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[Vol. 1] Chapter 25 – Bouquet

I who felt tired from work rang the bell and called for a maid.

“You called?”

Mirea-san dressed in maid clothes entered.

It was good to see that she already completely recovered from her arm injuries.

It’s nice seeing young Reina in maid clothes but Mirea-san’s figure is also quite good.

I can’t believe that she isn’t only a widow but also has a child even though she’s such a beautiful woman.

“E, ehm. Carlo-sama, what is your order?”


Mirea-san looks at me with reddened cheeks.

Looks like she became shy after I stared at her for too long.

“Aah, how’s Lucia? Is she fine?”

“Thanks to you she’s able to go to school. She seemed to have been able to also make some friends.”

“Is that so? That’s good. Mirea, can I have a cup of tea?”

“Yes, I’ll bring it in just a moment”

I tasted the tea Mirea brought.

Though it’s delicious regrettably there’s no sugar in it.

It seems like sugar is a luxury item and isn’t always available.

I want to eat something sweet.

The day slowly passed by and it was already dusk.

I was slightly hungry, too.

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Ah, I got it, I just got a great idea. (TN: No… No, bad!)

Let’s eat out today.

The beef stew of the Fawn Pavilion.

M, maybe I’ll meet Felicia while I’m at it. (TN: Carlo, sit and stay….. talk with Mirea about her great tea and dooon’t go to that!!!)

“Mirea, I’m going out for a bit today.”

“Going out at such a time?” (TN: Stop him!!!)

“Yeah and tell Melissa it’s unnecessary to prepare supper because I’m going to eat outside.”


“Also, is there a flower shop nearby? One which makes bouquets”

After I left the mansion I went to the flower shop Mirea told me about.

It’s good that Mirea knew about it though she looked at me slightly confused.

She told me I should bring Lunos, who became the captain of the Imperial Guard under my direct control, with me but I declined.

I won’t take such a lady-killer with me, absolutely not.

I had them make me a bouquet at the flower shop.

It seems like it was unusual for a man to order a bouquet in this world. I did get it but I got some dubious looks.

There were many colourful flowers and a lot of Baby’s breath in it.

What meaning does that have in flower language? (TN: Everlasting love of any kind, Innocence etc. there are some but mostly love stuff)

“If it isn’t Carlo-sama. Thank you for coming again. Let us go to the room.”

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The plump shopkeeper of the Fawn Pavilion, Fats, greeted me at the entrance and brought me to the VIP room.

“I’d like to eat the calf stew again. My legs unintentionally carried me here.”

“I’m honoured that you seem to like it. Then I shall hastily prepare the calf stew. Shall I let Felicia come again?”

My chest tightens.

That’s good, Felicia-chan is here today.

I pretended to be as indifferent as possible and answered.

“Aah, I see. Then should I have Felicia come? As good as the dishes are they take long to be made.”

“Certainly. Wait a minute”

I grinned and Fats left.

“Carlo-sama, please excuse me.”

After a few minutes, Felicia-chan entered.

Ahh, she’s pretty as I thought. (TN: <___< I wanna hit ya)

She had a cool, irresistible look in her eyes and it felt like they could suck me in any moment.

Though an adult woman such as Rozea is good but the faint and discreet Felicia-chan is the best. (TN: I give up.)

"Felicia, please take this."

I handed Felicia-chan the bouquet I bought.

Though I thought about giving her a ring or a necklace, but even I would feel disgusted if a man I just met suddenly gave me those things.(TN: It's the same tho… doesn't matter if flowers or other stuff…)

Therefore I got a bouquet, are you happy about it?

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"Well, this is for me?! How pretty it is. And also that fragrance……"

Felicia-chan brings the bouquet close to her face to enjoy the fragrance.

I'm relieved, she seemed to like it.

"No, I just passed a flower shop on my way here coincidently."

I'm a liar.

I took the trouble and took a detour to get it.

But I have no intentions to say this.

"This is the first time a gentleman gave me such a thing. Thank you" (TN: I call bullshit)

Felicia-chan carefully bowed to me and thanked me.

There doesn't seem to be a custom of men giving girls bouquets in this world.

But I'm a modern man though I'm a virgin.

I do have the knowledge that women would be pleased with this I don't have any experience, though.

Today it seems that the shop is not as busy as it was last time so she stayed a while longer in the room.

Meanwhile, I talked about various things with her.

Felicia seems to turn 19 this year.

She learned to sing and dance from her father at an early age but his business went bankrupt.

She said that she came with her mother to Braham and seems to sing here to help her household. (TN: Your run-of-the-mill tragic story)

When I thought about her hardships I felt tears gathering in the corners of my eyes.

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By the way, I asked her whether she watched the Sword Fighting Competition but it seems like she didn't come.

What a shame that she wasn't able to see my majestic figure.

I had her sing one piece and then Felicia-chan returned to the hall for today.

I ate my stew and returned afterwards.

My eyes met with Felicia-chan's again as she sang across the hall.

I said my good-byes with my eyes and she smiled more clearly today.

I feel like we have gotten closer today.

I leave the shop while feeling happy.

After having left the Fawn Pavilion I stopped by the hideout.

I looked through the window but the lights were turned off then I entered wearing a mask just in case.

Pick wasn't in the hideout.

I changed my clothes to that of Akatsuki, wore my mask and left the house.

When I entered the adventurer's guild, it was pretty busy inside even though it was night.

"Yo Akatsuki, over here."

"Big bro, long time no see"

Pick and the masked mercenary Crescent Moon called me over

Pick seemed to have properly remembered me telling her to "call me big bro when we are out in the public".

Admirable, admirable.

"Why is it that it's that crowded even though it's night?"

"About that, Akatsuki. A slightly big job has come in."

"Big bro, it's about the troll-sightings in the village close to the Reid Forest."

"That's right. Besides, it's rumoured to have two heads."

Crescent moon spoke joyfully.

A two-headed troll, huh? That'll be troublesome.

That kind of report has yet to reach the feudal lord Carlo.

If I get a report that means the adventurer's guild failed and request for the military to be dispatched against the subjugation target, huh?

But when that happens they would have already lost a lot of people.

Trolls are relatively major creatures in the fantasy genre and are known for their image of being slow-witted giants.

This doesn't change in this world either, trolls are tall at approximately three metres in height and the have considerable strength.

They often attack by throwing rocks and swinging their big club.

Just because their intelligence isn't high that doesn't mean subjugating them is also easy.

Its monster class is C, it's on the level that it can be dealt with by one adventurer party.

However, the troll has subspecies.

These individuals are called "two-heads", which was mentioned just now, and "three-heads".

The troll literally grows more than one head but when it grows more than one head then its body gets bigger and its intelligence also gets higher.

In some cases, they are even able to use magic.

If that happens, it's necessary to raise its monster class to B, a joint operation of a number of parties is needed to deal with it.

"A "Two-heads" is a difficult enemy. Can it use magic?"

"It's a quest that just came in a while ago so the details aren't clear yet. Hey, Akatsuki, will you take the quest with us?"

Obviously, Crescent Moon is excited.

The reward will also be quite good.

"But when it comes to two-headed trolls, shouldn't their monster class be B?"

"It'll be fine, Akatsuki!"

As Crescent Moon said this she suddenly held my head with her left hand and whispered into my ear so that Pick couldn’t hear it.

"I watched your match. Aren't you amazing? If I'm with you it'll be an easy victory."

She was talking about the Sword Fighting Competition.

That's fine and all but your chest hit my mask, your chest.

Today I learned that a mask is really bothersome at times like this.

I'll never forget this vexation, never.

"I got it, I got it. Well then, shall we meet up here again tomorrow? Because I'll bring a magician acquaintance of mine."

"I did it, that's why I like you ♪"

"Big bro, I'll also come along."

Oh well, it should be fine.

I also have the authors' correction.


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