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[Vol. 2] Chapter 1 – Incident

On that day, I had a visitor since this morning.

“Well, I wanted to see Carlo-sama’s sword skills with my own eyes.”

“I should show you the arena sometime soon. Well, there’s no better place to go to see a match, right?”

“You’re right, hoho”

 In front of my eyes was Viscount Gerg.
 He’s a noble possessing a small territory which is adjacent to the Medici border territory.
 Even if our social status is different he isn’t my vassal, but because there’s a huge difference in economic structure his territory is included in mine.

 Viscount Gerg seemed to be in his early 60s and was a gentle person.
 He grew a long white beard, the spitting image of Santa Claus.
 When he was laughing his eyes would become thin lines this also made him seem rather kind.
 Inwardly he also seems to have that kind of character, he gained the people’s respect by giving the poor. (TN: I don’t trust him =__=)

 Though, because he’s a viscount he isn’t a high-ranking noble but despite being of an old aristocratic family he’s close to Carlo who’s an emerging aristocrat.
 I’d like to take care of this relationship so that I can use him as a fighting force in the conflict with the major aristocratic families.

“Well then, I shall return soon. Please take care of your body in the future because it will grow cold soon.”

“Right back at you, Gerg. Take care of your body.”

“Thank you, Carlo. Then I shall take my leave.”

 After Gerg left I chose a suitable reason to leave the mansion and went to the hideout.
 I put on my mask, just to be sure and entered the hideout where Pick was waiting.

“What’s the matter, Pick? Did something happen?”

 When I asked Pick with my mask covering my face to hide my identity, Pick answered with a difficult expression.

“It’s from big bro Drum and Bass. Strange things seem to happen recently for some reason.”

“What are those strange things?”

“I didn’t really understand it that well, but there seems to be some guy putting the blame for crimes on the Rabbit Group.”

“What the hell?”

 I decided to go to the Rabbit group’s hiding place together with Pick first.

“So, what do you mean?”

“I don’t really get it either. Just that there’s some guy doing vicious things under our name.”

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 Bass answered my question but he didn’t seem to know what happened.

“Drum, what does that mean?”

“Yes, even though he assumed our name it’s not the Rabbit group name. These guys seemed to perform kidnappings repeatedly and call themselves “Highway thieves”.”

“Tha, that’s right. They only kidnap beautiful women and take ransom money but never return the hostages. However, if you don’t pay the ransom you’ll find the kidnapped woman murdered somewhere.”

“Highway thieves, you said? That was the name you used before, right? ……I just want to verify one thing, none of you did that, right?”

“O, of course, we didn’t! Ever since we follow head Akatsuki we stopped doing things like killing or kidnapping.”

 I ask because my seniors have a criminal record.
 Well, anyhow, it doesn’t look like they were lying.

“So that culprit is calling himself “Highway Thief”?”
“That’s right. So, what in the world shall we do?”

 Well, you reap what you sow.
 But I would be troubled if the Rabbit group had to be disposed of because of that.
 Because they are like a backbone for my illegal actions.

“I understood the situation. Go search for the perpetrator of the kidnappings. However, don’t do anything more than that.”


“Apart from that, how’s the relay road?”

“Like this, we can earn a lot. As you told me I bought some horses and made several stations along the main road to the capital. When you use these you won’t even take 2 days to the capital.”
 Hoh, up until now a messenger would take at least 3 days so this is rather fast.

“Because it’s like this we can use it as a business. Things like love letters or medicine, things people want to send quickly, we can charge them with a high price.”

“Naturally. What about collecting information?”

“Other than the information about the wheat I told you before there isn’t anything else at the moment. It’s just that the atmosphere between the royal family and the influential nobles grew more dangerous.”

 I see, then it might be good to come in contact with the royal family soon and press for the engagement with the princess.

“How’s the matter of attacking the caravans who don’t hold a bill going?” (TN: The caravans who have paid up to go into the city get a bill)

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“About that, Head, look over there.”

 When that guy Bass said so he joyfully brought out a black cloth.

“In reference to Head’s mask we all made this.”

 As he said so he put on the black cloth.
 It was a mask you could pull over your head with holes for the eyes and nose.
 It resembles a wrestling mask.

“If we attack the caravans like this they’ll get so scared they’ll immediately hand over the money. Because those guys don’t have a bill they’ll try to avoid the checking stations by using other roads other than the highway so they’ll immediately know what awaits them.”

 ……That’s fine and all but you completely look like a combatant of an evil organisation when you put that on, senior.

“How is it? Don’t you think it looks pretty cool?”

“Ye, yeah, they look pretty good”

“Right? If we work under the Head we have to have masks after all!”

 Oh well, as long as my seniors are happy with it then let’s settle with this. (TN: The evil Rabbit organisation’s combatants are born~)

 After I left the Rabbit Group’s hiding place I looked around the adventurer’s guild.
 Then I saw Crescent Moon waiting for me in the Guildhall.
 Unusually she didn’t wear her Breastplate over her light clothing but you still could see her valley like always.

“Yo, Mister Akatsuki. I waited for you”

“What is it, Crescent Moon? Do you have any business with me?” (TN: Bye bye money again?)

“I got some rather interesting information. I think this might interest you.”

“Hoh, what kind of information?”

“Slow down there, I won’t tell you for free. Give me five gold coins. If you don’t I won’t tell you” (TN: Yep, bye-bye, money again)

 She wants five gold coins again.
 Is the information this valuable? (TN: She’s overcharging you all the time. Come on, you should have noticed.)
 I took out five gold coins and handed them to Crescent Moon.

“Thank you! The truth is……” (TN: I just wanted your money and will now run away? I actually love you? I’m Felicia?)

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 Crescent Moon suddenly lowered her voice and brought her face closer to mine.
 ****, her face is too close to mine I could feel Crescent Moon’s breathe on my skin.
 I suddenly became worried whether my breath smells bad.

“Recently a guy came over and asked me to do some absolutely confidential work. Looks like he heard that I’d do anything for money.”

 I brushed my teeth this morning so it should be fine. (TN: You have toothbrushes?…. I mean, listen to her. I’ll hit you)

“So I can tell you what kind of job it is but I can’t tell you the details. The reward was at least 10 gold coins and he’d pay me more depending on the results.”

 Still, Crescent Moon’s breathe smells pretty good.
 Aah, and her lips look really soft. (TN: You paid money for this so listen up!!!)

“So I thought a little and asked him if I could bring a friend who would do anything for money like me and can keep his mouth shut”

 Besides, there are those wonderfully round lumps in front of my face.
 Those two round lumps were also touching the top of the table.
 They completely looked like tender rice cakes, no, like two mirror rice cakes. (TN: So it’s mochi and kagami mochi. I believe he meant one kagami mochi though and also, you’re an idiot)

“How is it? It’s interesting, right? So I thought about taking you with me. Want to do it?”

“That’s right, I want to eat rice cakes again after this long.” (TN: face palm)

“Hah? What the hell? Even though a person is talking seriously here you are thinking about food? Listen properly!”

“Aah, sorry. I listened properly. Of course, I’ll do it. This……smells kind of fishy.” (TN: You actually listened?….)

“Hmpf, well, fine then. Okay then I will contact the other person today so come back here tomorrow.”

 Mmm, when she got angry they bounced.
 Like I thought those mountains weren’t artificial but naturally formed.
 What a splendid view.


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