[Vol. 2] Chapter 13 – Operation DDT I

The morning of the next day after I met with Frau I talked about the attack with Lunos and Nals.
 I wonder why they didn’t ask me about why I went out.

“Masked men wearing black?”

“Yeah, and they were obviously part of a professional group. They executed cooperative movements and would take their own lives without a second thought to protect a secret.”

“This is either Duke Rejum’s doing or someone close to him, no doubt.”

 Lunos also nods at Nals words.

“That’s right. They might attack Carlo-sama again. Please be careful.”

“Yeah, you should also be careful. How did it go on your side, Lunos?”

“From the list I received I contacted several noble families on bad terms with Duke Rejum and two of them wish to meet you. Do you want to meet them?”

“I want to see them as soon as possible. Make an appointment.”

“The other party seems to think the same way as well. I will try to arrange a meeting as soon as today.”

 At noon I met the two nobles of the Anti-Rejum-group which Lunos told me about.
 They are both weak and old nobles but they are both old men who experienced a lot.

“My~ Carlo-dono is so young and yet so very level-headed already.”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s a wonderful desire wanting to serve His Majesty the King without fearing that Rejum.”

“Generally that Rejum is acting so bossy now but we know him since his snot was still dripping out of his nose.”

“That’s right, that’s right, back then in the old days he was still wetting his bed and now he’s looking down on these old eagles here.”

“Carlo-dono, let us join hands and give that impudent Rejum a good beating.”

“That’s right, that’s right, we have to work hard for His Majesty the King’s sake! We already served the preceding King so we shall pick up our swords again for His Majesty – -”

 I listened to their endlessly long story but thanks to that I was able to gain their support somehow.
 They seemed to agree to my engagement with Sharon.
 It seems like those two know a sure fire joke they’d like to tell at the wedding party, well, there aren’t any plans for us marry, though.
 As the other party was already pretty old the same stories came up again and again.
 But I also gained something thanks to those stories.
 I heard about those black dressed shinobi which attacked me yesterday from those two people.

“Ooh, it must have been the dark corps”

“That’s right, it’s Kouga village’s dark corps.”

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“Kouga village? Where is it?”

 These two answer my questions without having to even think about it.
 Old people know a lot about old stories.

“There’s a village of that name in the territory Earl McBell rules. It is said the hidden village Kouga is located there.”

“That’s right, that’s right, I heard that all people from Kouga got taught in the art of assassination from an early age.”

 Earl McBell, is it–?
 I’m sure I heard that name somewhere before.⌈1

“That Mcbell guy, Rejum and some other guys employ the dark corps to do some shady work for them”

“That’s right, that’s right, McBell also joined Rejum.”

Ah–, I remembered.
 It’s that mantis-like guy who messily threw those accusations at me from behind when I had my audience with the King, right?
 He seemed to have a lot of antipathy towards Carlo, no doubt.
 Sooner or later this will be settled with money but for now, let’s just wait and see.

 When the talks with the old nobles was over I returned to the mansion.
 Today Nals will come back late due to the negotiations with the Minister and Lunos seemed to continue gathering information, too.
 Alright, today’s my chance to make some progress with my plan.⌈2

 After dinner, I started to fix my appearance.
 I took a bath, brushed my teeth, changed into new underwear, and tried to dress more fashionably like Lunos.
 The fragrance is particularly important.
 I secretly borrowed Lunos’ perfume.⌈3
Let’s see if this fragrance is well liked by women and then buy it next time.⌈4

 Alright, done.
 Afterwards, I took my Oricalcum Sword and the small bag Pikaru gave me.⌈5

“Doji, I’m going out now. Follow me.”

 I called out to Doji who stood guard at the door and left the mansion.
 Though I was excited about meeting Frau yesterday today I’m so nervous.

 Based on the information I purchased from the Rabbit group I walked through the back alleys of the Capital Ruan.
 Night fell and the quiet city gradually started to become lively.
 I heard the cackling of drunkards and the chuckling of women from several shops.

 That’s right, this area represents Ruan’s face at night.
 I went through a street with many gorgeous bars lined up and entered the street at the end.
 According to the information, it should be around here.

 It’s the plan I set up even before I left Braham, I called it “Operation DDT”
 What does DDT stand for?
 It fittingly means “Datsu doutei”⌈6

 In my novel “Yuusha Tensei” I wrote that Carlo is popular with women even though he’s a villain.
 He’s a character who made many girls cry.
 Such a Carlo, can he stay a virgin forever?⌈7
 No, he can’t.

 This problem is so serious that I unintentionally started to use rhetorical questions.
 For my mission as the author to lead this story to a beautiful ending, that is.
 It’s necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible.
 For that purpose, I made the “Operation DDT/ Datsu Doutei”.

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 The contents of Operation DDT are like this.
 In my original world, I nearly have never associated with women other than my mother.
 I’ve never gone on a date and obviously didn’t do anything further than that either.

 When I came to this world I got some experience with talking to them and Rozea often grabbed my hand.
 If I think about the me from my original world that is great progress.
 But doing anything further is absolutely impossible as I get too nervous after all.

 Yesterday with Frau.……I thought, but it was all in vain after all.
 What’s necessary for this me?
 Isn’t it experience and the confidence coming with it?

 Even compared to Lunos and F, Carlo should also be a considerably good-looking man.
 If I increase my experience and confidence I shouldn’t feel that scared anymore.
 Then how does one obtain that?

 When I was worrying about those things the Rabbit group brought in some good information.
 It is said that “In the Capital, there are brothels with experienced women in them”.
 Isn’t that place just what I searched for?

 There were various types of women there from the lovely girl to the older sister full of sex appeal.
 Additionally, the quality and prices vary in each shop.
 I succeeded in finding an excellent shop where the highest-grade Onee-san’s were gathered.

 In my original world, to be honest, I wasn't really interested in these kinds of shops.

 But, as I thought, I was scared.
 I don’t know what kind of Onee-san will come out and what should I do if a scary Nii-san comes out and threatens me?
 I don’t even know what actions to take or what to talk about with a woman when it’s just the two of us in the first place.
 That’s why it was absolutely impossible for me to visit such a shop.

 In this world, I am Carlo, besides there’s the author’s correction.
 There’s no need to be afraid of this areas hooligans coming out either.
 I brought Doji with me as something like a bodyguard.

 But the question remains, what will I do if I’m alone with a woman?
 I’m completely nervous.
 I have no idea what to do.

 That’s where “Operation DDT” comes in.
 First, I’ll go to “the best shop” with the information I got.
 When I’m there I’ll be able to employ a lot of experienced Onee-sans.
 If I do that it won’t be a one-on-one situation so I might be able to relax.
 Besides, if there are so many Onee-sans even if I don’t do anything they’d probably do everything.
 Aah, this is complete debauchery.⌈8
 It could be said that this is a gorgeous battle appropriate for Villain Carlo’s debut match.

 Alright, that’s it.
 The problem, however, is that if I want to do something like that it will cost a tremendous amount of money.
 Something like that can’t be cheap and I want to do this in the best shop.
 But otherwise my strategy is perfect there’s not a single mistake in it.⌈9
 That’s why I asked Pikaru to prepare the money beforehand.
 Of course, I told Pikaru it’s a present for the Royal Family.⌈10

 The budget is five white gold coins.
 It’s a large sum of money when converted to Japanese yen it would be 500 million yen.
 With this amount of money, it’ll be alright no matter what might happen.

 Goodbye, my virginity.
 Right now Operation DDT will be carried out, with my utmost effort, seyo.


  1. Bad memory is bad… come on, it was literally yesterday for you…sigh… just to remind the reader, huh? 
  2. Is it the “other purpose” ya mentioned before? 
  3. Ya know that not every perfume is good for every person? It might mix badly with your body odour and doesn’t fit the type of person you are. Source: my sister. Thank you for pounding that knowledge into me 
  4. No, please… not bye-bye money again T__T 
  5. Another torture? Are you going to torture my poor soul again? 
  6. De-virgin. Death/Virginity. Or something like this. 
  7. How do you know the body’s still a virgin? It’s not like he started existing when you turned into him……. right? 
  8. So you are going to spend a tonne of money to pay a group of high-quality prostitutes cause you’re too scared to be alone with only one of em? Sigh….It hurts already 
  9. I’ll kick your ***…. You’re wasting beautiful money again! Aaah… bye-bye money again …. 
  10. Pikaru, find out about it and lecture him at least…. 

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