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[Vol. 1] Chapter 24 – Policy

The Sword Fighting Competition was over, Marcus officially became a General and F became the head of the Imperial Guard Order at the same time.

The Imperial Guard Order’s first corps’ captain under my direct control was Lunos.

Anyway, after the long inauguration ceremony ended I became tired out.

Such official things were really like stiff shoulders. (TN: stiff e__e)

After that was over next I had to work on domestic affairs.

Basically, I left most things to Lucas, but there are still various jobs that Carlo needs to do after all. (TN: I think the author meant Lunos)

“Pikaru, what is our present financial status?”

“With the increase in taxes, our present funds became abundant. Although some of it got used by Carlo-sama”

Ah, was that sarcasm just now?

I pretended to not have noticed it, though and continued talking.

“That’s good. Then how about the grain storage?”

“Additionally to the good harvest the tax increased so there is a considerably huge quantity stored. Around 70%, is it?

“There’s still 30% left. Pikaru, this year we had a good harvest so the price for wheat should be lower, too. Buy as much wheat for the storehouse as possible.”

There’s a reason why I ordered him to buy wheat.

According to the rabbit group’s information, the Yuroa countries had a good harvest this year but the western countries seemed to have had a poor harvest caused by the lack of rain, so next year will be pretty rough.

If that’s the case the wheat prices would soon rise again.

“Pikaru, when the harvest is over, I will create a new policy”

“What would that new policy be?”

“It’s roughly divided into three parts. First irrigation. We’ll make a huge reservoir and irrigation canals near Braham. For that purpose, I’ll mobilise the farmers who have finished harvesting.”

“That’s impossible. If we do something like that the farmer’s dissatisfaction would increase even more than it did at the time of the tax increase!”

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“I know that. But this is absolutely necessary. We’ll draw the water from the Holms River near Braham and turn the wetland into a water reservoir. This has three advantages. First of all, it will improve the Braham’s drainage of the low lands, it’ll improve the life and hygiene of the common people. Secondly, because the water disappears from the damp ground it can be turned into farmland. And thirdly, it’s a measure against droughts. A drought’s damage can be reduced by using the water of the reservoir.”

“I understand what you are trying to say. However, it can’t be avoided that their dissatisfaction towards Carlo-sama will increase.”

“I said it before, but I don’t intend to get the people’s support. It’s not necessary for them to understand it in particular. I’m only doing what I want to do, that’s all.”


“You’re too long-winded. The other two policies have something to do with the military. Call Marcus”

Pikaru left with an expression of which I couldn’t tell if he had understood it.

I’m not a politician chosen by democracy.

Besides, Carlo is a villain.

If I’m able to acquire power while making my reputation suffer it could be said I’m killing two birds with one stone.

Because there’s the money gained by the tax increase we had enough to pay the mobilised farmers.

“I brought General Marcus”

Marcus came over after Pikaru led him here.

“Do you need me for something?”

“Indeed. This border territory’s military power, except the Imperial Guard Order, only consists out of mobilised farmers, right, Marcus?”

“That is right. The only standing military power is the real Imperial Guard Order after that, farmers are mobilised.”

It’s like this after all.

Having hardly any reserve soldiers is the common sense of this world’s Yuroa countries.

Therefore in war times farmers in the off-season are mobilised.

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It’s the same as Takeda Uesugi of Japan’s Warring States period.

But the barbarian’s riding mounts have no limitations.

“I thought about the counter-measures against the barbarians we talked about the other day.”

“Hoh, did you have any good ideas?”

“I thought about using the colonial soldier-settlement system.” (TN: Tuntian system it’ll be better to read a lil bout it to understand this somehow, cause I’m no expert on that topic)

“Colonial soldier-settlement you said?”

“We’ll collect people who can’t succeed the house such as the third and second son of a farmer, and organise an army. They’ll reclaim the vicinity of the northern border. We let them cultivate the land and make them the reserve border defence army.”

In the time of the three kingdoms Cao Cao of Wei was famous for colonial soldier-settlements.

This aimed for the improvement of our harvest and the defence capacity against the barbarians, killing two birds with one stone.

“I see, if you give them ownership of the land these people will be able to cultivate the land and somewhat become a defensive force.”

“That’s the case. In addition, we’ll build a great wall at the northern border. I said great wall, but it won’t actually be that big. At best it should be high enough for a horse to not just jump over it. It’ll be somewhat useful and we can build it at the same time as we reclaim the land.”

“This is a good idea. The most threatening thing about the Barbarian’s mounted forces is their speed. This could kill their momentum more or less.”

“So, immediately start recruiting and organise colonial troops” (TN: Tuntian troops.)


Marcus lowered his head.

Looks like he agrees with my idea.

“The third policy concerns the tariffs of other merchants in Braham. Prepare barriers at every entrance of the town, manage who comes in and out of the city and collect the tariffs. Hand out bills to the merchants of Braham and the other caravan’s which have paid the tariff and were allowed entrance.”

Then at this idea, Pikaru posed a question.

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“I think this is indeed very interesting. However, what if other towns have similar tariffs?”

As expected of Pikaru, an excellent question.

Your head isn’t only bright for show.

“If that’s the case we’ll look at the type and quantity of the products they want to deal with and agree on a reduction of the tariff if necessary. I will lead the negotiations.”

It’s a trade agreement, isn’t it?

I have to carefully consider how much tariff to put on what.

Low tariffs for things we need, high tariffs for articles that are competing with our local goods.

“I see, this seems to work out just fine. However, don’t you have to employ soldiers to those barriers?”

“That’s right, that’s what I wanted to talk about with you two.”

I can’t say that here, but I’ll let the rabbit group attack the caravans who didn’t pay the tariff.

Well, this is like the officially recognised privateers of olden times. (TN: If you don’t know what a privateer is here you go)

If that rumour spreads, the cases of tariff escape will also decrease.

It’s the advantage of being a villain to be able to do things like this.

“Additionally, I will abolish all business licenses within Braham. Anybody is free to do business here. Every guild except the adventurer’s guild will be destroyed. Selling thing in this town is also free. The 30% sales tax we took this year will be reduced to 10% starting next year.”

“This will repel the already existing merchants. Wouldn’t the economy stagnate?”

Pikaru asked this but I think it’s actually the opposite.

Rather, by doing this, merchants would come over to Braham.

If one does business based in Braham one has just to pay the 10% sales tax and everything else will be free afterwards.

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Even if you bring in things from outside you will not be charged with a tariff even if you go to sell your things outside.

This is the simplified free-market policy of Nobunaga.

“Please implement those three previously mentioned policies as soon as possible. Particularly the irrigation. I want it to be ready by the next spring somehow. Therefore, I will divide the work among some groups, I’ll let them compete with each other and the team which reached the goal the fastest gets some reward money. That should be effective.”

I just wanted to use the words “As soon as possible”.

I didn’t have the opportunity to use them in my previous life.

The idea to make teams compete with each other was inspired by Tokichiro’s building of the “Overnight-castle”. (TN: Sunomata Castle)

Like kettles, everyone will burn with competitive spirit.

“Understood. I shall try to implement these three policies as promptly as possible.”

Pikaru and Marcus lowered their heads before they left.

To enrich and strengthen one’s country is the basic goal of these policies.

I have to take measures against the barbarians to prepare for the Hero’s reincarnation.

I’ll become an excellent villain!

Haa, still, I’m tired.

I’m working too much, am I not?

I have to relax somewhere. (TN: Don’t go to Felicia… pls dont)


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