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[Vol. 1] Chapter 23 – Onee-san

“I lost, I surrender. As expected of Sir Fitzgerald” (TN: At least you’re being a good loser here <__<)

When I put up my hands and F was declared as the winner the audience raised their voices in a great cheer and a huge quantity of confetti was dancing in the air.

F put away his sword, got down from his horse and thanked me deeply.

"Thank you. It was a close call."

I also got off White King and gave an attendant my Oricalcum sword before I asked F about some things.

"How did you predict my last attack?"

"Because Carlo-sama's attacks were too monotonous. I thought you surely were aiming for my Gonosen."

I was completely seen through, as expected.

"Good grief, I'm no match for you at all. You certainly are this country's best swordsman."

I mean I swung my sword charged with magical power at a speed that could defeat someone in a single blow.

How amazing is that?

"This concludes the Sword Fighting Competition. The champion is Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald! Therefore, the new head of the Imperial Guard Order will be Sir Fitzgerald. Give your applause to the best swordsman everybody! Furthermore, give some generous applause to Carlo-sama who is the runner up!"

A huge applause echoed through the stadium at Marcus' words.

I also waved my hand to everyone along with F.

Looks like everyone somehow recognised my ability.

My image seemed to have somehow improved a little, this is a good result, right?

Ah, because I'm a villain I shouldn't improve my image, should I?

When the competition was over and I was again back in the waiting room, Marcus came over.

That irritating lady-killer Lunos also came over.

"Carlo-sama, thanks for your hard work. Honestly speaking your skills were a few steps higher than I thought. I was surprised because I didn't expect that."

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Following Marcus, Lunos also gave his praise.

"I didn't know that Carlo-sama was that strong. I'm ashamed as a Knight of the Imperial guard which is supposed to protect you. Please, have a spar with me sometimes."

That's unpleasant, I don't want to do that with a handsome guy like you.

I'll get angry if I lose and I don't know what the girls in the vicinity will say if I win.

I already know that you're strong.

When I was sulking Marcus said something unexpected.

"Carlo-sama, how about going out to celebrate together? I know of a good shop"

As he said that an evil grin was on his face.

There's something about that old man making that face.

Lunos was also laughing on the side.

"Isn't that fine? I'll go along, too. Is it Fitzgerald's victory party?"

"Let's make it that. Let's have a big celebration."

The shop we are going to go to seems to be Lunos' favourite shop.

He might be an irritating guy but I'll forgive him if he introduces me to a good shop.

Together with F, whom I had to force to come with us, the four of us went to that store.

The shop's name is "Moulin Rouge".

With the meaning of red windmill, they decorated their shops top with a windmill.


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There was a long queue when I entered the shop.

There were gorgeous Onee-sans.

Approximately 30 beautiful Onee-sans of different types were scattered around the store.

Here's definitely that, a playground for adults.

"Kya~ Lunos-sama, long time no see~"

As I expected of a regular customer, many Onee-sans were gathering around Lunos.

Everyone's clothes were so thin that I could clearly see their bodyline and they had put on gorgeous makeup.

It smells really nice.

The inside of the shop is really dim creating a good mood.

In the back, an elegant melody is played on a big piano.

All the shop's furniture is luxurious but refined.

It's a considerably high-quality shop.

Honestly, I never entered such a shop before.

I almost never drank alcohol itself and I was too shy to interact with such Onee-sans.

"Marcus-sama, you're back"

"Yeah, have you been well?"

That geezer's nostrils grew wider, he didn't seem to have aged at all.

"Hmm? Isn't that the victor of today's Sword Fighting Competition?!"

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"Yeah, He's Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald. I was completely done in."

****, that lady-killer is refreshing even though he lost.

"He must be strong if he was able to beat Braham's strongest swordsman, Lunos-sama! Ehm, Fitz……?"

"Hoho, it’s fine to just call him Fitz. I'm calling him like that, too."

"Well, if Marcus-sama says so. Then I call you Fitz. Ufufu"

The Onee-sans in our surrounding start to laugh happily after hearing Marcus' words.

F looks somewhat troubled.

"Hey, what are you guys doing? How much longer do you want to keep Lord Carlo-sama waiting?"

At Lunos' words, all the Onee-san's looked at me at once.

Aah, I'll get nervous if you pay so much attention to me.

"Isn't this Carlo-sama? Please forgive my rudeness, I didn't notice at all."

When the Onee-san in the most outstanding bright red dress gracefully welcomed me the other Onee-san's also lowered their heads all at once.

Mmm, I don't know why but I feel good.

Under the guidance of a black-clothed Nii-san, I was brought to the back seat. (TN: older brother)

I sat down in the middle followed by the Onee-san in the red dress from a while ago and a young girl, sitting down on both my sides.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Rozea. We are in your care tonight.

The Onee-san again lowered her head deeply.

Rozea's red dress has a V-shaped neckline open until her navel and when she lower her head two large spheres are about to spill out from that gap.

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"Yeah, I'm Carlo. Nice to meet you."

I desperately fought to get myself to greet her.

I wonder if she is slightly older than the 22-year-old me, she is well-mannered and really elegant.

I tried to ask about her age, but she gently avoided it. (TN: Don't ask a woman that, along with her weight)

At first glance, she looks strong-willed but she is a beautiful woman.

I never talked to a woman like Rozea-san.

Though they might not win against Crescent Moon's, but the roundness of her chest has a big enough size for her body.

I mean I'm not obsessed with breasts, you know? (TN: sure)

On my other side sat a pretty girl in a yellow dress called Lily. (TN: … reminds me of how much Lily of Kuro no maou hurt my fragile heart)

She told me her age from over there.

She seems to be 18 years old.

Even if one is not yet an adult they seemed to be allowed to drink alcohol in this world. (TN: Drinking age in Japan is 20)

It wasn't only Rozea's chest, but her thighs which one could see through the deeply cut skirt also gave off a sexy feeling.

I was surrounded by beautiful women. If I looked to one side I saw Lily's beautiful thighs, if I turned the other way I saw Rozea's wonderful valleys.

To be frank, for a virgin like me it was heaven on earth, but I also felt a mysterious pain.

Everyone got excited when we talked about today's match.

Like I thought after they saw my first match they seemed to have believed it was fixed.

After all, I also thought it looked that way.

But after seeing my match with F they understood it wasn't like that.

I got really embarrassed by all the praise Rozea-san gave me.

This might be a part of her work, but it doesn't feel bad to be praised by a beautiful woman after all.

I felt like I understood those uncles going to such shops.

But as I thought F was the most popular among the Onee-sans.

That's to be expected with that face and being the winner and all.

I came to love a woman as well.

Even Lunos went to a private place as expected.

It seems like F himself was rather puzzled by his popularity.

As we talked about the tactics behind the matches the girls grew excited as they listened.

Gee, it was fun.

Besides, Rozea is pretty.

Though the serious F seemed honestly uncomfortable, I had fun thanks to Rozea.

Finally, when I tried to pay the bill, Marcus told me he would pay with the budget of the Order.

Though I shouldn't have let him as a feudal lord, but, well, today is special so it's fine. (TN: Well…. he offered <_____> If they wanna pay, sure. Not me getting in trouble for it <__<)

F looked at me with a complicated expression, but no matter what I am supposed to be a villain. (TN: Eh? Isn't that just being cheap?)

We enjoyed ourselves until late and then left the shop.

It was really fun.

I was able to play the pocky game for the first time.

It unfortunately broke off before I could finish though. (TN:siiiiiiiiiigh)

Lunos might actually be a good guy.


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