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[Vol. 1] Chapter 22 – Sword Fighting Competition III

Lunos’ and F’s match is over, now it is time for the finals with me and F.

F’s match from a while ago was really exciting.

He should be a little tired but let’s start the match anyway.

At moments like these, it’s good to be a villain because I can do whatever I want. (TN: It’ll be really embarrassing when ya lose ya know?)

“It was a good fight and you won, Sir Fitzgerald! With this, you are selected to be the new head of the Imperial Guard Order. But the tournament isn’t over yet!”

Even when I said this in a loud voice there was just some sporadic clapping.

“You want to start that now? Wouldn’t Sir Fitzgerald be at a disadvantage?” I could hear the backbiting but decided to ignore it.

There’s no way I could win against F in a normal fight, you know! (TN: At least you know that much)

“Well, it is time to fight the final match at last, but I have a proposal for Sir Fitzgerald. For the final fight, how about we use our favourite weapons and not just some practice weapons?”

My words caused a commotion in the Stadium.

Because they don’t understand my intentions they seem puzzled.

Of course, I don’t have any particular ulterior motives.

I only want to only use my Oricalcum sword.

Honestly, I didn’t feel like using that against F at all.

It’s just a strategy to raise my winning chances at least a little.

“Be at ease, my intentions aren’t to hurt you, Sir. How about stopping our attacks 3 cm before they hit?”

“I don’t have any objections. I agree to Carlo-sama’s idea.”

F lowered his head.

I knew that F would say that.

“Well then, let’s start. Get mine and Sir Fitzgerald’s sword!”

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Here it is, here it is, here it is.

My precious Oricalcum.

With this, I’m at least one step closer to victory.

First, my name was called.

The applause and cheering were again sporadic.

Isn’t that even less than last time? (TN: Well, duh)

Then when F’s name was called next, a great cheer exceeding my expectations broke out.

Looks like he completely got the favour of the audience.

Didn’t you support Lunos a while ago?

That’s why I hate groupies. (TN: un un u__u)

“Then, shall we begin?”

I tried to start the match immediately so that F can’t recover his stamina.

I was riding White King and F was also riding his favourite horse. Like this, we greeted each other.

The match began.

OK, so how should I attack him?

I have sparred many times with F so I know his attack patterns.

However, F doesn’t know my speed when using this Oricalcum sword.

I somehow have to use that.

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First I rushed forward with my horse to close the distance between us.

We lightly struck our swords to get started.

F waited for me to take action like he usually did when we sparred.

Because F is an honest person he wouldn’t launch a surprise attack at his superior which is me.

That’s why I tried to take the chance and decisively attack him.

I controlled my speed to make it look like my usual speed.

I can’t let him know that my speed rose.

Who was that evil earl who said one should keep one’s trump card hidden until the very end? (TN: Shagia Frost from After War Gundam X)

I swung my sword from above, from the left side and from the right side.

However, F blocked all of my blows with accurate movements.

Even though I tried to use my glances to feint, but it completely had no effect.

Mmm, No gaps at all.

All right, then let’s use a competition in strength!

F blocked my frontal attack with his sword.

Then I steadily started to push.


Remembering my previous match the audience raises their voices.

That’s right, I had strength even that gigantic ******* couldn’t compare to.

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Mmm, as I expected from F, he doesn’t move an inch.

Though I’m not getting pushed back I can’t push him back either.

Looks like we are equal.

Then my fatigue kept on piling up.

I thought about turning this into a contest of stamina for an instant but I decided against it.

I don’t know how much stamina F has.

I’ve never seen F being out of breath even though I was already wheezing when we were sparring.

It’s better to think that F has a lot more stamina than me.

F is too much of a cheat character in the first place.

He has good looks, a serious character, great skills in swordsmanship and a lot of stamina and strength.

This is unfair.

I have no right to actually say this, though because I created this setting myself.

Because it couldn’t be helped I raised my speed a gear.

I think it’s about the same speed as Lunos’ from a little while ago.

I’m going to do consecutive attacks with a speed exceeding Lunos’!

While I attack F my sword draws an afterimage.

One could hear the sound of the wind and metal violently clashing, creating sparks.

I’m not just simply attacking, I’m mixing in some feints, too.

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In addition to swinging it with both hands, I’m suddenly changing my trajectory to the right side.

This is only possible with the Oricalcum sword.

It looks like F can’t keep evading for long anymore, but I can’t keep up this speed for a long time either.

I kept on attacking like that for a while but I couldn’t break F’s defence, then I created some distance between us riding White King.


The crowd which held their breath and stared until now gave out a loud cheer.

Among them, I hear some voices saying: “I thought the match a while ago was fixed but isn’t Carlo-sama actually really amazing?”

Hey, hey, did it look like that to you?

Well, I guess it was a little suspicious for me to push down that big and strong giant.

But honestly, I’m disappointed.

“As I expected. I’m proud to have someone like you as my subordinate.”

When I told him this, F praised me, too.

“Likewise Carlo-sama, your attacks are much more intense than usual. To be frank, there were several times where it got dangerous for me. As expected.”

Like I thought, I’m happy to get praised by F.

But the real thing has yet to begin.

This is the same pattern as the fight between F and Lunos a while ago.

This is all going according to my calculations.

My aim is the technique “Gonosen” which F showed a while ago.

This is what I always practised until today and now I shall use my attack here.

It is all my strategic arrangement.

Based on this speed F will aim to use the “Gonosen” counter.

With attacks much faster than he anticipated, F wasn’t able to use any counters.

I’ll jump at F and will attack him with my fastest, strongest blow.

But be careful not to get injured.

We were glaring at each other, searching for some kind of gap.

It was an exchange of invisible attacks. One couldn’t even relax for a moment.

Where could I land the best attack?

I slowly channel some magic power into the Oricalcum sword.

With this, both the attack power and speed should increase.

In fact, this is a special technique of the Hero called “Lightning Slash”.

The metal Oricalcum has amazingly high compatibility with magic power.

This is the Oricalcum sword’s unique and strong attack.

There’s no doubt about that because I wrote that special technique myself.

Because the name is embarrassing I won’t shout it out.

Alright, it won’t take long anymore.

The magical power should have accumulated enough now.

Now I only need a chance.

I fix my breathing and get ready to hammer down my sure-kill blow.

Alright, now!

At that time I tried to release my best blow on F.

I saw F moving at the same time.

The first attack came from F.

****, it’s “Thunder” – –

Among F’s special skills “Thunder” boasts the highest speed.

Even if the opponent uses a sword attack exceeding the speed of sound this attack will still hit him first.

As to not hurt me he accurately hit my sword.

Both swords hit each other and s great shock attacks me.

Along with a loud, metallic sound, my right wrist couldn’t resist the impact and I let go of my sword.

My sword flew in the sky and I became empty-handed.

F just pointed his sword towards me.

I lost, it’s indeed a complete defeat to aim for my sword.

I raised both hands and admitted my defeat.


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