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[Vol. 1] Chapter 21 – Sword Figthing Competition II

Next up is the second match of group A, mine and the gigantic knight’s match.

I entered the stadium on top of White King.

I’m fine, there’s no tension.

Compared to the speech a while ago this is no big deal.

When the gigantic knight’s name was called, different than a while ago, cheer rolled in.

Things like “Win~!” and “You can do itー!” could be heard.

Huh, wasn’t he supposed to be unpopular?

“Margrave Carlo de Medici!”

After that, my name was called but all one could hear from the gallery was the slight crackling of applause.

Indeed, this feels like courtesy clapping.

What’s with that? (TN: siiiiiiiigh)

I thought for a while then I got it.

Seems like this year’s tax increase is showing effect.

I’m losing popularity.

Besides, there might be some antipathy that that great mister showed up in a place like this.

That’s fine, I don’t have to be popular.

I’m a villain anyway. (TN: Thaaat sounds like sulking)

But Felicia might be watching here somewhere.

Now that I think about it, I don’t what her to see this unsightly side of me.

I want to show her my cool side! (TN: pls stop …. you make me cry for you and for me….)

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“Carlo-sama, going easy on you isn’t allowed, right? I will follow your words and go at you with all my might.”

The gigantic knight barked at me and the cheers found its momentum again.

Even if he didn’t say it in a loud voice I would have heard it because I’m not that far away.

He shouted so that the audience could hear him, that conspicuous *******, let’s show him.

Unfortunately, because this is a match I’m not allowed to wield my Oricalcum ******* Sword.

My opponent has a Halberd this time.

I’ll just make use of the difference in reach, come at me.

The gigantic knight again rushed forward right after we finished our greetings.

At the same moment, he swung down his long Halberd.

I received it from the front.

Gakin! (TN: metal hitting against each other)

The moment a metallic sound erupted the competition in strength began.

The gigantic knight is quite a bit taller than me but because I’m sitting on White King there is no height difference.

My opponent steadily pushes from above but I block it well and won’t fall behind.


A loud cheer arises from the audience for this intense competition in strength.

Beware, the cheat power of this author correction.

That’s not it!

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I gathered my strength and pushed back the Halberd.

Although my opponent staggered because of the impact I don’t dare to attack.

I will show you the overwhelming power difference between us, ignoring the physique and arm width!

“Haa, haa, haa”

The other party was already out of breath.

Hey, where did that energy from just now go? We’re not done yet!

Looking at my expressive expression the gigantic Knight seemed to feel fear.

He started to put more power in his Halberd swings.

Gaan! Kiin! Gakiiin!

From the top, from the bottom, obliquely, I parried all of my opponent’s Halberd swings.

It doesn’t matter how fast his speed is.

The audience fell silent as they were dumbfounded by this unimaginable turn of events.

“Heh, heh, heh” (TN: wheezing)

My opponents attack stopped.

It seems like he’s running out of stamina as a result of swinging around his Halberd in such an absurd manner.

I guess it’s my turn now, huh?

“Is it about time? Here I come”

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The opposing knight’s eyes open wide in fear when I calmly say such things in a way the audience couldn’t hear it.

Letting out a shout I closed the distance between me and my opponent in one stretch with White King while evading his desperate attacks, slipped past his defence and exchanged exactly one blow with him. My sword point was at my opponent’s throat.

“I, I give up”

“The match is over! It’s Carlo-sama’s victory!”

The audiences fell silent.

Oops, did I go too far? (TN: tehepero ;9)

But did you see my cool side?

Did you see it, Felicia-chan?

Now it was the second match of group B, F’s turn again.

When F’s name was called, unlike a while ago, some shrill voices and cheers broke out.

Looks like he gained some fans in his previous match.

However, thunderous cheering roared when his opponent came out.

He’s also an incredibly handsome man with beautiful blonde hair.

Even though I’m also blonde, why is the treatment so different? (TN: Cause, ya know, personality maybe? He didn’t increase taxes? And didn’t you say you don’t need popularity?)

“Sir Lunos!”

When the opponents name was called the whole stadium shook by all the applause, cheering and foot-stamping.

It’s an abnormal popularity.

“Who on earth is this?”

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Pikaru who was near me immediately answered my question.

“Sir Lunos is said to be Braham’s number one in terms of appearance and sword skills. Being born as a noble he behaves like a gentleman and defends the first place as the man one wants to get married to for years.”

He’s not wearing a helmet so they can see his face better.

I’ve decided, that guy’s an enemy.

Go for it, F. (TN: Ya know what would be fun? If Lunos is Felicia…. though he probably isn’t but still)

The two people help up their swords and greeted each other.

Lunos had a disgustingly elegant way of bowing.

Besides, I’m getting annoyed by those groupies going kyaa kyaa with just that. (TN: You go kyaa kyaa for a girl that sang two songs for you so come on. Both is annoying tho)

Felicia-chan can’t be charmed by such a man.

(TN: Heh, sure. Bet she’s his fiancée)

The weapon used are the standard knight weapons, the longsword and shield. Both sides use them.

They approached each other slowly and as soon as they lightly put their swords together the fight began.

They cross swords at a tremendous speed.

Whenever a shield clashes with a sword, a high-pitched metallic sound echoed through the stadium.

As expected of the one called Braham’s number one in sword skills, Sir Lunos is considerably skilled.

There’s no doubt about that because I myself sparred with F.

F’s shield blocks Lunos’ sword which came swinging down from the upper corner.

Lunos blocks F’s sword which he swung at the same time.

Their swords immediately clash in the air and scatter sparks.

To a common spectator, these highly skilled moves probably appear as only afterimages.

After the battle continued for a while, those two people took some distance from each other.

At that moment, whistles and tremendous praise were poured out from the audience seats.

“I’m surprised, Sir Fitzgerald. To think that there was someone like you in this territory.”

“Likewise, Sir Lunos. Your skills exceed the rumours”

Aaah, watching those handsome men praise each other isn’t interesting at all.

Lose, both of you!

With this wicked wish of mine, the match started moving again.

The flow completely changed from a while ago, they glared at each other, looking for gaps without launching an attack.

It seems like both of them are aiming for a one-hit K.O.


After this state had continued for a while, Lunos swept down his sword with a sharp swing that was nothing compared to his previous swings.


At that moment the match was decided.

At the same time as Lunos’ sword was deflected F simultaneously thrust his sword towards the opponent’s throat and stopping shortly before hitting it.

Gonosen. (TN: the counter attack thing he used)

It’s one of F’s deadly skills.

First letting the opponent attack then swat up their weapon before performing a counter-attack at the same time.

Honestly, I couldn’t follow it with my eyes either.

“The match is over! Winner, Sir Fitzgerald!”

Lunos raised both his hands and the whole stadium broke out in cheers and started to chant F’s name.

Confetti dances in the air.

This was the moment a new hero was born. (TN: Different hero from the Hero of the novel)

“I lost, it’s my complete defeat. You’re worthy of being the next Imperial Guard Order’s head.”

“No, I was just lucky this time. Let’s spar again sometime soon.”

When the two men get off their horses and firmly clench their hands the heated cheers echoing through the stadium got turned up a notch.

How unpleasant, that story of friendship between those good-looking man no matter how I look at it stinks like lies.

More importantly, the tournament isn’t over yet, it isn’t over.

Please let me enter the Ikemen-club! (TN: handsome man)


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