[Vol. 2] Chapter 14 – Operation DDT II

Just entering the back alley of the main street changed the atmosphere drastically.
 Curtains were hanging in the shop’s windows on both sides.
 As the entrance door opened pink light spills out onto the street.

 Within that light a silhouette of a person standing at the shop’s entrance arises.
 It was a woman with the fullest degree of skin exposure.

“Hey that good-looking mister over there, won’t you play with me?”

“I’m a lot better~. I’ll take you to heaven.”

 As we went along the street sexy Onee-san’s were calling out to me.
 Doji’s eyes were spinning in bewilderment.

“Ca, Carlo-sama, why are these women acting so shameless? What in the heavens……?”

 Honestly, I’m nervous but I can’t show that on my face.
 I can’t afford to stop now because I already decided on a shop.

“Doji, is it the first time you come to a place like this?”

“Ye, yes. As expected of Carlo-sama, to be familiar with this.”

 Doji looked at me with admiration.
 Fufun, Doji is definitely a virgin.
 I’m also still one, though.
 But soon DDT will be carried out.

 My objective shop should be further back.
 After we walked for a while we reached an especially luxurious building.
 Unlike the other shops, its doors were closed and a shield with the name “The Goddess’s hall” was hanging in front of it.
 It’s here, no doubt.

“Sorry, but could you wait here?”

 I called out to Doji.
 Doji looked up at the luxurious building and seemed dumbfounded.

“Ye, yes, I’ll wait for you here.”

 Haa, Fuu
 I took a deep breath without Doji noticing and opened the doors.
 Unlike the shabby shops I saw in the street this shop is illuminated with bright light giving of a luxurious feelings.
 A huge chandelier hung above the grand staircase covered in a bright red soft and fluffy carpet in front of me.

“Welcome. Do have a reservation?”

 I thought a sexy Onee-san would come to greet me but instead a tough-looking old man wearing a tie and black formal wear bowed deeply and greeted me.

“No, I don’t have a reservation.”

“Certainly. Did you visit our shop before already?”

“This would be my first time”

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“Is that so? Thank you for visiting our shop. Our store has the best women in all of Ruan. Dear costumer, which type of goddess would you like to request for today?”

 OK, now comes the important part.

“Let’s see, I want you to choose about five of your best women”

“Ha? Five people is it?”⌈1

“That’s right. Let’s have all five at the same time, shall we? Choose the best women without minding the money.”⌈2

“Pl, please wait in this room for a bit. I shall call the person in charge.”

 The black clothed Uncle suddenly led me to a small room opposite to the grand staircase.
 It was a small and cozy room but the furniture was luxurious.
 Is this the waiting room for special guest?

 When I sat down on the sofa and waited for a while I heard knocking on the door and a person entered.
 It was a large women wearing a purple dress followed by the black-clothed uncle from a little while ago who entered.
 She should be in her late 30s or her early 40s in terms of age, an auntie, but she probably was a beautiful woman in her younger days, even now she’s a beautiful woman.
 From the dresses neckline one could see a rich valley.

 Though she certainly seemed to be experienced and capable to take the lead but I’d prefer someone a little younger…….
 But I wonder if she would be better for a beginner, but still, you know?⌈3

 The moment those thoughts kept on spinning in my head the woman bowed and began to speak.

“Welcome. I’m the owner of this Goddess’s hall, Doloa.”
Ah, she was this place’s owner, huh?⌈4
 I thought she was the person who would keep me company and I certainly got impatient.

“I heard you want our five best women?”

“That’s right. I want five to keep me company.”

“Excuse me, but we are high-quality shops. If you want five women to keep you company at the same time it will become considerably expensive.”

“I don’t mind. I have money”

 As I said so I took out the five white gold coins out of the small back and put them on the table.
 I might get swindled but this is an once-in-a-lifetime chance.⌈5
 I didn’t plan to be stingy in the first place.⌈6

“Wow, white gold coins. And five pieces of them……”

 That woman who called herself Doloa smiled at me bewitchingly.

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“You’re used to playing around, aren’t you? So you can’t be satisfied by just one anymore?”

“Ah, yeah, something like that.”

 ……I have to show off.

“I see, you’re truly Margrave Medici-sama.”

 ? !

“Why do you know my name?”

 Could I perhaps have come here before I reincarnated?!⌈7
 That’s bad, if that girl is familiar with him…….
 Carlo might have been to 100 battles already but for me, that would be my first campaign.
 If the other party really is familiar with me I will certainly get found out.
 What should I do, my heart is beating fast…….

“Though this Doloa didn’t live in this night world for a long time. There’s no one else with blond hair and a scar on their cheek to be willing to pay so much money for some night time fun. I recently got the information that Margrave Medici-sama came to Ruan so I was able to recognise you immediately.”

 Doloa gave me a perfect smile.
 What a relief, you weren’t familiar with Carlo, huh?
 Still, it just has been a few days since I fell from my horse and got hurt.
 That person has some great intelligence gathering ability and analytical skill.

“I was found out, and here I thought I could go play without others knowing about it.”

When I smiled wryly unintentionally, Doloa began to laugh.

“Margrave-sama, please be at ease, we will keep this a secret as it is part of our job.”

“Just Carlo is fine. You’d save me if you do.”

“Then Carlo-sama, I’m sorry but I cannot meet your demand.”

“Why, is the money, not enough?”

“As if that could be possible. It’s because tomorrow is a holiday.”

 Tomorrow is a holiday, so what?

“In shops like this, the night before a holiday is the busiest. Besides, the girls working here just keep one customer company per night. This stems from the idea of instead having a high rate of customers we would let the customer play slowly to their heart’s content. Unfortunately, today every girl I could recommend Carlo-sama is already accompanying customers.”

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 Tha, that can’t be.⌈8
 I was able to gather all my courage with much effort just to carry out Operation DDT.

“Then, it’s fine if it’s not the best women. Three instead of five would be fine as well. Is it still not possible?”

“There isn’t any girl available with the confidence to serve a gentlemen like Carlo-sama. But the ones I would recommend with the confidence are all waiting on customers already……”

“Ca, can’t you do anything about this?”

 I am desperate.
 If I miss my chance tonight I feel like there won’t come one again anytime soon.⌈9
 Doloa seemed to be lost in thoughts for a while but got to a conclusion somehow and then looked at me with mischievous eyes.

“Carlo-sama, how about you play in a different way though it’s different from what you hoped for?”

“If there’s a partner available then by all means, but what do you mean with “in a different way”?”

“I’m just asking because it’s someone like you, Carlo-sama. Though I think that people who are used to playing around wouldn’t be able to bear this.”

 I’m not at all used to playing around.
 Far from used to playing around, I’m completely inexperienced.
 But I can’t say something like this right now, I have to let Operation DDT succeed.

“Hoh, sounds interesting. What is it?”

“Actually, there’s someone who just joined the shop recently and that girl has yet to have her first customer. Until today I taught her manners and courtesy, I was planning to present her in this shop tomorrow. How about you become this girl’s first customer?”

 No, no, no, no.
 That’s impossible!
 Even though I don’t have any experience myself, I should be that girl’s first after entering the shop?
 That’s absolutely impossible!!
 But I can’t decline with an atmosphere like this, what will you do, Carlo?!


  1. Sigh 
  2. No, mind the money please… I feel like you won’t have enough…. or it’s exactly 5 white gold coins…. hah… 
  3. Don’t say anything… just sit and stay…. 
  4. It’s not like you were told that. Oh, wait, you were. Goldfish memory 
  5. No, it isn’t. You can do that sometime later too. The money on the other hand… poor money… 
  6. You could have just taken out one ……… 
  7. Well, it’s not like Carlo wasn’t playing around before you took over you know? 
  8. Well, it was kinda obvious, but the money is saaaafe. That’s important 
  9. Heh, bullshit. It’s not like you couldn’t just go out at night and go at it. 

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