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[Vol. 1] Chapter 30 – Tactician

On that day I went to inspect the irrigation construction site.

“Pikaru, how’s the construction’s progress?”

“It’s progressing splendidly. Carlo-sama’s instructions were very effective.”

 Pikaru lowered his head respectfully.

 Good, good, looks like the construction is progressing favourably.
 ”My instructions” that Pikaru mentioned were roughly three.

 The first instruction was to divide them into groups and make them compete, inspired by Hideyoshi.

“You guys aren’t going to lose to the other groups! You want to let your mothers eat something delicious, don’t you?!”

“Yeah, we absolutely won’t lose!”

 A loud motivating voice echoed through the scene.
 The farmers participating in the construction seemed to desperately compete against each other to get the prize money.
 This is all going according to my expectations.

 Another instruction was the use of earth magic in the construction.
We gathered prestigious magicians that could use earth magic and used them instead of heavy machinery.
 I hear this was an unprecedented endeavour but it was a huge hit.
 They are more usable than those imprecise bulldozers and shovel cars.
 They could move around the soil just like they intended.
 It’s a problem that they can’t do too complicated things because there were only a few earth magicians and most of them here used beginner class magic but this drastically increased our efficiency.

“Everyone, be careful, we are going to blast that spot! 3, 2, 1……”


 Earth and sand vanish with an explosion.
 I had Knopf provide us with plenty of substitute dynamite.

 Another instruction was about a certain person.
 It’s the person Rozea wanted to introduce to me, that was good. (TN: It’s not Felica. It’s not Crescent Moon it is~~~)
 That person’s name was Nals. (TN: Some duuuuude~)
 He’s one of the people I was looking for, he was a tactician appearing in my novel who supported Carlo in diplomacy and military affairs.

 When that name left Rozea’s mouth I was so surprised she started laughing at me.
 I had Rozea write a letter of introduction and then I immediately went to meet Nals on foot.

“I’m sorry for having caused you trouble in expressly coming here, Carlo-sama.”

“When I heard from Rozea there’s such an excellent person here I immediately rushed over. I’m intruding on you. Sorry.”

“Honestly I was in the midst of reading but one can’t meet the feudal lord every day. So, what kind of business do you have with me today?”

 Mmm, his reaction is brusque.
 But since I heard the person being introduced was called Nals I was prepared.
 Nals is a sharp-minded person in scholar skin and also a character who liked Carlo.
 He was a weird person blessed with a sharp tongue.

“Let’s not beat around the bush. I want you to lend me your power for this border territory, Nals. Although it may be annoying”

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“To be honest, it is annoying. And even if I lend you my power what would you make me do?”

 Well, that’s right.
 Even though I know about Nals he doesn’t know about me.
 Mmm, how should I do this?

“I want you to lend me your strength as a tactician. To make this border territory even wealthier Nals’ power is- -”

 I got until there when my eyes got stuck on a shelf at the wall.
 Some wooden dolls were placed on it.
 A soldier, a magician, a maid, a knight, a nurse, all of them were girls.
 Their size was around 15 centimetres each. (TN: Figurines~ so the Tactician has a hobby of making figurine~. You’ll get along well, I guess?)

 They weren’t just dolls either.
 Not only were they elaborately made but they also struck various poses.
 The soldier raised her sword, the magician raised her wand and chanted an aria and the maid swept with her broom.
 Besides, each one is carefully painted.

“T, this is……”

 I unconsciously stood up and stared into that shelf before I noticed it.
 No doubt, those are figurines.
 Is the scale 1/10?
Of course, because it is a wooden hand-carving it is not as precise as Sculpey and epoxy. (TN: Sculpting material. For the ones interested Sculpey and epoxy)
 But it’s enough to convey the creator’s enthusiasm.

“Who made this?”

“I made it. Are you interested?”

“Yeah. It’s well made. Unfortunately, it’s the eyes, huh? If the eyes had more power to them they would seem livelier.”

That’s right, the eyes.
 After all the eyes are an important point on a figurine.
 Since there are no decals it makes a big difference and all depends on the creator’s ability. (TN: Decalcomania)
 The dolls Nals made were well done for wooden ones but their eyes were so doll-like because the emotions didn’t reach them.

“What? Are you calling the dolls this Nals made cheap?”

“No, I don’t call them cheap. But I think this needs more fee……I just know of a better way to draw the doll’s eyes to make it match them.”

“Hohou, I can’t ignore this. To think you’d suddenly brag that you can draw the eyes better than this Nals, hmpf.”

 Nals snorted and I think he looked at me challengingly.

“How about you show me, huh? Here’s a doll I was planning to paint just now. I’ll have you draw the eyes on it.”

 Oops, did I anger him?
 If I anger you even though I came here to get you to help me I get absolutely nothing out of it.
 But there are also some things I can’t give up on as a person who loves figurines, a person who once aimed to be a modeller.

“Fine, I’ll draw them”

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“Then, let’s do it like this, if you can’t convince this Nals you’ll immediately return. On the other hand, if you can persuade this Nals I will listen to anything you have to say.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you think this Nals might not tell the truth even if I am convinced inwardly?”

 I breathed in, stared into Nals’ eyes and said:

“I’m not worried about that. This fee……You’ll understand it when you look at the doll. There is no way for a man who loves these dolls to use such daunting measures.”

 Nals looked back at me with a straight gaze.

“Fine. Then go for it.”

 What Nals took out was the figurine of a girl yet to be painted.
 The girl slightly lifted her face and was dancing lightly.
 The girl’s expression of her hands, her feet taking light steps, the spreading of her skirt’s folds, long flowing hair.
 Everything is extremely delicate and yet lively.

 I took the brush.
 I didn’t paint wood since elementary school.
 I don’t have any idea what this paint is either.
 I carefully tried to draw on a piece of wood first.

 If it’s like that I can do something.
 I held my breath and started working.
 Nals seemed to also hold his breath and watched me.

 I decided on the image.
 This is Felicia. (TN: Geh, you mention her even here?)
Felicia’s lively eyes when she danced for me.
 While remembering that scene I concentrated and drew it in one stroke.

“What the, that is……”

 After he saw the completed doll Nals was stunned.

“How is it, Nals? I think those eyes are appropriate for the dolls Nals makes.”

“I was surprised. To think that just changing the eyes gives birth to such a lively expression……”

 Nals looked into my eyes again.

“This Nals admired it. But please tell me one more thing. What’s the most important thing when moving soldiers in battle?” (TN: Talk about a quick subject change)

“That’s a simple question, it’s logistics. Those who let soldiers starve don’t have any qualification as the lord.”

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“Is that so?”

 This was too easy a question for me as Nals uses this like a favourite phrase in my work.
 It’s a secret that this is second-hand information from an anime.
 After Nals closed his eyes and thought for a while he slowly opened them again.
“This Nals thought about serving you even if you just answered with military power or spirit. There are only few who understand the importance of logistics.”

 After he said that Nals kneeled before me. (TN: Ding! Nals has entered the party) 

“This Nals will serve Carol-sama. Although my body is weak, please make full use of it.”

 Like this, the tactician became my comrade.

 Nals didn’t only demonstrate his talent in diplomacy and military affairs but also public work.
 Due to Nals’ precisely drawn out plan the irrigation construction efficiency dramatically increased.
 Like this, the construction progressed extremely smoothly.
 By the way, I also asked Nals for the design of Balhart castle.

 On another note.
 There’s a Felicia figurine production going on.
 I secretly took Nals to the Fawn Pavilion and let him meet Felicia.
 Sure enough, the figure of Felicia singing and dancing seemed to have stimulated his desire to produce as expected. (TN: You just wanted Felicia figurines, didn’t you?)
 I’m doing the colouring.

 Aah, I can’t wait to see the finished product.
 Eh, what was that?
 That’s fee……I mean, let’s settle on the irrigation construction (sweat). (TN: siiiiiiiigh)


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