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[Vol. 1] Summary & Character list 1

[Summary of Part 1] The 22-year-old virgin, figurine otaku and aspiring light novel author, Ryosuke gets into a traffic accident while returning from a dinner party with his editor on the occasion of the release of the first volume of his light novel “Yuusha Tensei”. When he woke up again he reincarnated as Margrave Carlo de Medici, a character and villain of the novel “Yuusha Tensei” Ryosuke himself wrote. Ryosuke accepts his new reality though still puzzled and decides to lead his still unfinished story “Yuusha Tensei” to its end and magnificently play the role of the villain Carlo.

It’s another five years until the actual story begins and until the Hero reincarnates, until then everything has to be ready. Ryosuke seeks out the comrades which supported the villain Carlo in the story. The head maid Melissa, the butler Pikaru, the strongest knight F and Doji who admires Carlo and possesses herculean strength, everything seemed to go smoothly. But he was supposed to meet the money-grubbing masked mercenary, Akatsuki, why did the setting change to encountering the greedy female masked mercenary, Crescent Moon (big ****)? For some reason, the puzzled Carlo (= Ryosuke) ended up playing the role of the mysterious masked mercenary Akatsuki himself.

Ryosuke managed to play the two roles of the villain Carlo and the mysterious masked mercenary Akatsuki while somehow reforming the territory and preparing its national strength. In that time Akatsuki (=Carlo) (=Ryosuke) decided to turn the thief group he beat up into his personal spy group, the evil “Rabbit group”. In addition to his author correction cheat power he formed a contract with a Salamander fire spirit and learned some fire magic spells, learned how to ride his favourite horse, White King, got an Oricalcum Sword, met the magician, cat girl Knopf and was even able to get a Figurine otaku comrade, the tactician Nals, though he lost against F in a Sword Fighting Competition and landed in second place. Will Ryosuke (=Carlo) (=Akatsuki) who defeated a two-headed troll and keeps on playing around with the beautiful diva Felicia and the high-quality hostess Rozea be able to lead this story to its impressive ending? And what will be virgin Ryosuke’s course of action to manage that be?


Ryosuke……A 22-year-old aspiring light novel author. A virgin. A figurine otaku. With the goal of “becoming a writer” he posted novels on free novel posting sites and now his novel “Yuusha Tensei” is getting published as a book series for the first time. A thin man who hates to compete with others and tends to adapt to others opinions. He has a stronger attachment towards the villain Carlo than the main character the Hero of this novel.

Carlo……Full name Margrave Carlo de Medici. The novel “Yuusha Tensei’s” villain character. He’s a threat to the protagonist, the Hero Kazuma, since the very beginning, envies him and opposes him. For certain reasons he becomes the Demon King’s subordinate, but gets defeated by the Hero in the end and reforms (planned). He’s a blond handsome man but he has a big scar on his right cheek. He uses magic and a ******* Sword as weapon. 175cm tall. His character is broadminded, arrogant, free willed and unreasonably violent. At the time Ryosuke reincarnated he is 22 years old.

Kazuma……The protagonist of the novel “Yuusha Tensei”. At the time of the novel’s start, he is a 16-year-old high school student. He’ll reincarnate from the present age to a different world and will defeat the Demon king as the Hero (planned). It will be another 5 years until he reincarnates.

F ……His full name is Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, but because his name is too long he is called with an abbreviation, the strongest knight of Franz Kingdom. At the time of Ryosuke’s Reincarnation, he is 27 years old. Carlo’s Imperial Guard Order’s head with a loyal and awfully hardy personality. In the end, he will give up on Carlo and become the Hero’s ally (planned). He fights with a sword and shield. A super good-looking man with brown eyes and hair.

Pikaru……The Grand Chamberlain who serves Carlo. He’s a worrywart, faithful and straight-laced. Carlo calling him “baldie” caused a lot of stress for him. He has extraordinary talent in domestic administration.

Melissa……Carlo’s head maid. It seems like she owes Carlo some favour and will continue supporting Carlo until the end. Anyway, she’s a person good. (TN: I know it doesn’t really fit in here but I kinda wonder what happened to Carlo’s parents. I mean they shouldn’t have died of natural cause yet at least)

Marcus……The General who served the Medici border territory since the preceding generation. The former Head of the Imperial Guard Order. Very stubborn, but sharp-minded and an old man with a grey moustache. He had hardly any screen time in the original. Resembles the first captain of a space battleship.

Lunos……First Captain of the Imperial Guard Order. Before being beaten by F in the Sword Fighting Competition he was the number one swordsman of Braham. Number 1 Man beautiful women want to marry, he’s of noble birth, has blond hair and an elegant conduct.

Reina……A 17-year-old maid of Carlo. Careless. She has a palm-sized chest. A fujoshi/BL enthusiast.

Akatsuki……A mysterious mercenary who covers his face with a mask and part of Carlo’s group in the novel “Yuusha Tensei”. A money-grubbing man who would do anything for money. His favourite phrase is “But it depends on the money”. In the end, he will plainly betray Carlo (planned). – – Or so it should have been, but for some reason, it became Carlo’s (=Ryosuke) synonym when he became an adventurer for some reason.

Crescent moon……A character that didn’t appear in the novel. She’s a character rather similar to the original “Akatsuki”, but for some reason, the person who was supposed to be a man turned into a greedy woman for some reason. Big ****. She uses a short two-edged thick Gladius in her right hand and a single-edged, thin, curved Scimitar in her left hand, she’s also a master of archery.
Knopf……The cat girl magician. She’s able to use fire, water, wind and earth magic. A research enthusiastic mad scientist who researches combinations of low-level spells causing huge effects. But she isn’t that good with water magic. Is it because she’s a cat? On the inside, she is 30 years old but she looks like a 14-15-year-old. She’s half cat human half human. Does she have a tail……?

Doji……The child of a peasant under Carlo. He has an incredibly strong body and doesn’t really think deeply but he greatly respects Carlo. He uses clubs or axes.

Mirea & Lucia……It’s the mother daughter pair Carlo and Crescent Moon saved from the villains who captured them as they travelled from the castle town Ruan to Braham to ask their relatives for shelter as Mirea’s husband died of illness. Mirea is 31 years old and Lucia is 9 years old. Mirea acts as a maid in Carlo’s mansion. Both are beautiful.

Drum & Bass…… The villain “seniors” who tried to kidnap Mirea and Lucia. The core members of the Rabbit Group. They speak with a provincial accent. Bass is thin and Drum is muscular.

Pick……A female Hobbit thief and a member of the Rabbit Group. She has a cute appearance (like a primary school child) but is pretty crafty. She’s responsible for the communication between Akatsuki and the Group.

Mohkan……A dwarven blacksmith whose skills are said to be legendary. In the original, his role was to hand over an Oricalcum Sword to Kazuma when he enters Braham. He loves “Hobbit sake”. Stubborn.

Felicia……The diva of the “Fawn Pavilion” the restaurant/bar the fat owner Fats runs. She has white skin, brown hair and clear eyes. She’s 19 years old. Learned to sing and dance from her father but his business went bankrupt. She sings to help her family’s finances.

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Rozea……A sexy Onee-san from the “Moulin Rouge” an adult’s playground. Her age is unidentified but she seems to be in her late twenties. Her chest size isn’t as big as Crescent Moon’s but it’s enough for her build. She wears the colour red.

Lily……A pretty girl from the “Moulin Rouge”. 18 years old. She wears yellow.

Old Landlady……The landlady of the unoccupied house in Braham which Akatsuki (=Carlo) uses as hideout. She’s particular about money.


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