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[Vol. 1] Chapter 28 – Rozea

After having defeated the Troll we reported this to the people at the windmill.
Although the villagers who escaped to the windmill were still initially suspicious they were surprised by the sight of the two fallen Trolls.

“Is this the truth? You defeated them? Moreover, those two ……were tremendously strong.”

“To big bro Akatsuki and big sis Crescent Moon something of this degree is nothing!”

Pick seemed happy but Crescent Moon kept on staring at Knopf suspiciously.

“What’s the matter, Crescent Moon? This doesn’t look like you at all.”

“But with that said, Akatsuki. Don’t you think that cat ear magician is weird? That finisher, I never saw or heard of a spell like that. Even though one couldn’t see anything that big hole suddenly appeared and that thing immediately kicked the bucket. This is just too weird.”

Well, to a human of this world in which things such as guns do not exist it’ll turn out like this.

“Don’t say that. Knopf isn’t particularly suspicious. She just devises various spells out of normal ones.”

“Was it like that? That first fireball also had tremendous power, didn’t it?”

“Are you talking about me?”

When Knopf came over, Crescent Moon hastily tried to fix this up.

“Ah, no, I was just praising your magic, like your magic is more awesome than I first thought.”

“Is that so? Thank you. Crescent Moon’s skill with the bow was also amazing.”

That’s right, Crescent Moon’s archery is also of miracle grade.
Is this because Akatsuki was originally set to be an Archery master?
By the way, I wonder how skilled I’m with it.
I’ve never tried to use a bow before so I don’t know.
I feel like I’m able to use it for some reason.

“By the way, what are those demon eyes you mentioned before?”

I was interested in this so I asked the cat girl.

“It had its eyes sewed shut so that it couldn’t see, right? That’s demon eyes. It’s something like a curse that takes your vision in exchange for strong magical power. The question is who did this?”

So that means that someone was behind this Troll variant?
I have to be careful.

We asked the villagers to clean up and decided to go back to the town.
For the sake of reporting to the Guild, we cut off the Troll’s left ear each.
I entrusted the task of cutting it to Crescent Moon, though. (TN: You cut off a Troll’s head though)
I can’t do something so grotesque.
The Trolls didn’t have anything particularly valuable on them.
How disappointing.

When we left the village all the residents waved saw us off and waved their hands.
Though there were some victims I want you to work hard to restore everything to normal.

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When we entered we got assaulted by a barrage of questions.
Stuff like, what kind of enemy was it, how did you defeat them? And so on, and so on.
What kind of enemy it was, was okay to answer but regarding how we defeated it I gave a vague answer.
Especially that last spell is top-secret.

When we reported to the guild and showed them the three severed ears our reward got increased to 40 coins.
The reason for this was the danger we were already exposed to by the two-headed enemy who could use magic and additionally defeating another one which suddenly appeared.
With this, it became 10 gold coins per person.

“Hehe, I’m grateful for this. But I wish they had given us a little more.”

The greedy Crescent Moon was saying things like that.
This person really likes money.
Knopf seemed to allot it to her research funds.
As Pick asked, “What should I do with this?” I was delighted to tell her “Distribute it among the Rabbit Group”.

I left the Guildhall, returned to the hideout, changed back into Carlo’s clothes and went back to the mansion.
For a moment I thought about going to the Fawn Pavilion but it was still early and I didn’t want to trouble Felicia. (TN: Yep don’t go~)

“Welcome home, Carlo-sama”

Melissa and Reina, but also the Imperial Guard’s captain Lunos greeted me.
When I entered the mansion Lunos handed me a letter.

“What, from whom?”

“First open it and take a look, please.”

Lunos flashed a grin for an instant.

When I opened it I saw that the letter was from one of “Moulin Rouge’s” Onee-sans, Rozea.

“What’s written in it?”

Lunos listened with an unconcerned face.
Is it like this? Or did Rozea give the letter to him? (TN: If it’s his letter…. why would he show it to you again?)

It was written that she had a fun during that time.
If I have time I should visit again by all means.
And she also wrote she found someone she wanted to introduce to me.

“Aah, something like she wants to see me again. Rozea’s also troubled.”

Alright, Rozea wants to see me and not Lunos! (TN: Cause money? And ya know, she just saw him and he’s there a lot apparently)
Honestly, I was bursting with joy and wanted to brag but I controlled myself and assumed a curt attitude.

“Well, for women with that kind of job sending letters like this to customers is part of their work.” (TN: Bingo)

That Lunos, is he jealous of me? (TN: Nooope. Don’t think so)
Rozea isn’t the type of girl who writes letters like this just for her work.
Unexpectedly that handsome guy Lunos doesn’t understand a woman’s feelings either. (TN: Heh. First the idol now her. Did ya even fall for spam e-mails before?)

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“Well, can’t be helped. Might as well go today, huh?”

“Eh, you want to go at once? Then I shall also accompany you.”

That Lunos, what’s with you letting out that surprised voice?
Isn’t it normal to go to someone who wants to see you? (TN: In different situations, yes, but not in this one…)

“No, it’s fine, I’m going alone.”

After eating dinner I left the mansion and headed for the Moulin Rouge.
I’m glad that thanks to the herbs the eating habits have considerably improved.
The Genovese pasta with basil I had the other day was delicious.
I’d like to eat curry sometime soon.


As I entered the Moulin Rouge there were a lot of glamorous Onee-sans there again.

“Welcome. Do you want to see someone in particular?”

Just when I wanted to tell the name to the black clothed man Rozea appeared from behind.

“Oh my, Carlo-sama. Thank you very much for coming.”

“Yeah, I got your letter and came over.”

Today Rozea is wearing a crimson dress again though it has a different shape than the one before.
The neckline wasn’t as deeply cut as before but the deep slit in her skirt was also very sexy.

“This gentleman is my visitor. Let me guide you.”

Rozea took me by my hand and guided me to a seat.
Ah, this is dangerous.
This might be the first time after becoming and adult that I held hands with a woman so casually. (TN: Srsly? I mean, there had to be some kind of situation, right?)

I sat down while my heart was throbbing.
Rozea snuggled closer to my side.

“I’m sorry for giving you a letter like that. Did I trouble you?”

“No, I don’t mind. It’s alright.”

This was the first time I received a letter from a woman so I was happy.
I kind of became aware of something, I’m not good at talking. Rozea’s beautiful and white thighs became visible when she crossed her legs.
Aah, I can’t stare, don’t stare.
Just when I thought like that I just took a glance.

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“What would you like to drink?”

Rozea listened.
Ehm, they certainly ask to buy “bottles” in this kind of shops and that makes the girls happy.
But they were really expensive, at least that’s what I saw in TV dramas.

I don’t have any idea what I should order.
I should have taken Lunos with me after all. (TN: Yeah, you should have)
Sigh, there’s no helping it, let’s tell her the truth.

“I want to order a bottle but, honestly, I don’t know anything about that. I’ve never been to shops like this.”

“Oh my, is that so? Then just for me……Thank you. Then I’ll order instead. What price would be appropriate?”

Rozea laughed with relish.
But she didn’t make me feel like an idiot, besides, she was a good girl who properly asked about the budget.
I got the reward from the Troll extermination today, so let’s use that.

“I see, today I have 10 gold coins with me so use them well.”

Those 10 gold coins are equal to 1 million yen.
Though I don’t know how expensive this place is but this much should be enough.
Then Rozea suddenly stared at me with a serious face. (TN: Eh? Did I misjudge Rozea?)

“Carlo-sama. I know that you’re rich. I’m also happy that you would order this for me. However, please don’t order such expensive liquor. Rather than using it all at once Rozea would be happier to see Carlo-sama many times.” (TN:Hmmm)

When she said this I began to smile, then she continued.

“In fact, there’s a Liquor I really like. It would cost one gold coin in total, so may I ask you to buy it for me?” (TN: Not bye bye 10 gold coins then?)

“Aah, well, let’s order it then, shall we?”

The liquor which got brought was a delicious sparkling wine with a slightly sweet taste.
While drinking it Rozea laughed happily.
Crescent Moon would never say things like that.
She’d say things like: More importantly give me more money.

“By the way, you wrote in the letter that you wanted to introduce someone to me.”

“That’s right. It’s when you came here the other day, but I think she might be useful to Carlo-sama. Though she’s a slightly strange person.”

Is that so? Rozea always thought about me?
Let’s meet that person next time.

Thus, the fun night continued on.


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