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[Vol. 1] Chapter 27 – Troll Extermination II

“O, oh no, that thing came back! Quickly, get inside the windmill!”


The moment they heard the thudding sound the villagers started to panic.


“I’ll lure that guy. Crescent Moon attack him with your bow. Knopf, get ready to chant an aria and Pick, you’re support.”


Everyone positioned themselves as I instructed.

In fact, this is my first campaign, honestly, my legs are shaking.

Thanks to the mask my expression still looked fine.


Zuuuun, zuuuun


The thudding sounds came closer.

I was prepared.

Then one could see its head appearing beyond the trees.

Two heads.


One of its heads had a face resembling a human’s but its appearance was so distorted it made the viewer uncomfortable – – It laughed.

That’s right, it looked at us as if it couldn’t contain its joy over finding new prey anymore.


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And the other head.

Similarly, it also had a face resembling a human’s but its eyes were sewn shut with something that looked like a huge thread.

Besides, it had the same smirk as the other head even though it’s blind.

This creature partly resembling a human evoked disgust, physiological repugnance and fear.


It was also considerably big.

For its head to tower over the tree tops, it certainly had to exceed 5 meters in height.


――That, isn’t that thing actually a Titan? (TN: Shingeki no Kyojin reference)

I don’t have any device to move in the sky and fight it.

But, I guess, magic is better in this setting.

So, how do I fight that?


The Troll inched closer while watching us and laughed.

In its right hand, it held a 2 meter long, big club.

Finally, it got into battle distance.


“The head with the sewn shut eyes has “demon eyes”. It can definitely use magic!”

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Knopf shouted.

How troublesome, magic, huh?

But I’m grateful for at least knowing that much.




I call Reus in my mind, chant an aria and form seals with my left hand.


“Fire Sword!”


Then the Oricalcum Sword got wrapped in flames.




At the time the Troll released an incomprehensible roar it raised its club in front of me.


“Let’s go!”

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The battle began with my shout.


The Troll swung down its club on me.

What a tremendous speed and wind pressure.




I avoided it by jumping to the side.

The arrow Crescent Moon shot pierced the Troll’s right shoulder.


“Hehe, how’s that?”


Crescent Moon shot one arrow after another.

She seemed to focus on its right hand gripping the club.

Then the Troll’s other head with the sewn shut eyes shouted something making a gust of wind appear which blew off the arrows at the same time.


“It’s useless, with this wind magic, not a single arrow will hit.”

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While shouting that Pick threw stones with her sling but they didn’t inflict much damage.

But in that instance, I jumped to the Troll’s feet.

As I thought, it’s huge, my head doesn’t even reach its waist.

I flung the Fire Sword in my right hand against its thigh in front of me.




The Troll screamed in pain and kicked me.

It didn’t cause much damage as I was jumping back at the same time.

But it seems like I couldn’t give the Troll a severe wound either.


“Here I come!”

Knopf shouted, held her wand and chanted an aria.

At the moment, a huge fireball attacked the Troll’s upper body and exploded as it collided with it.

Looks like she added oxygen to the fireball spell with wind magic.


The Troll’s upper body burnt red and started to fester.

As is expected, seemed like it dealt damage.

Isn’t this good?


“There’s something coming from the left!”


Just when I thought that, Pick shouted this.

Looking to the left I saw another Troll run here with a tremendous force.

This one is about 3 meters in height and had only one head.

Though it’s slow but its feet were like heavy tanks.

This is a common Troll.


“We have another guest, what should we do? Akatsuki!”


I thought for a moment to Crescent Moon’s words but immediately gave an answer.


“I’ll fight this one so please take care of the other. It will mainly focus on Knopf because of her magic attack, so Crescent Moon and Pick have to draw it away from her.” (TN: Good that you can stay calm~ Author correction?)


Aggro management, it’s that.

My experience gained through MMO’s is useful in times like this.


“Understood, leave this to us”


Crescent Moon is reliable, really.

OK, I should give it my best, too.


This new Troll had also a club like the other.

But as long as it can’t use magic and isn’t that big I can somehow manage.

I held my sword with both hands.




The Troll was about to hit me with its club but I tried to block it with my Orichalcum Sword.




It gave off a dull sound, but it’s fine, I blocked it.

It’s strong indeed, but I have the author correction on my side.

I flicked the club away and stuck at the Troll’s practically defenceless torso.




The Troll was agonising because of the pain.

I didn’t go as far as cutting it in two with a single sword stroke but I inflicted a pretty heavy wound.


Bang, bang, bang!


The wounded Troll bangs around its club to attack.

It wasn’t fast enough to get me but those strikes had enough power behind it to instantly kill me if I was hit by them.

While carefully evading I waited for an opportunity.

I want to defeat it quickly and help the other but I can’t be careless.


I raised the Fire Sword’s heat to increase the damage a hit will give.

The moment the Troll made a big swing it broke its posture.

I struck the Troll’s neck with my sword after it became reachable.


The fire clad Oricalcum Sword cut into the Troll’s neck.

Even though I felt resistance I swung it through without change.




The Troll’s head fell followed by its body.

I did it, how about the others?





When I looked back to the right I saw Crescent Moon fighting well.

Crescent Moon didn’t use her sword and kept on shooting the Troll with her bow.

Because of its magic, the arrows hardly hit its mark, but this was more of a measure against it using magic against the others.


Pick provoked her enemy to make it attack her before avoiding the attacks at point-blank range.

Seeing that small body fighting against her opponent’s gigantic club was scary.

But it seems like it couldn’t even graze her.


Knopf fired a new kind of magic.

It seemed like she used the strategy of mixing ice splinters created with beginner ranked water magic with the beginner rank wind spell “Storm” to cut the Troll.

The Ice Storm caught the Troll’s head with open eyes.


How skilled, like this the Troll became blind.

Because the other head’s eyes were sewed shut it could see nothing now.


“Now, let’s go!”


I shouted as I ran behind the Troll.

While the Troll held its head in pain I swung my sword against its right knee’s back with all my might.




I continued on and aimed for its left knee.

This was also a good hit, with both its legs ruined the two-headed Troll had no choice but to kneel down.


“Way to go, Akatsuki!”


As Crescent Moon shouted that she shot some arrows at the Troll who couldn’t afford to use magic anymore.

The carefully aimed arrow pierced the open-eyed head’s left eye.


“You, did you see that?!”


Looks like she didn’t aim for that.

It’s a miracle, huh? Good grief. (TN: Says the no control fireball pitching machine)


I approached the suffering, crouching Troll’s body from behind.

I jumped up with all my might and struck my Fire Sword down on the neck of the head with demon eyes. (TN: Yeah, it’s like in Shingeki no Kyojin. The neck cutting.)




Just when the head with the demon eyes let out a shout it stopped moving soon after.

Alright, then there’s only the open-eyed head left.

Moreover, one of its eyes was crushed.


The Troll tried to stand up while wielding its club in its right hand but it was difficult with those legs after all.


“Don’t miss that chance, go!”


I snuck to the Troll’s front left side as I shouted this.

The Troll whose freedom of movement got snatched away turned towards me and tried to hit me but because one of its eyes was crushed it didn’t have any more sense of perspective resulting in not hitting me.

While escaping from it I used the opportunity to cut at the Troll.


Furthermore, Crescent Moon and Pick launched an attack from the other side.

This fight’s end is already only a matter of time.


“Here I go! Ice Barrett!”


Just when Knopf shouted, paan!  A small hole opened in the Trolls forehead only a dry explosion sound remaining, then the Troll slowly collapsed.



“W, what was that just now……?”


Without showing any joy for the victory, Crescent Moon turned around and unpleasantly looked at Knopf.


“You did that just now, didn’t you? What was it? I never saw someone use it before……”



“Car……That’s not it, Akatsuki, the spell went well just now. Although it’s hard to use because aiming with it is difficult.”


That’s right, I taught Knopf the spell she used back then.

In fact, the wand Knopf has is made out of steel and hollow inside.

I proposed to use it to shoot out bullets made with ice magic propelling it out with a to-the-limit compressed air ball made with wind magic.

It is, so to speak, something like a magic air gun.


I let the legendary blacksmith Mohan especially make it for Knopf.

The inside of the wand was carefully cut into spiral groves.

Thanks to that, the ice bullets could be propelled out at a high-speed and keep flying straight because of the gyro effect. (TN: Gyro effect)


This is our weapon for fighting the Titans.


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