa left the room in a hurry.

“Carlo-sama, thank you. I didn’t want to let that child work here from the beginning. The world is still unknown to this child. Please, be gentle.”

“I understand. Apart from that, Doloa seems to have a lot of information.”

“If you work in this kind of field for so many years various rumours will come your way.”

 That’s right, various people will come and go.
 Besides this is a super high-quality shop.
 People with high social positions will come here.

“Doloa, I have a request.”

“……What is it?”

 From this flow of our talk, Doloa seems to have gotten a little cautious.

“Actually, I was asked by His Majesty to move for the sake of Franz Kingdom’s and Ruan’s security. If it’s fine with you, could you cooperate with me?”

“I was born and raised in this town Ruan so I want to be of help to His Majesty. But isn’t it dangerous?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I would never bother Doloa or the shop. Just tell me the noble’s state and rumours.”

“Certainly a lot of nobles come to this house. If I can be of help to His Majesty it’s not bothersome but can you pay me properly?”

 As one would expect, she’s persistent.
 But the information I could get here is pretty attractive.
 I knew my reason for coming to this town Ruan as well as I know the scar on my face.

“Of course. I’ll pay you well. Since it’s like this I’ll tell an organisation called the “Rabbit group” to come over from time to time, please tell them the information.”

“My, what a cute name, “Rabbit group”.”

 Doloa laughed in an interesting way.

“Yeah, I’d just like you to not tell them about me. Officially, I’m not supposed to be involved. Give the information to a man called “Akatsuki” instead”

“How very interesting. Akatsuki-san, right? Understood. But is that fine? I might tell someone this information, you know?”

“I believe that I can trust you Doloa. When such a thing happens then that means I was just wrong.”⌈14

“Well, if you say things like that I can’t go around and talk, can I? Alright, I won’t tell this to anyone”

“Also don’t let the Rabbit group’s men play around here. If those guys fall into bankruptcy I would have to settle it.”

“What a pity. You seemed like you’d make a good customer.”

 Doloa laughed in a loud voice.
 That’s not a joke, I’d have to take over every debt those guys made even if it was made while playing around!

“Sorry, I’ve have kept you waiting”

 The door was knocked and Elsa entered.
 She changed from her sexy dress from a while into some simple clothes which probably belonged to her.
 Yes, this appearance fits my preference.
 It goes well with Elsa’s natural cuteness.

“You came. Elsa, serve Carlo-sama well. But if he’s doing terrible things to you just run away and hide here.”

“Hey, hey, that won’t happen.”

 As I protested Doloa laughed interestingly and said.

“That’s a joke. This child is now in your care.”

 While being seen off by the uncles and Doloa Elsa and I left the “Goddess’s Hall”.

“Thank you very much. I will serve you the best I can from now on.”

“Yeah, Elsa, please take care of from now on.”

 Elsa embraced me and I hugged her shoulders.
 Out of nowhere, we kissed a second time.⌈15
 Then someone suddenly called out to me from the darkness.

“Uhm, ehem, would you mind introducing her?”


  1. The title actually means to buy someone out of bondage (esp. prostitutes) So every time you see redeem in this chapter it actually means this 
  2. Heh, bye-bye rest of the money… 
  3. That’s a lot of money for any normal person…. 
  4. So it’s different from the modern world is was he means 
  5. He wanted to use boku and switched to ore 
  6. What a fine villain e__e 
  7. He used itoshi = beloved/dear/lovely etc 
  8. Here it’s koi= love/tender passion 
  9. Here it’s ai = Love/ Affection 
  10. As in night time battles 
  11. It’s the same as the title, muike 
  12. What a coincidence 
  13. Be happy she doesn’t want more, goddamnit! 
  14. And that might cause a looot of trouble, meaning she won’t have much of a disadvantage but you’ll get into trouble if she tells someone with more money if she’s that kind of character 
  15. Well, at least he’s no kissing virgin anymore 
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